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May 2010

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Issue #44

Misc. Fannish Meta

[info]yayforjae: gender and fandom: "[T]he male vs female space and the gender of fandom are two really interesting topics ... I don't have any really coherent thoughts about gender in fandom at the moment, but I wanted to start writing about my experiences. So here's a bit about my first two fandoms ..."

[info]elfwreck: Anti-Fanfic Bingo, Line three: "I look at this line on the card, and I just get hung up on one topic: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I want to weep."

And an entry that's from December, but I just it found today... [info]gonewithoutjam: I'll Sail this Ship Alone: "So you're new to a fandom, or you're a lurker, and it seems everyone ships Y/Z. But hang on a minute. Are you sure about that?"

[info]bethbethbeth wonders if there'd be interest in a Harry Potter Fic Fest that would let characters who are usually seen as too old or too ugly or in some other way undesirable get a little action for a change.

[info]skuf: Bouncing off idea: fandom-related polls comm/archive

InsaneJournal / Siteschemes and Layouts

[info]skuf: Poll: which IJ sitescheme are you using?

Also, the new sitescheme will soon be available as a template and go into beta-testing stage. There's a call for volunteers at [info]ij_siteschemes (writing FAQs, Stylish, finding styles for different browsers).

[info]sherlock suggested an S2 style contest in [info]ideas. See also this post by [info]pen.


[info]data_warrior has a detailed poll on icon creation, use and crediting.


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Issue 37 b (General Meta)

Note: this is a split issue; posts about journaling and journal migration are in issue 37 a.

[info]babydraco: You have risked the exposure of our world: "You can mention fan fic to people who aren’t fen, but you don’t tell them where to find it. You definitely don’t print it out and give it to them to be read in public to people who aren't part of fandom."

[info]akai_senshi (in [info]slash_rants): Of Slash and Gay- Discussion.: "Is slash helping to reduce heteronormativity in real life? Or does it even matter? (...) Why is there such a struggle between non-homophobic het fen (they just prefer het, but back GLBT IRL) and a lot of slash fen?"

[info]xie_xie_xie: Ugly icon thieves: "Wow, I had no idea that someone had started an icon theft asylum here on InsaneJournal. (...) Icon trading, the harvesting of icons out of other people's journals as well as posting them on communities, has its social contracts."

[info]celandineb: Errors in fest fics: "No matter how many times I've gone over a fic, though, there's almost always a few errors that I spot only after the thing's been posted and it's far too late to fix them. (...) What do other folks do in this regard? Do you read your own fics in fests at all?"

[info]spikewriter: Thoughts on "Rose": "Doctor Who was faced with two problems: they were re-introducing a beloved character and show after a long absence, and at the same time trying to draw in new viewers. There were some moments I found decidedly clunky, but on the whole, "Rose" is a superior example of the species Pilotus Serius."

[info]musesfool: i could do most anything to you (Supernatural, S3): "... I've been thinking about Bela, and why I like her so much, and the arguments other people make about how she doesn't fit in the Winchesters' world is exactly one of the things I like about her ..."

[info]qem_chibati: Where is my hot female scientist zombie? That is the question.: "Many female gamers have irate comments about how the industry as a whole, seems to think the way to appeal and reach out to female gamers is release pink products. Never mind that colloquial experience says that they're purchased more often by guys as a theft deterrent."

And on [info]friend_me, [info]skuf did a friending meme with Fandom Meta as the topic.


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