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May 2010

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Issue #92


[Katekyou Hitman Reborn] [info]branchandroot: Women in KHR, a rant: "I can engage with a series that leaves the women out, but I can’t fully engage when women are so explicitly positioned as inferior." (Spoilers!)

[Harry Potter] [info]beccastareyes: Harry Potter Houses...: "So, I said on Fanficrants that I tended to think of Happy Potter Houses by 'what they want and how they prefer to get it', and was asked for details... so, here goes."

[info]alchemia has an untitled post about naming conventions in genderswap fic and how they (don't) relate to actual transsexual experience. (Uses Harry Potter characters as examples, but the topic itself isn't fandom-specific.)

[Supernatural] There've been lots of episode reviews/reactions for SPN 4x09, and what I found interesting is how many people mentioned it as either bringing the fanservice or having a fanfiction feel. (Heavy spoilers for that episode, of course, as people talk about all kinds of things they liked or disliked, including plot and various relationships.)
[info]the_shoshanna: Wow, it's like they were taking notes on everything that had been pissing people off.
[info]musesfool: Which one of you is Sera Gamble? Because that was totally fanfic on my tv laptop last night.
[info]ann_tara: And last night's episode was practically a word for word fan conversation I've read more than once - so much so that I think they wrote a lot of this episode based on TWoP conversations and what they thought fans wanted to see and what they had to do to get us all to accept Ruby.
(And speaking of Ruby, [info]yourlibrarian's review dedicates several paragraphs to the direction of the character as compared to S3.)

LiveJournal: more hacking attacks occured, apparently targeting high-traffic communities/journals and/or the people who moderate them. [info]maureenlycaon wrote a summary with helpful links.

Issue #46

IJ / Asylums / Community-building

[info]greenwitch: Asylum Usage and Habits (poll and discussion) - "[A]sylums here have... not really taken off, and it seems like even asylum creation has dropped (or maybe just outnumbered by the RPGs that seem to be taking over.) So what's the reason? (...) Let's try and figure out what's going, and how we can work on improving the community here."

[info]squeaky announced the purging of old, inactive accounts.

Misc. Fandom Meta

[info]julia_linnea: "Genderswitch" and "Genderplay": What do you think they mean?"

[info]branchandroot: Distribution of labor: "Writing isn’t just having a neat idea, it’s getting a story to coalesce around the idea, complete with transitions and motivations and all the parts that aren’t neat ideas but rather the bones of narrative (...) Given that, I find it a bit surprising that both professional and amateur writers will carry on in equal measure about writing being stolen and ideas being stolen."

Quuer As Folk:

[info]xie_xie_xie: Why they fuck: "I've been thinking about the issue of sex in Brian and Justin fan fiction lately quite a bit ... Of fics that don't just suck totally, there are three broad categories into which I'd put their use of sex scenes ..."

[info]rebeccama: Michael and Ben: "Ben's and Michael's relationship has some real difference from Brian's and Justin's, but that does not make either of the relationships inferior."

Organization of Transformative Works

[info]alchemia: Why I'm not behind the OTW...: "While OTW claims to be inclusive of all, the emphasis has been on the female fanficcers and female vidders, and I wonder where that leaves fandoms that are not predominantly female, and fans that are men, transmen, queergendered, etc., or that enjoy fandom through other avenues, such as fanfilms, re-enactments, cosplay, etc."

Posts for the "Why I Joined The OTW" Week:

[info]bethbethbeth's entry: "Helping to make things better fannishly - even helping to make a single story better - felt great (...) how could I not want to help?"

[info]mirabile_dictu's entry: "I want those opportunities available to everyone possible: to girls of thirteen and women in their eighties, and I don't want them to have to pay for it except with time and energy and love. The world needs safe places for freaks, and fandom can -- no, fandom should! -- be one."

[info]watersword's entry: "OTW's message of pride -- pride in fannishness, pride in the female space that fandom is, pride in the skill it takes us to be fans (meta is hard, y'all, and fiction is harder, I can't even begin to imagine how hard vidding is) -- is one that resonates deeply with me."


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Issue #23 a

Because of the massive amount of news on the Harry Potter front re: Albus Dumbledore is gay, I decided to split today's issue.

[info]iulia_linnea (in [info]girl_harry): TOPIC: What draws you to girl!Harry and girl!Harry fiction?: "What draws me to girl!Harry is, primarily, a desire to read strong female characters combined with my love of the HP universe. I write this without holding the idea, as some do, that J.K. Rowling's world is devoid of strong female characters; in my opinion, there are several of them in the Potterverse. Harry, however, is the main character, the series' focus, and I enjoy focusing my thoughts about the construction of sexual and gender identity into my characterization of girl!Harry."

(LiveJournal) [info]elfwreck (in [info]07refugees): The legal definition: Ummm, our bad; we fix later.: "I asked Livejournal about the "legal definition of pornography" as described in their abuse policy [...] Minors Befriending Adult-Themed Journals [...] I finally got an answer."