09 March 2010 @ 10:39 pm
Fic: Looking Down From Up 1/1 Rogue  
Title: Looking Down From Up.
Author: Lopaka Tanu
Aussie Editor: Lady Midath
Disclaimer: I do not own Rogue.
Characters: Pete McKell, Neil Kelly
Words: 5347
Fandom: Rogue (Movie - 2007).
Pairing: Pete/Neil
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Language, Threat Of Violence, Sexual Activity, Mentioned Character Deaths, Mentioned Drug Use, Mentioned Suicide.
Summary: Three months after the events of the movie, Pete's life is just now getting back on track. Then someone he never expected to see again arrives to make things difficult. Of course.
Author's Note: Draws heavily from the movie, with one major change.
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