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May 2010

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Issue #116 b [Backlog]

This is the rest of the links to IJ posts dealing with Survey!Fail, I haven't found any new ones since.

[info]justhuman: I am so not taking that Survey

[info]lady_ganesh: And the fail continues!

[info]slashpine wrote a link roundup titled ScienceFail, part 3

[info]the_shoshanna reposted the official response from Boston University on Ogi Ogas and SurveyFail!.

Specifically about Ogas' comparison of slash to porn fetishizing trans women, and the fannish response to it: [info]the_willow: Shit That Upset Me And Keeps Me From Sleeping.

[info]slashpine dissects Ogas' apology: Ogi apologizes by insulting fandom some MOAR (rev.1)

In the aftermath, [info]keieeeye wrote: hahaha: "I have a lot of thoughts about fandom as separate from mainstream society."

Something that had sort of spun off into its own topic was a manip by [info]alchemia, depicting "RPS, exhibitionism, partial cross dressing, and tentacle porn". The original post, re: the recent SurveyFail...., has since been edited, and [info]alchemia also made a follow-up post: Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. The responses to this overwhelmingly seemed to have happened on sites other than IJ, though.

Issue #115

General Meta

[info]lastscorpion suggests in an untitled entry: "Part of the reason why SG-1 and SGA and AtS were cancelled, even though they still had strong overall ratings, was that there were too many women watching -- we messed up their desired demographics."

[info]yourlibrarian: Invisible women: "I thought it surprising that in the [Newsarama.com] series on "The Fangirl Invasion" they don't discuss how involved women have been in fandoms for decades."

Also by [info]yourlibrarian, Targeting the fans: "But what the article reveals is the death of ComicCon as anything resembling a fan event, as opposed to a marketing trade-show for the entertainment industry."

The Fan Fiction Survey by Ogi Ogas ("The Cognitive Neuroscience of Fan Fiction")

Note: these are all InsaneJournal posts about this topic that I am aware of at the moment. Some of these mainly just copy from or redirect to entries on DW or LJ, but I've included them because there is (or still might be) discussion happening in comments. [info]metafandom covers non-IJ links, as does the Linkspam community on DW, which you can follow via [info]linkspam_dw_rss (created today).

1. Link posts / signal boosting, mostly short, but some with quotes and/or a bit of commentary:

[info]alchemia: That fandom survery going around... DONT TAKE IT

[info]yohjideranged: Fanfiction Survey = Failboat

[info]shadowvalkyrie: Important Fannish PSA

[info]oconel: About the fandom survey

[info]keieeeye: lol guys

[info]the_shoshanna: signal boost: do not take the "neurobiological" fan fiction survey.

[info]aerynvala: Signal Boost: Why NOT to take the "Neurobiological" Fandom Survey

2. More in-depth posts, dealing with specific survey questions, background information, underlying theory and assumptions made, that sort of thing:

[info]slashpine: Some scientists sure have nerve, or, How Not To Study Fandom

and a follow-up, How many kinds of fail in this question? Or, Are You Smarter Than A Neuroscientist?

[info]zellieh: Another "survey" of fans by outsiders who FAIL rather spectacularly.