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    Friday, January 18th, 2008
    9:22 am
    The One Ring has been destroyed. Frodo and the other hobbits are held in high honor as heroes. Aragorn is to take his rightful place as King of Gondor. Eomer is to take Theoden's body back home and he is to be King of Rohan. All lives must go on now, and many relationships will be forged in this time.

    Will Legolas and Gimli decide to carry on their friendship?
    Will Eowyn and Faramir find love with on another?
    Will Frodo be able to go back to his life in the Shire?
    Will Sam and Rosie finally get married?

    Is the evil really gone?

    Darkness is threatening the world once more. After Sauron's defeat, a new threat is rising.

    Do you have what it takes to stand up to this evil? Or will you join his forces?
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