06 October 2009 @ 10:19 pm
It's Hard Out Here For A Ho  
It's Hard Out Here For A Ho by [info]happywriter06
Fandom: Hustle & Flow
Character: Lexus
Category: Gen
Rating: R
Summary: It's hard out here for a pimp. Please. Like hoing is easy.
Notes: I watched Hustle & Flow like a month ago and I wrote this because the whole time I'm watching the movie, I'm like 'Like hoing is easy? Whatever it's hard out here for a pimp.' I know everyone has a story to tell but I just couldn't garner any sympathy for the main character, Dee Jay, and his plight. Anyway, I wrote this fic from the POV of one of Dee Jay's women. Plus, I really hate that song and I'm sick that it won an Oscar. That song is crap.