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May 2010

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Issue #84


[info]duskpeterson: To slash and yaoi folk: How has Hurricane Ike affected you?: "I'm working on a story for my Hurricanes Gustav and Ike Report at True Tales about how Hurricane Ike has affected the slash and yaoi communities. Anyone here want to contribute their anecdotes, for the record?"

[Final Fantasy games] [info]lassarina: [meta] I think too much: "So, my biggest fundamental assumption about FF6 is that the Magi-Tek infusion affects not just body but also personality, because it's forcing your genetic structure to alter to accept this new ability."

[info]frogspace gibt kurz ihre (positiven) Impressionen zur ersten Ausgabe des Journals Transformative Works and Cultures (des OTW) wieder.


[info]squeaky announced a Permanently Insane Account Sale, starting on the 15th and lasting one week. Prices have been lowered back to $40 for a permanent account and $120 for the Insane Userpics option.

Issue #61

General Fannish Meta

[bandom: Panic! at the Disco] [info]stele3 wrote a Spencer/Ryan ship manifesto.

On plagiarism:

[info]msilverstar: Plagiarism in fandom: "My problem with this the situation is that the author accepted the praise, awards, and publication as though she deserved credit. If she'd said something about how great a writer Charlotte Brontë was, and explained that a huge part of the story was lifted from the original, that would have been appropriate attribution."

[info]mirabile_dictu: lusus naturae: "It seems to follow a pattern; there's almost always an excuse given. I didn't know it was plagiarism. It's just a coincidence. I had to do it. The excuse is invariably followed by support from friends. What's odd about this case is the studied silence of the plagiarist."

IJ, LJ, Journaling in general

Note: After the InsaneJournal code update, you are now able to track posts/threads and receive notifications when someone friends you. Edit your subscriptions here. (I'm also working on updating the beginner's guide to IJ; it should be finished this evening.)

Many posts deal not only with LJ/SUP's latest move, but also IJ and comparisons between the two platforms.

[info]yourlibrarian: The IJ Only Post: "Given the latest boneheaded move by LJ, there's been a resurgence of talk about why people aren't coming over to IJ. [...] From what I'm seeing the problem isn't a lack of journal moves, it's a lack of community moves."

[info]xie_xie_xie: El Jay: "Because the expansion potential of its userbase is teens and very young 20s, LJ is moving towards increasing the social network component and decreasing the blogging/community component, in the hope they can build a site that is competitive in a Facebook/MySpace universe. [...] IJ doesn't need the kind of userbase that LJ does to succeed, because it's more niche-focused."

[info]telesilla: You don't just pay for LJ, you work for them.: "We're giving them the fruit of our labor, we're giving them our fiction and our meta and, more importantly as I see it, our thoughts about dealing with depression and our posts what it's like to live with chronic pain or what the daily life of a bisexual person is like and they are making money off of that labor. All while pretending that we don't exist."

On the Interests Censorship issue, we have [info]stewardess' entry Circle the one that doesn't belong: (Porn) (Hardcore) (Bondage) (Faeries), and [info]viridescence wrote more on LJ interest censoring. So far it looks like SUP has a strong bias against alternative sexuality (including homosexuality) and, well, fandom.
Last but not least, [info]yourlibrarian compared popular interests on LJ vs. IJ.


Issue 37 b (General Meta)

Note: this is a split issue; posts about journaling and journal migration are in issue 37 a.

[info]babydraco: You have risked the exposure of our world: "You can mention fan fic to people who aren’t fen, but you don’t tell them where to find it. You definitely don’t print it out and give it to them to be read in public to people who aren't part of fandom."

[info]akai_senshi (in [info]slash_rants): Of Slash and Gay- Discussion.: "Is slash helping to reduce heteronormativity in real life? Or does it even matter? (...) Why is there such a struggle between non-homophobic het fen (they just prefer het, but back GLBT IRL) and a lot of slash fen?"

[info]xie_xie_xie: Ugly icon thieves: "Wow, I had no idea that someone had started an icon theft asylum here on InsaneJournal. (...) Icon trading, the harvesting of icons out of other people's journals as well as posting them on communities, has its social contracts."

[info]celandineb: Errors in fest fics: "No matter how many times I've gone over a fic, though, there's almost always a few errors that I spot only after the thing's been posted and it's far too late to fix them. (...) What do other folks do in this regard? Do you read your own fics in fests at all?"

[info]spikewriter: Thoughts on "Rose": "Doctor Who was faced with two problems: they were re-introducing a beloved character and show after a long absence, and at the same time trying to draw in new viewers. There were some moments I found decidedly clunky, but on the whole, "Rose" is a superior example of the species Pilotus Serius."

[info]musesfool: i could do most anything to you (Supernatural, S3): "... I've been thinking about Bela, and why I like her so much, and the arguments other people make about how she doesn't fit in the Winchesters' world is exactly one of the things I like about her ..."

[info]qem_chibati: Where is my hot female scientist zombie? That is the question.: "Many female gamers have irate comments about how the industry as a whole, seems to think the way to appeal and reach out to female gamers is release pink products. Never mind that colloquial experience says that they're purchased more often by guys as a theft deterrent."

And on [info]friend_me, [info]skuf did a friending meme with Fandom Meta as the topic.


As usual, you can leave links to meta entries by commenting here or on the screened comments entry. General questions can be asked on the FAQ post. :)

Roundup Issue #7


[info]reijamira: Instructions On How To Upload Mood Themes: "First of, as far as I know, uploading mood themes is only possible for user with permanent or payed accounts. There are actually two ways how to upload your mood theme! You can use the Mood Theme Editor or the Admin Console. Personally, I like the Admin Console more, because it's much faster and it's not half as difficult to use as it sounds."

[info]ilysah: Tags Might Not Be Your Friend: "As a fandom, are we exposing our hobby to mainstream public by tagging our posts? (...) I suspect, though, the owner of this site is using some type of software, trawling the net and gathering up data based on Tags."

[info]lordhellebore: Fanfic =/= Inferior writing: "So, that doesn't mean, as I said, that I expect everyone to like fanfic, or even really get why we do it. But the "OMG you could do so much BETTER!" and "You're just afraid/incapable of doing something of your own!" comments are ridiculous and condescending and show that those people have no clue and no interest in learning about the WHY."

[info]otempora01 (in [info]writers_cafe): let's talk harry potter: "I mean, sure, every book in the world is always compared to at least one other book, but does it bother anyone else that you can't even say the word witch/wizard in relation to your own novel without someone mentioning Harry Potter? I'm not speaking out against Harry Potter as I'm a fan, but I was just wondering."

[info]babydraco: OOh! Have I won the insane Welshman?: "Don't the Malfoys and their friends strike you as the sort of people who would normally be bothered by the presence of a Person of Color in their midst? I guess skin color doesn’t matter as much when the issue is more who has magic and who doesn’t. The wizarding world considers wizard as their race."

[info]its_art: Minor Characters: Are They Original or Canon?: "So I have to ask all of my HP fen... When does a canon character ceased being canon and start being original?"

Two [info]07refugees posts:

[info]calime: On fandom migration, safe spaces and keeping in touch with your flist: "I'd love a place that would make it easy for readers to follow them - a kind of all-in-one project that could host content, but also could serve just as an linking hub with a profile page, an address book etc. So, for me the [squidge.org] project sounds very appealing."

[info]emilie_burns asks: "Is it, or is it not, more or less mandatory on IJ to flock explicit material?"

And last but not least, [info]j_crew_guy informs us that Dan Didio, Senior Vice-President and Executive Editor of DC Comics, has no idea what the word "fan-fiction" means, but likes to use it anyway.

Additional note for the people who are members of the [info]fandomdirectory, but don't have it on their friendslist because of the many new entries each update: I'd like to know if fandom asylums that only cross-post from LJ should be included in some way.

Coming soon: general fandom poll. Stay tuned.