Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Merry Smutmas, [info]lizardspots!


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Title: The Godfather Part II
Pairings: Harry/Teddy, Remus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This is a non-commercial transformative work based on worlds/characters copyrighted by JKR.
Summary: When Teddy digs into his father's past, he shares his findings with Harry, and what they discover dredges up Harry's memories of his own godfather, Sirius. The two of them begin to piece together a tangled web of past relationships that somehow continue to colour the present.
Warnings: Voyeurism, wanking, implied threesomes, sketchy uses of Pensieves
Author's Notes: I hope that you love this, Lizard! My special thanks to my beta and cheerleader, who shall remain nameless for the time being. Also despite the title, there is no "Part I" unless you consider it to be what this author read between the lines in Order of the Phoenix.

( The Godfather Part II )
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Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Merry Smutmas, [info]sansa1970!


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Title: The Potter Files
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Harry/Draco, Harry/Teddy Lupin (minor), Harry/Zacharias Smith (minor)
Disclaimer: All characters are property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury Inc. Other concepts and likenesses belong to the creators of The Dresden Files (books and TV show).
Summary: Private investigator, wizard, thorn in many people's sides. Harry Potter's a jack of all trades.
Warnings: AU, plucky first person narrative, non-major (aka: minor OC) character death, accidental bottom!Harry :P Kinks include first-time, rough sex, dirty talk, rimming, wall sex and shower sex.
Author's notes: This is a weird AU amalgamation of post-DH HP canon and The Dresden Files, where I've picked and chosen the elements of HP to keep/change, the most obvious being that Malfoy = Muggle/Murphy. It's a strange mix of things you seem to like, [info]sansa1970 - detective fiction, Snape as a featured character and your fabulous list of kinks. The rest I kind of guessed at, and I hope you like it! You don't have to know The Dresden Files to follow, though those who do should recognise quite a few things :D

( The Potter Files )
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