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Octavia Blake [The 100] [userpic]
Greetings and Salutations

So I didn't manage to post anything here yesterday, to start the year. So what. I'm here now, that's what matters, right?

So. I'm going to start off with a few musings on creativity. I view creativity as any artistic expression. My preferred means to create is through writing. I can certainly appreciate visual arts, but that's generally not my thing. My visual creativity comes and goes in spurts, rarely lasting. I tend to destroy anything I draw or put together. I often destroy my writing too.

I'm working my way though Jill Bardonsky's amazing Daily Awe-Manac this year, and to quote her, "Being creative is the ultimate high of being alive. ... Creative growth seems to thrive on permission to act with emphasis on passion, not perfection." [Pg 2-3] That's always gotten me in trouble in the past. I focus on the product, not the process. i want everything to be perfect out of the gate. When I look back on my journals, I want to see crisp, clean, neat, uncluttereed pages that flow like a best seller. I don't want to see scratches and scribbles and words misspelled, of an inconsistencey of the physical writing.

I remember clearly when that bug hit me. It was November, 1989. My grandmother had recently passed. I was in Toledo, sitting on the floor in Heather's old bedroom with a notbook, pen in hand. And I just stared at the page. I felt trapped, frozen, unable to write. I could not put that pen to the page. Actually, I think it was a pencil. A Pentel Sharplet No. 2. I was sitting on my makeshift bed of blankets at the foot of the bed where my parents were sleeping, only it was the middle of the day, just before dinner. I'd gone upstairs to write, and I couldn't write a thing.

That was nearly 20 years ago, and I still suffer from some wacked out phobia of the blank page. It's quite stifling to the writer in me. But, no matter. This, 2009, is the year for new beginnings, and leaping into this thing called creativity. I may not post every day, but I will be creative every day. I'm challening myself to a picture a day, as well as writing or other mediums of creating.

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