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May 2010

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Issue #72



[info]alchemia posted a list of mainstream/canonical Mpreg examples.

[info]elfwreck (in [info]metametameta): Class issues in U.S. television: "Okay, let's make it a game. The rules are: Name a show, or if we're really lucky, some shows, that are centered around lower-class or working-class characters, and are not sitcoms."

[SGA] [info]telesilla: it's been 3.4 weeks since the last time my fandom showed its ass: "In a conversation--which has since been frozen--elsewhere today, more than one person said they were glad the dreads stayed because they made Ronon look more alien. Actually, the word "non-human" was used. I'm sorry, but what?!"

[Harry Potter] In [info]snapedom, there were two recent posts comparing anti-Muggle sentiment in HP to racism; Playing the Race Card: Is Anti-Muggle Prejudice Really the Unpardonable Sin? by [info]bohemianspirit, and an untitled followup commentary by [info]ether_bunny.


[info]squeaky started a Weekend Sale for Permanent Accounts and Insane Userpics, ending on Sunday at 8:00 p.m., and also asks for reports on still existing site bugs.

For Firefox users who also use LJlogin to manage their InsaneJournal accounts: Firefox 3 does not support LJlogin. I've read about at least ten other addons not working, either (e.g. CookieSafe), but apparently there's a workaround for at least some of those. [info]darkrose posted about it here.

Issue #14


[info]skuf has a follow-up poll on the Canon / Fandom question.

[info]greenwitch: Thoughts regarding Holiday Wishes project...: "I'm contemplating the ways running [info]holiday_wishes on IJ might be different from LJ. [...] Basically, I'm wondering if the two communities should have the same structure, or a different structure. IE, should one be for fannish items, and the other be for any items?"

[info]xanister (in [info]qaf_cofeeclub): Define "crack!fic" without a drug reference...: "On my own IJ I was pondering what defines "crack!fic" since it's a term that I'm relatively unfamiliar with. I know that horribly outlandish fics are crack!fics but aside from that I'm kinda lost."

[info]fickle: Convo snippet with Savior.: "The weird thing is, I think that I really like that dynamic. [...] it's not the sort of thing I'd RP, because it's a going-nowhere-downwards-spiral-locked-together relationship that's far from cheerful, but I love reading about it. It's not even about the sex, in those relationships, and maybe that's why it works for me as an asexual. It's about the emotion, and the confusion of it."

[info]luzzu: Because I'm not run off my feet...: "I was browsing through fandom secrets over on LJ on one of my rare meanderings over there. [...] So this is my not really secret version of fandom/not fandom secrets, minus the pictures."

[info]ldybastet: Discussion post 1- unresolved issues in HP: "After all, that is why we have theorised, discussed and ranted, and written fic and meta for so long, no? [...] Is there anything from the previous books that you feel was left unresolved, or cleared up in an unsatisfactory manner?"
(For the discussion rules, please read this post.)


[info]skuf: LJ news - apparently now with screening/deletion of dissentient comments. Several links, also mentions the new Customize Journal area (which apparently does not support overrides) and the DVD/movie advertising in the news community.


[info]gueneiriol is looking for fan-friendly, affordable web hosts.

Also, IJlogin has now been incorporated into LJlogin, so you can use the same program for both journaling types. The bug that made IJ logged you out when you opened a new window has been fixed.


Roundup Issue #1

For Starters: Helpful IJ Links

[info]squeaky's original welcome post on [info]announcements: "We understand why a lot of you are coming over here, and we do not believe in censorship beyond the letter of the law. We will not remove any content from the site unless we receive an official DMCA take down notice or are contacted by an offical legal agency notifying us of illegal activity."

[info]mllesatine: How to use InsaneJournal - useful links

[info]qem_chibati: Qem's IJ resource list for friends.

On [info]ijlogin, [info]toejam released the newest version.

[info]fdir_editor started a list of fandom-related feeds on InsaneJournal.

LiveJournal / InsaneJournal

[info]emilie_burns: Eljay to have "report to abuse" links on pages

[info]liz_marcs: This is Why LJ Won't Be Getting My Hard-Earned Cash...: "Since it appears that you are completely clueless as to why I and many others are not willing to give you $150 [for a permanent LJ account], I've decided to spell it out for you."

[info]gehayi (on [info]07refugees): In case anyone wants to know why you're looking for a community away from LJ...: "I can't believe that any so-called professional businessman would act like this toward his customers. Even after he was called on it, he still continued to make fun of people."

[info]qem_chibati: Obligatory Strikethrough Post: "One of the reasons that motivated me to get an InsaneJournal is the fact that sometimes the attitudes on fandom on LiveJournal annoys me. (...) Sometimes it feels like the attitude for a lot of them is, unless I've experienced it, it's not really fandom."

Reactions to InsaneJournal getting mentioned on Fandom_Wank:

[info]ingrid: WTF ...: "You hate and fear change, we get it. Please stop rationalizing your fears, it makes you look retarded."

[info]keieeeye: *unreasonably amused*: "[A]s a mentally ill feminist lesbian I think I can say I'm not feeling very oppressed."

General Fandom Meta

[info]icedark_elf has thoughts on the term 'BNF': "If you don't like someone, you accuse them of being a wannabe BNF, which is strange, because most people I know don't want to be BNFs. Mostly due to the reputation they have."

[info]jadeblood: Supernatural and Its Wank: "Regardless of what the fans may think, Supernatural is not their baby. It's [Kripke's] to write as he sees fit. We're just along for the ride..."

[info]das_dingsi: Fannish Crushes, pt. 1: "Fannish attention means you don't just 'like' a character. (...) In a way, it's similar to being in love or having a crush on someone -- he or she has your full attention, and your thoughts keep coming back to said person."

[info]thatfangirl, in [books] Jonathan Strange, has some quick thoughts on the book's footnotes "making it in-universe RPF".

[info]liz_marcs: We really need to start yanking this "abstinence only" bullshit out of our schools...: "andrewfarago unearthed a 1970s Spiderman comic book that was co-produced by Marvel and Planned Parenthood. (...) My point is that [it] would never, ever see the light of day today. The U.S.'s current repressive atmosphere of all things considered somehow outside the norm -- or at least the norm as defined by a very narrow slice of the population -- would make it a prohibitive commercial risk."

[info]brownbetty: A conceptual framework for automated archival of fanworks under web 2.0: "For an archival method to gain currency, it should be no more difficult than posting to LJ."

[info]alixtii: Meta: Fanfic as Je me souviens: "In some ways, there's nothing more depressing than when a show you once loved seems to have forgotten its past completely (...) But even then fanfiction provides us with a way of remembering that past and proving that we at least, have not forgotten it."


You'll notice that some of these posts are dating back to June or earlier. I included them because at this stage, I'm still trying to establish the ground level, so to speak. If you have interesting links (be it yours or entries from other IJers), actually anything from 2007 is fair game. Simply leave a comment with the link(s), or if you are uncomfortable with "advertising yourself" in public, use the screened comments post.