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November 24th, 2008

09:41 pm - First Meeting.
who: Trudi & Ariana
what: first meeting
when: any time after dark
where: mediasnox!

Generally when she came in, she moved to a table. It was usually just to play with her cell phone, or take notes, or people watch. The club was good for staying out of the public eye. It had a sort of cloaking effect it seemed. She couldn't explain it, but she liked it, even if she rarely spoke to anyone within. This time though, when she came in, a few things were different.

One, she went straight to the bar and sat, but did not order a drink. She was pale. Anyone who knew a vampire well enough knew she was also hungry. It was clear in the way her skin was a marble tone, the way her steely eyes roved, and the way she breathed slowly, steadily, with her lips parted.

She was also dressed a little nicer than usual. As in, instead of the form fitting black dingy jeans, boots, and bulky jacket, she was wearing a red top that actually betrayed the fact she had cleavage -- impressive cleavage, at that -- and a black leather blazer that hugged her form. She hadn't been able to deal with a skirt, though, and was wearing pants. Dress pants.

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November 17th, 2008

02:24 am - Nov. 16
Who: Duncan, Trudi and Ariana Falcone.
When: 10:35 pm.

Medias Nox was busy on a Sunday evening, surprisingly enough, and that just made it more exciting for Trudi as she weaved her way through the tables. Where was the man she was supposed to meet? Given the description she had of him, he wasn't going to be difficult to find and thankfully she spotted the man within the next minute. It was time to work her 'magic' on him, so to speak. A small, mischevious smile appeared on her face as usual and she stepped towards him, introducing herself.

They soon fell into an easy conversation and she sat on the chair next to him, her legs tucked underneath her in the right position to show them off. Her hand drifted to his shoulder, stroking it softly, and within another few minutes, she managed to pry a couple of good pieces of information from him. She slipped away from him coyly and thought she deserved a drink for her work. A Sunrise would be wonderful right about now, so Trudi got the drink and started to consume it as she searched for Duncan.

She liked to think - no, she basically knew - that she was his best information gatherer based on how many times she succeeded per day and without her, he'd be a much poorer demon. Life was so much more interesting and had been ever since she started to work at the club. Finally! Trudi found him sitting at a table with a couple of people whose identities did not matter and slid onto his lap. "Nothing very interesting is happening," she told him with a pout. "No conspiracies to kill anyone or whatever. It's a shame."

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