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McAnally's Pub

Mar. 24th, 2008 19:53 Cameron's House

Cameron's at home, she's got dinner in the oven and she's swishing a duster around the top of the piano - wouldn't want it to get dirty. The duster may swish over a few other pieces of furniture around the place, but for now, just this.

To see her through the front window, she probably appears a bit dazed or like she's in a dreamland somewhere. She's thinking. Her mind wandering off to somewhere else, it should be back soon.

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Mar. 1st, 2008 22:15 Cook County Hospital

It's a little after nine a.m. Cameron's fed B.O. and is working on the coffee. There isn't much to do until there's either a case or her boss makes his morning (closer-to-noon) arrival.

On his desk are three fellowship applicant files awaiting his perusal. Someone thinks he needs to hire the rest of his team. This time, that someone isn't Cameron.

They've had a few cases, nothing spectacular, but some interesting ones that they've been able to solve without killing the patient. The number of clinic hours logged though, is a testament to the boredom level.

Cameron takes a seat at her computer to go through House's e-mail.

Current Location: Cook County Hospital

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