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    Monday, March 17th, 2008
    8:36 am
    [Meme!] Snaps Cup Meme!
    How this works is simple!

    1. Comment with your username.
    2. Go to your IJ and post a link to your comment to get your friends to come back here. Otherwise how will they know? D:
    3. Your friends will leave anonymous or signed comments to your comment about all the reasons why they thing you are wonderful, brilliant, amazing and so forth.
    4. Your friends then get to leave their own usernames and link the post so that they can go comment to each others comments and this post shall be full of giant happiness and squee.

      Anonymous comments are on, IP logging is off.

    8:36 am
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    Toy: some sort of website tool, that revolves around your InsaneJournal username.

    Quiz: By asking a number of different questions, you result in having your own

    Meme post: While technically anything here can be counted as a meme, this is for something in which you want to attract a lot of people to participate here. It usually involves people signing up on the post, and then having others leaving a comment for them.

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