Jul. 7th, 2012


Malba's sick again and worrying his loved ones. |: How surprising.

Who: Zelos Wilder, Malba Nuiwa, Daddy.
Where: At their apartment, of course.
When: |: Who knows.
What: See subject. |:
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Oh, Mals. Ever the useless one.

To think, all of this because of a buddylist invasion. |: )

Mar. 13th, 2012


Zelos Pulls A Jinya, Malba Dies. Again. *nod.*

Who: Zelos and Malba
Where: That's a good question. ^_^;
When: Another good question, yes. ^_^;
What: Well. ): S-something happened to cause Zelos to. You know. Pull a Jinya. And apparently like. Stab Mals or something. >_>; Now um. Well. He snaps out of it to find his Malba bleeding out before him, horribly wounded by his own hands. ^_^; Wangst ensues.
Rating: MSW – you know. Rated 'Melodramatica Status Wangst'. *nod.*
Notes: Um. I have a few minutes before doctor appointment, so I figured, sure, why not, let's post this. Um. I put it here in case we want to continue it? I added a rambling, crappy response—that would never fit in an aim status—and everything? But yeah. If not, I can always move it to melodramatica instead? (Er. Not that things on melodramatica can't be continued. o.O) Yeaaah. Idk. Anyway. Don't diiiiiiie, Mals. T__T Poor Zel. I feel bad for him, man. xD

T_T Um. Malba? )