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Britney Yang ❀ Idun [userpic]

Okay. You can say I'm being stupid or, like, paranoid or whatever. But I feel awesome and people are dying. If I'm a goddesses I'm a goddess.

So everybody needs to eat my apples right now. Tell me where you live already.

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Lukas Volkov // Ares [userpic]
[Text Message Blast]

[to Aphrodite]

I got a new phone so here's the number, gorgeous. Don't ask what happened to the last one. I also found that pair of panties you thought I destroyed.

[to Goliath]

New phone, new number. Who knew you can crush a phone with a good enough squeeze?

[to Dionysius]

New number. Don't call at 4am or I'll kick your ass.

[to Athena]

New number. Go ahead and share it with your boy-toy, sis.

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metemmods [userpic]

Hello, godlings.

Changes are stirring. You may need refuge. Go to your centers. They await you, ready for the next unlocking.

But bring your wits. They will not be won with brute power this time.

Something That Annoys Me: Part 2

Considering how therapeutic ranting on Miley Cyrus was for me last time, I thought I'd do something similar this month. So what is it that I find a need to complain about this time? Friggin' Justin Bieber. Now I'll be honest, I don't give two fucks about this kid. I can honestly say seeing a picture of him instantly makes me think "douche-waffle", but that's about it. Now I hear after this last crap he did there's a petition to deport him. All I have to say is "really, America?" This little twerp is worth a petition to kick him out of the country? You're giving him way too much fucking credit. But this is just my opinion. Anybody want to share theirs?

metemmods [userpic]

I must say, godlings. You're getting entirely too complacent. Too comfortable. Even altering your powers has done little.

I think I know what you're missing. What you've been craving. A good antagonist! An excuse to fight and shed and spill blood. Need I find your oldest enemies again? Consider it done. Give them a few days before they choose to show themselves properly, but I'm sure you'll know what to do.

((Corruption will not reply further, but feel free to do some IC plotting!))

Figured I might as well get this out of the way since this keeps popping up all over. Will someone pleas kindly tell me what this is all about?

Something That Annoys Me

Okay..I have to get this off my chest. It's been irritating me for awhile now, but I have to get this out, therapeutic and all that shit.

..Is anyone else sick and fucking tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus!?

Denise Stephens ₪ Ariadne [userpic]

Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to run initial beta tests on the combat simulator. Anyone up for being my guinea pigs?

Alan Cleary ǂ Ogma [userpic]

You heard it here first! I'm proud to announce that Lilith and I are now the official new parents to a beautiful baby girl! We've decided to name her Eireann Michelle.

Mom and baby are both doing just fine, and she's got two very proud and protective big brothers and a delighted big sister. And, yeah, Mom and Dad are pretty thrilled too.

Ciara Talbot Ω Kali [userpic]

Hey, y'all, they finally got the fucking sanctions lifted and the contracts renegotiated, and I'm in the ring again!

Who all wants tickets? Front row, whoever wants 'em.

Lukas Volkov // Ares [userpic]

I am not paying exorbitant rates to get internet out here in the middle of nowhere just so I can get spam email. If replying to it is the only way to get them to stop, fine. If whoever is sending them is reading this, then kindly unsubscribe me and go fuck yourself.

metemmods [userpic]

Circumstances have arisen, godlings. I need you up to the challenge.

Shadows have moved and struck in the dark. We were unable to catch them before it was too late. The ones responsible are known as the Sluagh. This was not our doing, and we will exact our punishments, of that you can be certain.

The realm beyond the Veil is not one we touch, however. The Courtly Queens must lead this chase. You do not need me to tell how vitally important is that we get them all back. Do not lose yourselves in the process.

So can someone tell me what this is all about? It better not be some kind of vacation condo timeshare thing again, because if it is I'm sorry but you've got the wrong guy.

I'm Chance, by the way. Anyone know what's going on here?

Leocadio Milagro Aquino Elizondo Ѯ Quetzalcoatl [userpic]

Ah, finally. For a moment, I was worried I might need to exorcize the printer.

I'm Father Leo... Can anyone explain please what I've stumbled upon?

Hada Morgenstern ◊ Esther [userpic]

OK, so... This has been rough.

Can ANYONE here hear me? Seriously? Anyone at all that can listen?

Lilith, Goliath... We've got to get to Florida. We just have to so all this will be over.

Sean Gregory [userpic]

Who the hell eats a salad and breaks out in hives--not to mention the fact I feel like my face has been stuffed with socks and hit with a 2x4...

The fuck...

Hada Morgenstern ◊ Esther [userpic]

OK... It's after sunset. Happy Purim to all the Jews out there. This is also the one holiday where my people are religiously mandated to get blackout drunk. Seriously. So, if anyone needs me before Monday, well, I make no guarantees I'll be coherent or remember anything from it.

Hada Morgenstern ◊ Esther [userpic]
[Filter: JCs]

All right, so... I'm trying to make arrangements to head to Florida after Purim this weekend to see if we can't at least locate our place. So, end of the month/early March. Lilith... You're more than welcome to come if you feel up to it, but if not, I understand. Otherwise, Goliath? Would you come with me?

Post 2

[Filter: JCs]

So maybe you ladies can give me a formal sum-up of our situation.


Okay, what in the blue hell is this shit? I was looking at a sweet bike online when this thing came on.

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