Miss "Forever Knight" and "Angel"?

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Miss "Forever Knight" and "Angel"?


December 14th, 2007

New episode tonight!

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Don't forget "Moonlight" is new tonight after being off the past two weeks!

Episode 1.10 "Sleeping Beauty"

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December 7th, 2007

Moonlight Friending Meme

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I've started a Moonlight friending meme on [info]friend_me! Come check it out! :)

December 4th, 2007

Good news!

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This article has a fantastic quote from Les Moonves:

"Of the five new series on the Eye so far this season, Moonves said that two --'Moonlight' and 'Big Bang Theory' -- are likely to return. He said he'd take two out of five any day."

August 28th, 2007

New Promo Pics

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CBS has released new promo pictures.

August 15th, 2007

Sneak Peek Article

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There's an article here from the panel and interviews at this year's ComicCon in San Diego.

It offers some insight into the characters and the show with very minor spoilers.

August 7th, 2007


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Welcome to the newest comm for the show Moonlight, the vampire detective show coming to CBS this fall. Please note that as this show has not yet aired, we cannot be responsible if it ends up being so bad that it makes Point Pleasant look like Battlestar Galactica. By joining/participating in this comm you are expressing an interest in the show's potential and you are free to retract anticipatory praise at any time.

Now that I've established low expectations and alienated Point Pleasant fans, onto the important stuff. This comm has rules. Please read them before posting. The quickie version: write and behave like an adult, put all spoilers behind a labeled cut and respect other people's opinions, even if they're completely wrong.

Let's get started: have some icons! creativity4life has done an impressive job making a large variety of icons with very little source material.

Got rumors/speculation/spoilers/casting news/etc? Share!
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