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May 2010

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Issue #27


[info]elfwreck: The other side: Oh Noes! Teh Gay has infested Hogwarts! (A link roundup, summarizing the negative reactions to JKR's outing of Dumbledore, ranging from open homophobia to denial.)

[info]sapphoq: Dumbledore Love (an essay with lots and lots of links on GLBT issues, contrasting fiction with reality.)

[info]seraphcelene posted a Meta-thon Masterlist (part fic commentary, part meta on writing or fandom).

[info]mythdefied: Writing musings: "The problem is, I see it so clearly in my mind that I end up forgetting to mention things, and sometimes I just don't catch it until later because when I do a readthrough, I still see it in my head and my mind supplies the missing things."

[info]seraphcelene; Fighting with Fandom: Characters who won't behave: "Then you sit down to write and suddenly the characters refuse to cooperate. They are difficult and unwieldy, and I'm not just talking about characters you don't like. I'm talking about even your most favoritest character ever in the history of the universe and fandom."

[info]lilithilien: Season so far? 2-3: "I've been watching a lot of Farscape lately and I can't help but compare how the women are written/developed in that show vs. in SGA. [...] If you were called in as a consultant for SGA and you could make three improvements/suggestions, what would you say to them?" (minor episode spoilers for October)

[info]skuf has a poll on Andy, Supernatural ep. 2x05.

[info]yourlibrarian (in [info]mind_over_meta): Between the dotted lines: "I will be interested to see if 2007 will bring more stories about a post-Shansu Spike. Given that AtS: After the Fall will start next month, the trend that seemed to build in 2005 may die out. [...] And I wonder if this is because, well, we really have no idea what he’d be like. We’ve seen all those other incarnations in canon, but from the sound of it we will never see a Shansu!Spike, so that one is left completely to our imagination."

Somewhat related:

- [info]telesilla is compiling a list of Heroines Who Kick Ass.
- [info]chal started a Supernatural Slash & Wincest Halloween Friending Meme of Doom.
- In [info]obscurefandom, [info]chichirinoda revealed the 2007 Challenge (requesting and fulfilling fic wishes in rare or small fandoms).
- [info]holiday_wishes is now officially open for posting your fannish (or even non-fannish) wishlists.


Issue #24 a (Dumbledore Edition, part two)


Again, I'm splitting up this issue. The general meta goes into the next entry.

[info]yonmei: Actually, I’m kind of annoyed.: "For two reasons: One, saying Dumbledore was gay after Book 7 was published and there aren’t going to be any more is kind of a cop-out. [...] The other: Lupin was gay. Tonks was a dyke. They got married off to each other as soon as possible after some fans pointed out to Rowling that Lupin “read” as gay, and they were both killed off ..."

[info]rian: My ass is twitching. You people, you make my ass twitch.: "Please, someone, point out to me anywhere - in any of the books - it would have been appropriate, or relevant in any way to the main plot of the books (ie Harry's quest to defeat Voldemort), to reveal that Dumbledore (or, indeed, any one of the adult characters) was gay." (Cont. in My ass is still twitching.: "It is not Jo Rowling's job to teach children tolerance towards gay people.".)

[info]svartalfur: *grumbles about Dumbles*: "The HP books aren't all of a sudden gay-friendly or less conservative. The hetero-normative world view still prevails, (heterosexual) marriage and breeding is still the way to salvation."

[info]accio_arse: Dumbledore is gay' sez JKR: "So, fair dos. A big, major character is gay. Okay, my statistical annoyances are mollified. Yet I still gripe..."

[info]emiime: Oh look! Another Dumbledore post on your flist!: "She definitely hinted at it in the text--I think we all saw it. But, looking at this from her perspective, she is in this to make money. And with the homophobic contingent [...] making up a portion of her sales, she was probably smart not to do so, from a financial perspective."

[info]memorycharm: the news. yes, THAT news.: "This is GOOD news, y'all! It's a major character, not some random one liner Blaise/Ernie/whoever."

[info]tigresslilly: Here we go from the top: " I predict that JKR's announcement that Dumbledore is gay is about to create a sexuality wank. Sure we're talking canon vs non-canon right now, but we'll move past that. [...] Also, I wonder about what sexuality means in the HP world."

[info]lilithilien: I can't believe I'm glad the weekend's over!: "My personal opinion on all this? I just really wish the woman would shut up. [...] I've seen others who think we should just give her a break because gee weren't her books great (sorry, but a BIG no -- she should be held to the same standard as any other author is)."


Issue #23 b (Dumbledore Edition)

Because of the (comparably) massive amount of news on the Harry Potter front re: Albus Dumbledore is gay, I decided to split today's issue. #23 a has the general fannish meta.

[info]bethbethbeth: The...news.: "For the record, even in light of the recent JKR 'revelation' (i.e., that Dumbledore was gay), I still stand by my July 26th post in which I said '...the only canon is book canon.'"

[info]amilliondays: I was going to say something about it ...: "Dealing with queer identity in your stories is not the same fucking thing as making it a Very Special Episode. [...] There's gonna be a whole lot of queer kids who won't have any knowledge that they had a role model in those books. Because he's trapped in a paperback closet."

[info]ishtar79: OMG: "But I’m leaving aside all those quibbles because even if a portion of the millions of children who read this book worldwide hear of this, if it makes them think about the fact that one of their favourite figures in the book is a gay man, if this makes it more ok to be gay or more accepting of gay people... well. This is HUGE."

[info]djin7: OH HAI GUYZ: "Many people will find fault with it. [...] I just wanted to say I find it charming and wonderful, and it's making me smile during a week where those have been sadly lacking."

[info]firefly124: The outing of Albus Dumbledore and other things JKR said yesterday: "That inner cynic thinks her point might well have been, "I know you people are writing slash about my characters, and so I give you a canonically gay character about whom I can't imagine in a million years anyone would ever write explicit sex about! Take that!" Which, er, won't work."

[info]babydraco: Oh wow: "I have posted something on JKR and sexism and something on JKR’s confusion over how her characters are perceived. I’ve written about her racial issues JKR and child abuse and her Christian themes. However, this awesome piece of news reminded me that I need to write more about what I like in Harry Potter. Because with all the complaining, maybe people wondered why I was even bothering to be involved in the first place."

[info]chet_lemon (in [info]forwardthinking): I am oh so torn...: "I suppose you could say that Dumbledore's sexual orientation doesn't matter, and not discussing it explicitly in the books just shows how orientation isn't a big deal. That just feels very cheap to me in some way. Orientation does matter in this world. It absolutely shouldn't, but we're not living in a utopia."

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