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May 2010

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Issue #123


[DCU] [info]shadowvalkyrie: DCU musings: "Specifically, porn. [...] Even more specifically, kinky porn. And the discrepancy of why the Bruce/Tim variety tends to be a great deal more popular than the Bruce/Jason one."

[Torchwood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer] [info]firefly124: Okay, so everybody else has probably already read this AfterElton article (the article compared Torchwood and BtVS in regards to character death, and the post builds on that. I'm not being more specific because I'm unsure whether details about Torchwood's third season are still considered spoilers.)


[info]thete1: "I know it's racist, Te, but the special effects look awesome!": "This has been on my mind -- harshing *my* squee -- since that first Transformers movie came out and so many of you were full of excuses about why you were going to see it anyway. Despite the racism."

In a post titled Saying Goodbye, [info]yourlibrarian talks about important changes in TV, reality shows, the demise of the WB, and that the cause for the popularity decline in music games could be "a stranglehold on copyright".

[info]cluegirl: Thoughts Contingent on Reader Entitlement; the fandom edition: "So what is it that makes us as readers so much more ready to be spiteful about work we DID NOT have to pay for? Other than the fact that we can, and the writer in question is unlikely to have highly paid lawyers who might give us a telling-off for acting like arseholes, I mean?"

[info]skuf: Where's all the meta?: "Remember back in the day - e.g. 2006 - when [metafandom] issues were posted about every other day and had shitloads of links? What happened? Brainstorming: ..." (Cross-posted to DW, where the big discussion obviously seems to happen, but I decided to link the IJ version on principle.)

[info]xie_xie_xie: metafandom and its discontents: "But the last three or four times I submitted a link, either mine or someone else's, either QAF-specific or "big picture" fandom meta, it was just ignored. I never knew if they just didn't like it, or didn't get it, or what the problem was."


Issue #109


[general & Torchwood] [info]snakeling: Linguistics for fandom 101 (a quick guide to Ye Olde Englishe for fanfic writers, and that Jack Harkness is not American)

[True Blood] [info]bitterfig: True Blood as fan fiction: "The world of the books remains recognizable, the characters have the same names and many of the major events remain intact, but everything has been sexed up to the max and minor characters have been given personalities, histories and stories of their own in no way suggested by the source material."

[general & Star Trek] [info]elfwreck posted a few quick thoughts inspired by converting old Trek fanzines.

[info]prettysock: Thinky Thoughts on Age and Fandom: "There are two important things I think adult fans could do to make fandom as a whole more welcoming to young fans." Also: "So that's the other thing I wanted to say: Fandom is good for young fans."

[info]the_willow: Was Pre-Slash Originally Meant As A Rating?: "So what is pre-slash? I've picked up a meaning through osmosis, but considering how much history of slash I didn't pick up, I feel a need to ask questions."

[info]accioslash: More Comments About...Comments: (on favouriting/reccing something without also commenting) "As an author or artist, does this type of behavior bother you? As a reader/viewer, have you ever done something similar?"