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Sean Gregory [userpic]
General Announcement


Hel and I are expecting.

Britney Yang ❀ Idun [userpic]

I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I didn't plan on starting this week by joining a new cult. I’m sure you’re all very nice people but the email tag is super sketchy and invasive. Especially with what's been going on in the news lately. This stuff is totally the last thing California needs.


This is all very odd.

How do you even deal with this anyway? I mean If one of you says “I’m Athena Goddess of War” or whatever and the next person says, “Oy, I’m Irish and my brother is the God of War so put that in your pipe and smoke it!” who even wins? How can two people, deities, be of the same thing without causing a time ripple whenever they go near each other? Or do you cause a time ripple? Is that why you have to go all google on each other instead of talking in your face places?

Sorry. I guess it’s none of my business. You all seem like very interesting people. Uh. When I'm famous this will be a really good story to tell Conan.


metemmods [userpic]

I must say, godlings. You're getting entirely too complacent. Too comfortable. Even altering your powers has done little.

I think I know what you're missing. What you've been craving. A good antagonist! An excuse to fight and shed and spill blood. Need I find your oldest enemies again? Consider it done. Give them a few days before they choose to show themselves properly, but I'm sure you'll know what to do.

((Corruption will not reply further, but feel free to do some IC plotting!))

Boden Murphy Ψ Triton [userpic]
[Early morning call to Baldr]

Baldr? Forgive the early intrusion, but we have a serious problem.

[There's an awkward hesitation, and even an undercurrent of fear in Triton's voice]

The waters... they aren't responding to me. Even the Trident feels like it's gone dead in my hand. What the hell is going on?

metemmods [userpic]

Godlings. So many of you. So good to see you working in harmony in these days. You are discovering yourselves, but you mustn't remain insular. You must know each other as well. Whether in amity or enmity, it is imperative to know well each other's strengths and weaknesses. Know what it means to walk in their shoes. Tomorrow at dawn, sweet children, you will find a greater understanding of your fellows. Use your newfound knowledge with care.

We will be watching.

((Gaia will make no further response, but everyone is welcome to post ICly below with reactions/ideas/what-have-you))

Sif | Amber Wheatley-Shin [userpic]
[Call to Baldr]

Baldr, dear? Do you have a moment? I have someone here who desperately wants to hear your voice...

Sean Gregory [userpic]
[Email: Hel]

Hey, hun. Do you know of any good doctors around town?

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Okay, the first hour of this was cute, but really do you know how hard it is to tell your commanding officer you were late to a drill because you had to answer an email? Thanks for the K.P. Duty. What is this anyway, some kind of joke?

Current Mood: annoyed

Hey. The email wouldn’t go away, so I logged into the network. I get it. I get what you’re trying to do and I already remember, but I don’t really do fan clubs, so you can stop now.

How do I go about unsubscribing from this little family?

Sean Gregory [userpic]
[Phone call to Hel]

[He waits patiently as the phone rings, tossing back what's left of his third cup of coffee since 7 a.m., and it's only 9.]

Boden Murphy Ψ Triton [userpic]

If anyone needs me over the next few days, I'm going to be in the mid-Atlantic area so I can meet with some NOAA representatives about the recent dolphin die-offs. I'll be back in New York again before next weekend.

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mr_bes [userpic]
[Phone call to Baldr]

[Amused and grinning to himself, having a pretty good hunch about the reason for the move...]

Hey, Sean! So when's the big move?

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Sean Gregory [userpic]

Just a general FYI:

I'm going to be moving to New Orleans in a couple of weeks. Anybody in Cali up for a going away dinner?

metemmods [userpic]

Circumstances have arisen, godlings. I need you up to the challenge.

Shadows have moved and struck in the dark. We were unable to catch them before it was too late. The ones responsible are known as the Sluagh. This was not our doing, and we will exact our punishments, of that you can be certain.

The realm beyond the Veil is not one we touch, however. The Courtly Queens must lead this chase. You do not need me to tell how vitally important is that we get them all back. Do not lose yourselves in the process.

Sean Gregory [userpic]
[Phone to Hel]

[Dials. Waits for the pickup and hopes Hel's not in the middle of a reading...]

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Sean Gregory [userpic]
[Filter: Norse]

We have to get to the epicenter. Hel and I found it, but we need to get in before this gets worse.

Sean Gregory [userpic]

Who the hell eats a salad and breaks out in hives--not to mention the fact I feel like my face has been stuffed with socks and hit with a 2x4...

The fuck...

Linnaea ~ Sigyn [userpic]

Wasn't exactly expecting to have an email follow me everywhere. But I started having déjà vu episodes to go with it. Those episodes turned into memories not sure I want these, and that was my answer as to whether or not I really wanted to answer this.

My name is Linnaea; Naea for short.

But you guys know me better as Sigyn.

Sif | Amber Wheatley-Shin [userpic]
[Filter: Norse]

Hey... Has anyone been able to get in touch with Sigyn lately? I can't seem to get a hold of her. Which is really unusual.

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Well it's official. I've done my best to stay the hell away from all this. When my internet turned on me, I jury-rigged my type-writer to get my files typed up so I wouldn't have to deal with this crap. Alas my coworkers didn't accept my makeshift papers, so I had to cave and finally access this thing.

My name's Henry Phillips, formerly Hephaestus.

Let's get this over with.

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