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Plot post [17 May 2008|10:19pm]
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First of all, I know I didn't do a question of the week this week. I suck.

Second of all, activity has really been lagging as of late. I completely understand why! It's the end of the school year for most of us, people have exams, and I've been feeling it, too. And summer's not the most fun to play in RP-land anyway. But we want to keep this game fun and happy and active, yes? So if you guys have anything Josie or I could do to make the game more fun for you, please let us know! And if you haven't updated your characters in a while (which includes me with Sylvie, I know), please get on that ASAP so we can have some fun. I was thinking of doing another veritaserum meme for this week's qotw since our characters would have new questions to ask people. Good idea, y/n?

Anyway, on to business.

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