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May 2010

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May 5th, 2010


How much is the asylum in the window?

I'm quitting.
I've been thinking about this on and off over the last months, and last week I decided I couldn't make it work any longer. The asylum itself has nothing to do with it... there are other factors, such as increasing RL stress since I started working again, and the fact that I moved even further away from Fandom and fannish interests. Getting into that mindset where I'm interested in the goings-on and also have the energy for updating MR has gotten pretty difficult lately. And I think that I'm doing the asylum a huge disservice trying to be its admin under those circumstances.

Therefore, it is up for adoption. I'd like to give it to someone who has the enthusiasm for Fandom that I'm now lacking, plus ties to IJ (but that probably goes without saying.) They'll also need some basic HTML skills - enough to link to entries and do simple formatting such as bold and italics.

To answer some questions in advance:

- MR has always been just me, so you'll be on your own. (Of course you can add co-mods if needed)
- The volume of work you need to do is much smaller than on other journal services, due to IJ's smaller user base - less updating... lots of browsing though
- I wouldn't mind helping by finding links and/or be there for advice, but it won't be my place anymore to decide about matters
- There are a few settings/linking policies I'd like to have respected, though (more on that when we get to that stage)
- Essentially, I'll give you admin rights to the asylum and hand the editor journal over to you as well. The last step will be removing myself as admin, and voila.

If you're willing to become the new admin-editor, please send me a private message (it would be nice if you could add a few words on why you want to be a maintainer/think you're qualified, though if I know you already this might not be necessary). I'm giving this a few days. Once I've made my decision I will contact the user in question and also make an official announcement.

The asylum is a Permanent Account and even when discontinued will stay as an archive, for as long as IJ exists.

[info]meta_roundup was created in August 2007, a bit longer and I would have celebrated its third birthday. Whatever the outcome, I want to thank you for reading and writing all this interesting, helpful, funny, or thought-provoking content I could link to over the years. Some of you didn't write meta, but helped keeping IJ and Fandom alive by commenting on the posts of others. Last but not least, you gave me encouragement and support. Thank you.