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May 2010

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Issue #96


Grouped by topic - first LiveJournal/InsaneJournal, then specific and general fandom meta...

News have made the rounds that LJ has fired part of their staff. [info]twistedchick quotes from the Valleywag article and discusses the economical aspect in more detail: I did wonder why they were moving the servers away from the engineers...

Meanwhile, [info]squeaky explains that IJ isn't going anywhere: "I have always taken pride in being able to keep this site running in the black. And between the ads that run on the site and the various paid accounts and rename tokens that all of you continue to purchase, we are able to stay that way. We do not have any debt to pay off nor do we have any investors that we need to keep happy. While we have felt this economic downturn ourselves, we are only affected in that we are unable to keep building a cash reserve, but we are still able to pay the bills every month.
While I'm at it, I'd also like to quote from an earlier post that [info]squeaky made in December: "Our goals for 2009 are to increase site stability and clean up some lingering bugs. Until that is done we are not going to be introducing new features, as we want to have a very stable a secure platform to build upon."

[info]morgandawn asks what communities you are currently archiving, and which one's you'd like to archive for the comments "[e]ither from a fannish historical perspective or a useful perspective".

And speaking of journaling services, [info]vakkotaur wrote down some thoughts on GreatestJournal going belly-up.


A while ago, I updated [info]fdir_editor with approximately 60 new fandom-related feeds, the list is here.

[info]rubyfruit_pixie asks ficcers, fanartists, and other creative fans about their fannish New Year's Resolution(s).

[The Chronicles of Narnia] [info]babydraco wrote a list of pet peeves in Narnia fanfic.

[Queer as Folk] [info]xie_xie_xie: Rape in QAF fanfiction: "Rape is too important and too serious and too horrible to use as a plot device. It's too agonizing to use to give yourself a fix of emotional porn. Read it if you want, write it if you want, but if you're doing it for some kind of squee, for fun, for a thrill, or because to you it's just another bad!fic plot device like being kidnapped by the Mob or whatever, then in my opinion you suck."

[info]telesilla: What have you done for me lately, Brad Wright?: "We have more access to TPTB than ever. We read Their blogs and, occasionally, They read Ours. And the thing is, if you hang out on line, you need to either learn not to engage people who annoy you, or you need to get thicker skin and not get annoyed."
[info]darkrose: SGA: Putting My Bitch Boots On: "But in a way, I'm glad we got to hear TPTB's real opinion of the people whose love for the show pays their salaries: we're morons, and we don't matter."



Issue #82


[info]branchandroot: The charge of action scenes and the flexibility of porn: "And this, it comes to me all over again, is why writing sex is just like writing tennis or swordfights or any other kind of action. All action, in print, has to mean something."

[info]musesfool: what you need to get the job done: "Characters are (fictional) people. Generally, they do not think in finely wrought literary phrases, let alone tired cliches like "the lustrous locks of her ravens-wing hair swung gently as she climbed down the stairs to answer the door."
(Also, she's looking for tips for writing a third person omniscient narrator.)

[info]draconic_voices: SGA (yes, "Whispers" I'm looking at you): "... what bothered me the most was the complete lack of realism in the military interactions. For God's Sake, SG-1 did military (sometimes badly, but usually they managed chain of command &respect for superior officers pretty well) for 10 years, shouldn't SGA be able to at least manage that."

[info]babydraco wrote a series of meta posts about The Chronicles of Narnia, comparing the movies with the BBC series (here and here), and general thoughts on the fandom / participation therein.