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Date:2007-09-02 15:44
Subject:Wiccan Interfaith Council supporting troops abroad

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Date:2007-06-09 11:26
Subject:More Links

Via a Google search...

Circle Sanctuary's Military Pagan support page
Circle Sanctuary Military Pagan Support

The list on the Witches Voice (70 listings so far!)

The Pagan Institute Report's Pagan Military Resources page:

Pagan Pages:

CUUPS' opinion on the issue:

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Date:2007-06-09 11:11
Subject:Hello everyone....

This group is here because I believe that our pagan troops and vets need all of the help and support it's possible to give.

I'm a Pagan Army veteran and feel that it's about time we started organizing the same level of troop support that other groups have, ESPECIALLY given the recent publicity regarding the Wiccan's pentacle victory.

IMO the VA should be required by law to carve whatever religious symbol the family wants on a headstone.

Without further ado, here's a few links to get started:

Forest Moon grove is an active group of Pagan soldiers and veterans. More information can be found in their information on Yahoo groups.

Click here to join forestmoongrove
Click to join forestmoongrove

Military Pagan Network

An important point raised on the Military Pagan Network forums regarding "No Preference"-

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Date:2007-06-08 21:33
Subject:Test Post

Testing...... this is a test, you may now return to whatever you're doing.

Thank you for your participation.


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