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McAnally's Pub - February 5th, 2008

Feb. 5th, 2008 22:15 Harry's Apartment

Oh sunlight, how I've missed seeing you during the pre-dusk hours. Only, I prefer that you not pierce my poor tired eyeballs when you greet me. Really.

Though, I am much less tired than I was, say, thirteen hours ago. Hell, I'm only getting up now because there is a fifty-pound ball of hair on my head attempting to suffocate me with nothing but it's tail.

My morning workout consists of getting said ball of hair off my head - it's like doing a set of bicep curls or bench presses, depending on the direction of feline flailing; getting myself out of the bed - that's a lot like, you know that scene in The Princess Bride when Buttercup pushes Westley down the hill? Yeah, that rolling down the hill part, only not quite as far. Once I'm on my feet, I'm pretty good to go, except for the hurdles I have to jump to get into the shower. There are two - one is the aforementioned ball of fur and the other is a much larger ball of fur, this one of the canine variety. So, with the triathlon out of the way, it's time for a chilling and very brief shower.

- - - - - -

Shower complete, clothing on, breakfast being prepared. There's actually food to prepare since my cleaning staff has been by. Unfortunately, I'm stocked to the gills with canned corn and not much else. I may have to order pizza for lunch. My cleaning staff has issues with human foodstuffs. Not a problem really, they keep the place clean and I have milk and juice and coffee, so it's all good.

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