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Owen Robinson ᴥ Puck [userpic]
[Call to Hanuman]

[Now that the excitement's died down, Puck has some quick business to tie up...]

In all the hubbub, I didn't get a chance to tell you earlier. I received your latest package, and it is a most fine Yuletide gift! I could not be more pleased, dear friend.

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mr_bes [userpic]
[Phone call to the Fizzini Residence, 12/21]

He waits patiently despite the growing unease that Gaia dropped something in their lap again. What could you do, anyway? He already knew his wife was safe and sound. So was his unborn child and his step-son. He would have to call around to the others and check on them but, first, he has a very special little girl a happy birthday.

Hey! Is Meri around? I think I'm due to grovel about her present getting there late.

Linnaea ~ Sigyn [userpic]
[Calling Dr. Asclepius] (bit o' backdate to the Solstice)

[As soon as he picks up, the panic is just fantastic]

Ohmygod. I don't know what's happening to me. I just changed my hair color--and I didn't do anything!

[Phone Call to Titania]

Misha, it's Henry. How's this messed up day treating you?

So, do Gaia's team building exercises usually leave you feeling out of sorts? I'm having to ask, because this is the first time things aren't working the way they normally should.

Current Mood: aggravated

I must say that I'm not usually one for headgear, but this tiara I found... well, not only do I think I look rather au courant in it, but it feels most pleasurable to wear as well. I could get rather used to this.

Now if I could only figure out the answer to 48/2(9+3)...

winter_queen [userpic]

[Filter: Celts]

Check in, everyone. Now. I need your statuses immediately.

[Action for Puck]

[For Puck, Mab does not use a phone or the computer. She simply goes to his apartment. She has a key and she walks right inside as if she owns the place. Because she does.]


Boden Murphy Ψ Triton [userpic]
[Early morning call to Baldr]

Baldr? Forgive the early intrusion, but we have a serious problem.

[There's an awkward hesitation, and even an undercurrent of fear in Triton's voice]

The waters... they aren't responding to me. Even the Trident feels like it's gone dead in my hand. What the hell is going on?

Leocadio Milagro Aquino Elizondo Ѯ Quetzalcoatl [userpic]
[Phone Call to Tezcatlipoca]

...sorry to bother you so abruptly, but please tell me you haven't suddenly acquired a pair of green wings, among other oddities?

metemmods [userpic]

Godlings. So many of you. So good to see you working in harmony in these days. You are discovering yourselves, but you mustn't remain insular. You must know each other as well. Whether in amity or enmity, it is imperative to know well each other's strengths and weaknesses. Know what it means to walk in their shoes. Tomorrow at dawn, sweet children, you will find a greater understanding of your fellows. Use your newfound knowledge with care.

We will be watching.

((Gaia will make no further response, but everyone is welcome to post ICly below with reactions/ideas/what-have-you))

Leocadio Milagro Aquino Elizondo Ѯ Quetzalcoatl [userpic]

Have all the Catholics of our number submitted their surveys for the Pope? They were supposed to be distributed through the individual dioceses, and they must be submitted to the church authority by tomorrow.

Figured I might as well get this out of the way since this keeps popping up all over. Will someone pleas kindly tell me what this is all about?

This has been such a strange year. The past month especially. My freak out on Halloween did feel cathartic, but there was serious repurcussions. I've barely spoken to my family since, I even stayed at the dorm over Thanksgiving. But that was kind of nice in a way, I put in some extra time volunteering at the hospital, and it was much appreciated. Still not sure what I'm going to do with myself during the break between semesters. I'm kinda reluctant to go home right now, at least for any extended amount of time.

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Sif | Amber Wheatley-Shin [userpic]
[Filter: Norse]

I hope everyone's having a wonderful Thanksgiving! We've spent ours with the mortal family, but...

I would really love to have all of us together for the holidays. Can I get a schedule from everyone so we can plan a time? Tyr and I would be happy to host. It's been far too long since we all came together as a family.

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Hada Morgenstern ◊ Esther [userpic]

Hey, is everyone having a good Thanksgiving? I sure hope so!

I've been with my cousin today--it's a big day for both of us, being not only Thanksgiving, but the first night of Chanukah. This is something that won't happen again for something like 79,000 years!

Happy holidays to all of you!


Bes, are you there?

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Something That Annoys Me

Okay..I have to get this off my chest. It's been irritating me for awhile now, but I have to get this out, therapeutic and all that shit.

..Is anyone else sick and fucking tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus!?

I will make this brief. I do not know whom you people believe you are, but know this: I have influential friends, substantial resources, and a vindictive streak a mile wide. I will find you and will find a way to make you suffer for this bothersome inconvenience if you do not cease immediately. Consider this your only warning.

Benjamin Roth | Phonos [userpic]

[Filtered to: Ares, Hades, Melinoe]

I killed someone.

Adonis [userpic]

Not a good start to November. Though it was a pretty wild end to October. I guess time will tell if it was worth it.

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