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metemmods [userpic]
Breaking News

YouTube video, taken somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico:

"...hey, did you see that? Is that a shark or something? What is--"

From the Tampa Bay Bulletin:
...Coast Guard is calling off the search for three boaters who have been missing since...

From the Furnace Creek, California Daily Record:
California State Police are asking for the public's help in searching for this hiker, who was last seen on January 27th heading towards...

Recording of a 911 call, traced to near Tecopa, California:
"...what is your emergen--"
"It's huge! This thing is [expletive] huge!"
"Sir, calm down--"
"This [garbled]! It's [garbled] my car! Oh God, help!"
"What is your location, sir?"
[garbled unidentifiable noises]

From a forum post on, titled "Saw This On Wednesday" and accompanied by a blurry picture of something unnatural:
...saw this in the sky near Nickel Creek; apologies for the condition of...
...ya this looks shopped, i can tell by the pixels and from...
...yeah well your mom's shopped, lolol... this is legit, I saw it too near Yurok and...

From the Klamath Telegraph, "Tragic Attack At Redwoods":
...state wildlife officials have declined to comment on exactly what type of creature... unconfirmed reports that the wounds on the victims' bodies do not match those made by a bear or mountain lion... visitors to the park are urged to take cautions and avoid...

From MSNBC's Counter-Fire, January 29th:
"...this giant creature in the Gulf of Mexico is quite clearly the product of unrestrained climate change, and--"
"Oh, that's such bull[censored]! You know who it is? It's those gods that came back-- everything's gone wrong since they showed up, and I'll bet you anything that they're behind this too!"
"Now, come on, there's no proof of that!"
"Oh yeah?! Look at the history books sometime; look at that Triton guy! Calling up all kinds of sea monsters-- this is just a page out of his playbook, and you're just too scared to admit it!"
"But what's the point? Why would he want..."

((Feel free to have your characters plot battle plans here, decide who's going where, and so on.))

Denise Stephens ₪ Ariadne [userpic]

Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to run initial beta tests on the combat simulator. Anyone up for being my guinea pigs?

Lukas Volkov // Ares [userpic]
[Filter to Greeks in NYC]

So I have business in NYC this coming week and I thought it only fair to warn you that I'll be in town. If you want to see me, fine. If not, I promise I won't look you up.

Boden Murphy Ψ Triton [userpic]
[Call to Athena]

Petra? Do you know your father's work schedule? I've just received word from my mother that my father will be coming home on leave for this month.

...all things considered, and especially now that things are quieting down, I think it's time we introduced our families to one another.

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[Phone call to Triton]

It's me.

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Callista Lovelace ♥ Aphrodite [userpic]
Twenty Seven

Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to our attention that Poseidon has been taken from among our numbers. With this new development, the question of the Greek throne is no longer in contest. Hades has agreed that I am to be the sole ruler, and I have every intention of fully inhabiting that mantle.

That said... In Poseidon's absence, the Trident now passes to you, Triton, as the heir to the Sea Kingdoms, and now their rightful king. Unless, of course, you prefer the title of Prince Regent?


Well it's official. I've done my best to stay the hell away from all this. When my internet turned on me, I jury-rigged my type-writer to get my files typed up so I wouldn't have to deal with this crap. Alas my coworkers didn't accept my makeshift papers, so I had to cave and finally access this thing.

My name's Henry Phillips, formerly Hephaestus.

Let's get this over with.

[Phone call to Triton] 02/15/13

[It rings.]

Boden Murphy Ψ Triton [userpic]
[Phone Call to Athena]

I wanted to give you some advance notice. I'm planning to take you out on the town in New York for your birthday. Make sure to look nice. Aphrodite has been instructed to help you with that, so make sure you see her.

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Amanda Rose Keefe ღ Erato [userpic]

So.... Sisters...

Mel, how did Triton like his fish? And how did your... other meeting go?

And Athena! Did our Sea Prince make a good impression on your father?

Denise Stephens ₪ Ariadne [userpic]

Aaron Swartz has been found dead.

It's hard to believe a guy who was so brave would resort to suicide.

Sean Gregory [userpic]

Funny how 'friends' abandon you when weird/bad shit happens Tomorrow's my birthday. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to feel about it.

Sean Gregory [userpic]

Spam blocker, my ass Not entirely sure I should be posting on a message board that an email with the aura of a Hitchcock film surrounding it sent me to, but I'm kind of afraid of what will happen if I don't. wouldn't be the first What is this all about?

Amanda Rose Keefe ღ Erato [userpic]
[Filter: Daughters of Zeus]

So, Athena...

You never did say. How did things go with Triton?

Action style post

[She refused to panic, but waking up in a room that wasn't hers had her a bit on edge. She listens at the door for a moment but didn't hear anything.

Not one to sit around and wait, she opens the door and steps out into the hallway. Being in her pajamas (just a tank top and sleep shorts), her bare feet make no noise as she walks down the hall.

enosichthon [userpic]

Dite you watch my kid as if she was your own while I'm in Rome. I come home to anything funny, I'm taking it out on you.

Wishing everybody a happy International Beer Day!

Heading on my way back to Washington; it's been slow going, but I took the time out to celebrate with an impromptu party in a field somewhere in Idaho. Ran into a couple of guys with a six-pack, and it turned into something like two hundred people showing up, with more than enough beer for everybody.

(By the way: That news story about the missing liquor distributor truck that was last seen in the area? Yeah, that was totally not my doing. Seriously.)

(he just happened to show up, I can't help it if I can't turn away anyone who brings drinks)

(and it's not like anyone FORCED him to wear the go-go boots, anyhow)

(and he said he had a great time anyway, so there)

Callista Lovelace ♥ Aphrodite [userpic]
Twenty Three

All right, my fellow Greeks--or anyone else feeling up to the job. We know we need to head to Rome to find... whatever it is we're supposed to be looking for. So, who is going to go?

I do have to travel to Italy fairly regularly on business, but right now... I'm not certain I would be the best candidate. Not after they took my son as well as the others. If no one else will volunteer, I'm certain I could perform the task required. Otherwise, I would be happy to sponsor someone else going in my place.

Any takers?

metemmods [userpic]
Attention, All Godlings

Hello, Godlings. Have you all been playing nicely together? I do hope so. You'll need to.

You've done well otherwise so far. Finding your lost treasures. But those won't be enough. There is more to find.

[Filter: Celts]
A secret has been lost in Eire, and it sings where the living voices went silent.

[Filter: Egyptians]
Once your blood ran through the veins of kings, and their power remains there buried. Find it, and it is yours again.

[Filter: Greeks]
Westward where the son of Troy, and the children of Venus and Mars brought forth their power, a piece remains.

[Filter: Hindu]
Far in the East, near where warriors come forth from the earth, a touch of power remains. Its music can make you dance again.

[Filter: Judeo-Christians]
You must seek the song in the wilderness again to find the lost power, far to the Devil's own continent.

[Filter: Norse]
The mountains hold secrets again, high in the clouds, but you must go south to seek the power that was lost. It sings in the shadow of the lost city.


Remember. You must strike while the time is hot. Let it grow cool, and it may slip through your fingers.

[Filter: Triton]

Might as well rip off the bandaid.

I remember.

Some. Not all.

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