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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|03:52 pm]
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I hate this guy. I mean he annoys me to a point I thought no-one would ever be able to annoy, but nevertheless...
Inside the Actor's Studio with the great Baron Blake )

I've been approached to do a promotional video for this roaming travel company or something, I have no idea what they really truly do. I should probably research them more before I accept, but the notion I might be able to go back to New York whilst visiting their offices was too good to pass up. Apparently they have "prestigous networks in New York, Chicago, Michigan, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and San Diego." Looks like I better buy me a big suitcase.

Seeing as everyone was posting pictures I thought I'd do the same. I have maaany of me, but I'm only going to put a few on here.

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