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Prompt: You encounter a large piece of machinery on the outskirts of Descoria... [08 Mar 2015|10:15am]

[luut solo]

Luut's slumber was premeditated inexistence. He woke untethered to the fog of salubrious dreams, and immersed himself into the fog of his reality.

The sun rose over a city of people too concerned with themselves to be welcoming. A spectacle of pastels painted across the cloud-drifted skies of Descoria were too remarkable to be noticed, too fantastical to be remembered. In the early hours of that unimportant day, bustlers bustled on and hustlers hunkered down, now bereft their cover of midnight deception so ripped from them by the father of light.

Luut was a man who was ambivalent toward hours. Time, itself, was a necessary component to any living thing, but its implementation of increments served better to burden than it did to benefit. Not bothered by the perpetual notches every second of life sliced into his being, Luut found himself unconcerned with speed more than trajectory; he moved at many miles per who knew, feet per unconcerned, inches per it didn't matter. There lingered drive in the subconscious, and for the time being it was his own, though vague and not quite reliable. Breakfast had proved to be an unfulfulling mixture of oil and chemicals carefully concocted to prolong the consternation of the time he took no note of; it fueled the motion and made slick the mechanisms that perpetuated the sort of life he lived. Taste was a false luxury for those who counted seconds. )

Hunter, Gatherer. [22 Feb 2015|05:19am]

[luut, stryder]

Even with the arrow in its flank, the buck kept darting through the tangles of vines that hung in its path and ricocheted its blood spattered body of moss-covered concrete slabs. The rubble clicked beneath its sharp hooves, leaving a wake of red ellipsis imprinted on the soft green overgrowth and the broken black asphalt. Above the fearful beast, a tangle of vines and misty cloud cover hid the skyscrapers that loomed impossibly high overhead.

A few echoes and bloodied stones behind, she followed. )

monster. [11 Feb 2015|10:57pm]

[ stille . dalit ]

He had been saving it for some special occasion but Dalit figured now was as good as a time as there would be. Apologies, he mused, were always made better with an offering and this was his thought as he made his way to her house, a case -- a case -- of precious beer tucked under his arm.

The walk was painfully slow, his mind playing and replaying everything that had led up to this sorry half-assed apology and what would possibly happen afterwards.

Yelling was his conclusion.

But at least they would have beer. )

Shame. [08 Feb 2015|11:22pm]

[calisto, julian]

The entire reason he'd brought himself to the library that day was to be left alone. Interacting with people was always a struggle for him to actually enjoy and occasionally irked him beyond rational reason. While he might not have minded speaking with the handsome, dark skinned young man, finding out his origins, his quirks... the young man was more interested in what he'd corned chosen to read. Completely obsessed over that book, out of an entire building of tomes, an entire section just for horror and dark tales but that single novel in Julian's hands was the one the man became aggressive over. 

So aggressive. )


Hello there! As requested, here are your random scene assignments!

VERONIKA (Nico) || JULIAN (Jessie)

WASONGA (H-eri) || LUCIAN (Ashe)

SASHI (J) || LUUT (Liz)

SIX (Angie) || SAVVA (Hiiro)

MICHELLE (Sal) || JASCAN (Oraien)

NAEMIA (Gail) || MIELIKKI (Jessie)

IRSHYA (Nen) || NOX (Casey)

ADDITIONALLY I'm enacting something else that we're going to try out. It's basically scene prompts assigned by player to be enacted upon one of their characters of their choice. You may choose to do this as a solo or as a scene with someone else, where the event is either enacted UPON or enacted BY your character, unless it is specified otherwise. In some cases, it is an event that you can solo, play with someone else when it happens, or relate to another player after it has occurred. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING ON THIS LIST THAT YOUR CHARACTER COULD DO TO ANOTHER CHARACTER, YOU MAY VOLUNTEER YOUR SERVICES. It would be preferable if these were not related to your randoms.

J: You must save someone/be saved from drowning.

H-eri: You must purposefully hurt another player character, even if your character acts like its an accident because they can't cope with being a dick (but we all know the truth).

Sarah: You must learn about/teach someone about a faith or philosophy relevant to the Maschinell universe.

Angie: You must encounter a mutant animal on the outskirts of Descoria/The Perimeter and either save someone/be saved from it.

Sal: You must encounter the hollow corpse of someone you know on the outskirts of Descoria/The Perimeter.

Jessie: You must either beg/work for provisions or give provisions to a beggar in the Overmarket.

Casey: You awaken in an unfamiliar environment with an unexpected companion. Doesn't have to be sexual. Will probably be more hilarious if it is non-sexual, all things considered.

Nico: You fall from a great height (at least out of a tree) and hit/nearly hit someone.

Ashe: While doing a mundane activity that you usually do (a job, walking and talking at the same time, etc) you find that one of your parts begins to malfunction.

Gail: You must break and enter/have your home broken into. Either attempt must be foiled, though you or they may escape with something if you decide that you or they are not detained.

Liz: You encounter a large piece of machinery on the outskirts of Descoria/The Perimeter. It may or may not be functional, sentient, or otherwise, and you may do as you will with it, whether that be to scrap it, destroy it, or osmose with it and consume its robot flesh. Or do that robot chicken humping robot thing to it. You may clash with another player over ownership of this object.

Hiiro: You must be nearly struck/almost strike someone with a vehicle, weapon, or other object that would cause bodily harm had it connected.

Nen: (Gifted by J, I'll give you all a chance to be cruel to me in the future)For one day, your sense are malfunctioning, ranging from misunderstandings to misfortune. How many and which senses are up to you.

ENJOY YOURSELVES, AND REMEMBER, YOU ASKED FOR THIS. <3 I left out a couple people who are inactive-- if you are actually active and want your prompt, let me know and i will correct this.

[MOD] Okay, wutup [05 Feb 2015|08:04pm]

Okay so HELLO THERE EVERYONE! I do apologize for not being around for a little bit, I had to crush a deadline, but that's completed and I'm available until the baby comes.

But we need to have a chat here, man to man, about activity and stuff like that. There are a total of 28 scenes posted to the community at the moment, and that's awesome. It's a mix of solos and scenes and it feels like people are feeling the setting that we're playing in and everything. However, I have written or participated in 18 of those scenes. A lot of you guys know how I mod-- and that's to push game story arcs through my characters instead of handing down things as a GM. But regardless of that tendency, there is some expectancy that you guys will interact with each other and form storylines between your characters of your own volition. That you guys will play when I'm not around.

So talk to me. Tell me what to do to fix it. Is the setting uncomfortable, too open? Do we need to describe things more so that you as a player know more about the environment and history of the world? Is it just that not everyone uses AIM anymore and we need to look for another solution for connecting with each other? Is everyone just too busy for these games now?

People seemed amped about this when it was coming together and now it's kinda empty and it's always been slow. Initially I blamed it on us starting during the holiday season-- did that slow start follow us into the new year and just become the way things are? Or is it that this is still technically a scifi setting and the comfort zone is really fantasy, urban fantasy, or closer to modern post apoc?

Every single one of you is a fantastic writer and I'd like to keep that community and environment alive and well.

Reply and let me know what's up! I'd like to keep this going, but if you guys aren't feeling it, maybe we need to try something different.

when the sound of you and i dies out. [21 Jan 2015|07:22pm]

[ toska . habushu ]

your sweet violent house
believes the signs we see in the cards
believes the signs we read in our dreams
but we seem to follow the stream )

what's it gonna be with the violence?
what's it gonna be when the fire rides in?
what's it gonna be like when the sound of you and i dies out?

rewind. [15 Jan 2015|01:57pm]

[ toska . habushu ]

please cure the disease
come on, baby, get a pretty picture of me
while the world is dreaming about gold
digging in their holes, oh, digging in their sleepless dreams )

we go on and we go on, go nowhere every day
we're trying to suppress that nothing matters anyway
ride and ride until you're hollow
we got no mythologies to follow

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