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December 30th, 2017

[info]lunar_melody in [info]musebox

illness & injury OC asks

illness & injury OC asks:
1. Have they every broken a bone?
2. What's the sickest they've ever been?
3. Do they cope well with being bedbound?
4. Are they easy to take care of?
5. Do they prefer solitude when they're sick?
6. What is their go-to remedy for an upset stomach?
7. How do they feel after vomiting? Better? Worse?
8. How do they feel about doctors/hospital?
9. Do they usually get sweats or chills when sick?
10. Do they get motion sickness?
11. How do they cope with being sick if they're alone?
12. Do they run themselves into the ground when sick?
13. Do they get emotional when sick?
14. Have they ever fainted?
15. Have they ever had a black eye?
16. Do they get injured frequently?
17. How is their immune system?
18. Do they prefer to be near the toilet, or lying in bed with a basin when they're sick to their stomach?
19. Do they dry heave after vomiting?
20. Are there any tell-tale signs that they're feeling unwell?
21. Are they stubborn about going to work/school when ill?
22. Would they prefer to take medicine, or avoid it?
23. Do they admit they're injured/ill easily?
24. Do they sleep too much or too little when sick?
25. Have they ever gotten injured from a fight?

Another little sick related one that's similar but could be cute:
☕ how would they react to being told that they have a cute sneeze?
❄ what is a tweet/social media post they would make about being sick?
💧 what is a text they would send a significant other/best friend about being sick?
☂ what is the most comforting thing a person can do for them when they’re not feeling well?
🍷 how do they comfort themselves on a night in when they’re home alone and not feeling well?
⛆ what is a fever dream that would make them wake up crying?
🌡 do they have a food they like to eat when sick?