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May 2010

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Issue #111: Warnings Debate '09

Editor's Note: I admit I wasn't quite sure how to handle this current issue - I was hoping the problem with the missing comment notifications would have been solved by now, but they're still not getting through on personal journals. (Although you receive them in asylums, and the replies to your comment on somebody else's journal. Support requests have been opened about this.) - That sucks.
On the other hand, I didn't want to wait for perhaps several days longer, and would like to at least provide readers the option of bookmarking the posts for later.

Misc (mostly 'pro' or 'neutral' towards warnings) - posters warn for potential triggers or use spoiler warnings (highlighting the text)

[info]arionhunter: On Art (describing the defintion and community standards for Art and how it's being changed in the warnings debate: "It exists in a vacuum and can be an asshole if it wants to, and it doesn't care how the Other reacts to it."

[info]darkrose: Sometimes, the obvious isn't.: "There seems to be an assumption that certain things should be warned for, regardless of the specific fandom. The problem is that the obvious triggers may not be."

[info]telesilla: It's too late to worry about slippery slopes; we're already on one.: "... I intend to still label my fic in some way. I know BDSM can trigger people and I don't want reading my fic to be triggery for anyone; I've felt awful when it's happened. - It's the practice of lumping BDSM in with negative things that I object to and will no longer do."

[info]logovo: What does it take away?: "I don't get the lack of empathy in the warning discussion."

[info]rood: On Warnings And Why You Might Consider Using Them:: "I've spend most of my life avoiding [topics triggery for me] and it's not as easy as it sounds. [...] I am thankful for everything that makes my life easier."

[info]bethbethbeth: Confessions of a Former Warning-a-phobe: "I'm absolutely sure that I'm not going to include things that some people want to be warned for, but I've finally come around to the idea that something is better than nothing."

[info]the_shoshanna: my (new) thoughts on warnings: "I want readers to feel as though someone just punched them in the gut. But I don't want them to spend the next four hours throwing up because of it, you know?"

[info]loqia: An Anti-Warner’s Warning: "Anyway, the point is both sides have valid arguments and, when it comes down to it, aren’t asking for anything unreasonable."


[info]bridgetmkennit: untitled: "To be honest, this entire debate is making me think that there should be a call for the fics that have no warnings because they're not writing the common warnings, to actually list their fics as 'Warnings: None in as far I know' or something to flag that it's safe." // Also wrote an untitled post about the problems with using TV series / movies / books as an example when it comes to warnings.

[info]stele3: Triggers vs. spoilers: an offer and a compromise: "On the subject of people who don't want to warn because of artistic integrity: have you considered using spoiler-warnings?" (includes code to create a highlight-to-read warning)

Tangentially related:

[info]telesilla: A simple question: "Please be careful when assuming that everyone in the world is going to react the way you do, because it can make people who don't react the way you do, or the way you say a certain group reacts, doubt their own recovery."