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Feb. 10th, 2009


October 10, 1976 - A little amused

Who: Meli, open
Where: Library
When: after classes
Rating: PG
Invasion: s'why I'm here

Status: open, ongoing
Summary: Forthcoming

Time is on our side )


October 10, 1976 - Contemplations

Who: Lily, open
Where: Gryffindor Commons
When: after dinner
Rating: PG
Invasion: Please

Status: Open, ongoing
Summary: Forthcoming

A new schedule )

Feb. 9th, 2009


October 9, 1976 - Reflecting

Who: Lily, James
Where: Gryffindor commons
When: after her attack
Rating: PG-13

Status: Closed, completed
Summary: Lily's sitting in the commons, dealing with the aftermath of her encounter with Avery when James finds her. She tells him a little bit about what happened - though not the whole story - and he tells her about the map. They discuss what to do about it, but opt to go with a 'wait and see' approach rather than running off to the headmaster.

( Second fake cut is equally fake )


October 9, 1976 - Attacked

Who: Lily, Evan
Where: Corridor, empty classroom
When: During her patrol, so between 10-midnight
Rating: hard R

Status: Closed, completed
Summary: While out on patrol, Lily is accosted by an unseen assailant. Put into a body bind, she is then carted to an empty classroom and blindfolded. Her captor then begin to strip her after binding her to the wall. Anticipating a rape, Lily attempts to bargain him down to a blowjob. While her captor had no intention of raping her, he agrees to the 'bargain'. Afterward, he tries to keep Lily's clothes and wand, and while she does 'ask nicely' for her shirt, he threatens her physically when she asks for her skirt. She uses the proximity to knee him in the balls and escape with her skirt and wand.

( Fake cut is fake )

Feb. 7th, 2009


October 7, 1976 - On the Edge

Who: Olivia, open
Where: Library
When: after classes
Rating: PG?
Invasion: Yesh

Status: Open, ongoing
Summary: omnomnom

Feb. 4th, 2009


October 5th, 1976 - RoR

Who: Lily, Sev
Where: RoR
When: after their journal conversation
Rating: R

Status: Closed, completed
Summary: After Evan 'warns' her about Sev, Lily wants to talk to him in person to find out what's what. She decides that Sev isn't out to get revenge on her for anything before they snog a bit and decide it's best if they head out for the night.

The door was small and inviting ... )

Feb. 5th, 2009


October 5, 1976 - Random Interaction

Who: Remus Lupin and Anyone
Where: Gryffindor Dormitories
When: After classes
Rating: PG-13
Invasion: Go nuts.

Status: Open / Ongoing
Summary: TBD

Feb. 3rd, 2009


October 3, 1976 - You're Invited!

Who: All Pureblood families
What: An invitation

Notes: No reactions are necessary, though you're welcome to have your character react all the same.

The Black owls were busy ... )
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Feb. 2nd, 2009


October 3, 1976 - Trying to figure it out

Who: Lily, but summoning Sev
Where: Courtyard for that deja-vu feeling
When: lunch time
Rating: J
Invasion: Technically ... yes. but Sev's preferred

Status: Open, ongoing
Summary: I guess technically I owe you something for this? Though you got a Chase. But I'm getting a Mal. ::Frown::

It's too late to find Lyrics )

Jan. 29th, 2009


September 30, 1976 - Oh, Rubbish!

Who: Lily, James
Where: Potions classroom
When: Friday evening
Rating: PG

Status: Closed, completed
Summary: While daydreaming and working on an extra-credit potion, Lily inadvertently creates a great deal of smoke. While chasing it out of the potions classroom, she encounters one James Potter who comes in to keep her company while she tries the potion again. She asks why he's there, reasoning he was trying to nick something from what should have been an empty classroom, though when James confesses he was trying to make a love potion for McGonagall, Lily doesn't believe him. Still, the topic shifts to love potions, his advances on her, and the upcoming Hogsmeade trip. Once she's done with her potion, Lily allows James to escort her back to the tower, whereupon they share a goodnight kiss before retreating to their respective dorms.

Oh, Rubbish ... )

Jan. 28th, 2009


September 28, 1976 - Stopping in for a Drink

Who: Moody
Where: Hogs Head
When: Eveningish time
Rating: PG-13
Invasion: I'll open it up again if you invade, but since no one has at this point, I'm assuming complete.

Status: Assumed complete.
Summary: Moody stops in for a drink and some snooping. I mean surveillance. ...No, I mean snooping.

so I'm glad I got burned // think of all the things we learned // for the people who are still alive )

Jan. 25th, 2009


September 22, 1976 - Hopeful

Who: Bellatrix, Voldemort
Where: The Dark Lord's residence
When: Dinner time
Rating: R?  *eyes Bella*

Status: Closed, ongoing
Summary:They had  Mmm, messed up defaults....

Jan. 22nd, 2009


September 22, 1976 - Evenings in the Commons

Who: Cait, Olivia
Where: Slytherin commons
When: after dinner
Rating: R for reference to sexual assault

Status: Closed, completed
Summary: Cait is sitting in a different spot in the commons - and Olivia notices. They briefly skitter over the reason why before Olivia - bored enough to talk to Cait - inquires what to do for fun. The suggestions turn toward gossip, and while Cait mentions someone snogging a mudblood by the lake, opts not to drop a name - though she knows perfectly well who it was. Olivia, inspired by the idea of gossip, heads off to go dig up some information.

She still didn't like the commons ... )

Jan. 21st, 2009


September 21, 1976 - Of Treasure and Masks

Who: Voldemort, Bellatrix
Where: His residence
When: Late afternoon
Rating: PG-13

Status: Closed, completed
Summary: Voldemort invites Bella over to discuss her recent exploits, and he debates giving her one of his horcruxes for safe keeping. Deciding he will, he invites her to dinner the next evening, and sends her off with instructions on what to wear next time.

His magpie-like behavior ... )

Jan. 17th, 2009


September 18, 1976 - Sunday Morning

Who: Lily
Where: Great hall
When: Breakfast
Rating: PG

Status: Closed
Summary: Lily shows up to breakfast after a night in the infirmary.

He and I had something beautiful // But so dysfunctional, it couldn't last )


September 17, 1976 - Pitch Picnic

Who: Meli, Peter
Where: under the bleachers of the pitch
When: Saturday afternoon
Rating: PG-13?
Invasion: Would prefer not

Status: Closed, ongoing
Summary: PlottymcPlotterson. Also? 7 games. I am freakin' cracked.

I know that the spades are swords of a soldier // I know that the clubs are weapons of war // I know that diamonds mean money for this art // But that's not the shape of my heart )

Jan. 16th, 2009


September 15, 1976 - Candy Man

Who: Dedalus, open
Where: Honeydukes
When: Early Afternoon
Rating: PG?
Invasion: Yesh

Status: Open, ongoing
Summary: Nu

Jan. 14th, 2009


September 15, 1976 - Just a little bored

Who: Avery, Olivia
Where: hallways
When: after dinner but before curfew
Rating: PG-13 unless it goes dark

Status: Closed, completed
Summaary: While staking out a shadowy corner of hallway, Avery is joined by Olivia. It soon becomes clear what she's after, but he's disinclined to be part of her game tonight. The two chat a bit - or snark a bit, whichever - before Avery decides this corner isn't getting that much action. He roams elsewhere, leaving Olivia in a cranky mood.

Accio this )

Jan. 11th, 2009


September 11, 1976 - Thinking too Deeply

Who: Lily, Severus
Where: Courtyard, moving toward the lake
When: after lunch
Rating: PG

Status: Closed, completed
Summary: While contemplating in the courtyard, Lily notices Severus. Unsure if she should approach him or not, she leaves the decision in his hands by waving him over. After a very bumpy start involving suspicion and heated words, the two settle down and decide to go for a walk. Joking a little, like they used to as kids, they walk toward the lake. In the shadow of the trees, while still trying to sort things out, they share a kiss.

I saw you once on the street // You didn't notice me // But I think of you whenever life gets me down // I think of you whenever you're not around )

Jan. 8th, 2009


September 8, 1976 - In the Library

Who: Lily, James
Where: Library
When: after classes
Rating: PG

Status: Closed, completed
Summary: Lily's in the library, working on her transfiguration homework when she's interrupted joined by James Potter. James offers help with her homework, which she declines. When he inquires about her day, she starts to go on about her imaginary wedding to Fabian, though James 'talks her out of it' by pointing out Fabian and Gideon lied about there not being an application process for husbands. There is a bit of further teasing as Lily invites James to wait for her in a certain chair in the commons so she'll snog him later - though she has no intent of doing so and is certain he knows that.

Because some of us aren't naturally gifted at transfiguration )

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