27 October 2010 at 11:26 pm
[Chad can't stay indoors. There could be someone outside who needs help and if could take too long to get to them by staying inside--where safety isn't certain.

He hadn't expected to run into this...thing so quickly. Arms and legs and heads and it's like someone put a lot of body parts in a pot and mixed them together.

Punching it does nothing. It's fast than it looks and tries to grab his arms if he gets too close. The Right Arm of the Giant is harder to call upon, and his attacks are not as strong as they should be, but it's effective. How many of these are out hunting people?]
Location: Sector 5 / Afternoon
[video | open]
25 October 2010 at 07:12 pm

[Watch as GIR runs about and screeches frantically on the screen]
[Action | Open]
20 October 2010 at 06:49 pm
[The farm is beginning to look as though nothing ever happened. Pumpkin vines stretch out across once-burned ground and injured plants have begun to mend. Their time may end with the changing of the artificial season, but this way they have a chance at yielding one more crop before the frost takes them.]

[Fou-Lu sits at the edge of the tiny farm, ascended into his astral form to focus his attention on creating and maintaining a gentle autumn rainstorm over the area. It's not his usual style of magic, as it requires quite a bit more finesse than he usually applies, so he's rather focused and not particularly attentive to the world around him.]

[Of course, it's probably hard for anyone not doing intricate magic to miss the big white dragon staring at the tiny clouds.]
[ action / open ][ English Class! ]
13 October 2010 at 03:25 pm
[ by the tree again, paging idly through a book of teaching techniques -- it's not especially interesting, but it'll probably be useful. he still doesn't have a lesson plan. knows he's going to be missing at least three students: Rei, Sakura and Road. no after-class pep talks from Faith, either. too bad. would be nice if they could get through a week with nothing changing. makes him think he took the two years of routine at the Order for granted. hard not to get used to some things when you have that much time in one place.

turns the page, then checks his watch. one p.m. ]
Mood: thoughtful
Location: Day 84 / Park, Sector 4 / Early Afternoon
[ voice / action ]
02 October 2010 at 01:09 am
Does anyone need help?

Defense Force people, we should probably try and coordinate trying to help as many people as we can! I've got some extra flashlights.
[action] [open]
29 September 2010 at 04:44 pm
[Armed with a watering can and other gardening implements she scrounged up, Xion is trying her hand at fixing up Mami's garden. Watering the plants is going easily enough, but she's not sure what to do about the burned patches. Why would someone want to burn Mami's garden, anyway? :( She's hardly the farmer that Mami was, but she's doing her best.]
Location: Sector 4: Mami's garden
24 September 2010 at 01:36 pm
[Chad cuts on the video looking stoic as usual, but those who know him would see the haggardness of his expression. He has a black and white puppy draped over his shoulder, another and a kitten in his arms, each yapping or meowing. The sound of other animals can be heard off screen.]

I-Inoue...Ichigo...they keep telling me to take them home with me.

[Help, please?]

{OOC: Chad's ability is talking to animals. To him, they don't sound any different than if he was hearing them through the communicator translator, but others won't hear that and when he speaks to them, others will hear Chad speaking their language.}
Location: Pet Cafe / Late Afternoon
[Action | Open]
22 September 2010 at 10:34 pm
[This is probably one of the strangest days Revive has ever had. It's not normal that he wakes up looking more like a canine than an Innovade. But he had... ears, tail, and it seemed like all of his senses were heightened. He had been hoping to step out of the shelter for a few minutes, trying to hide his new "features" as much as possible with an oversized hooded sweatshirt. The tail and the ears were quite annoying...

The heightened senses might have been good, except... he has a prey drive. Hence why he is chasing a green haro through Marina, somewhere between on two legs and all fours. You can't blame him; it looks like a ball. Don't worry about the haro. It obviously thinks this is a game, which apparently it is. Anyone care to encounter the dog-boy Innovator?]

[ooc: Lucky Revive has woken to find himself part-Weimaraner.]
[action | open]
20 September 2010 at 09:13 pm
[Remy woke up that morning with the chain gone (he'd never gotten back to Kitty on that...) but with a familiar, terrible feeling in his chest.

When he caused sparks to fly off the doorknob to the room he'd been staying in the moment he touched it, he knew he was in trouble.]


[The smart thing to do would probably have been to stay in his room, but he needed groceries and a chance to walk around, possibly work off some of the excess energy.

He'll try to avoid people, but feel free to run into him. Physical contact will result in a fairly strong static shock.]
18 September 2010 at 12:24 pm
[There's a long line of bamboo at the beach, their stalks curving gently over the quiet trickling of waves. Further back on the beach are colored lanterns and little tables with pens and sheets of paper and string.

You're supposed to write poems or notes to your loved ones who can't be with you today, right...?]

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[action, video | open]
15 September 2010 at 08:05 pm

[GIR's screen is wobbly and shaky at first while dirt and patches of grass go flying through the air and soon it points down to show a nice little hole in the ground at the park. Then--watch watch watch!--a nice sprinkled donut goes right inside it before he covers it up with dirt all over again.

He claps, impressed, and then turns so that you'll be able to see him and the...bunch of other holes in the ground behind him.]

I'm growin' breakfast trees!

[SMILE! Is that an egg poking out from the dirt? A piece of toast? Who knows. Meanwhile Mr. Mongoose--a grey and white puff of kitten is trotting behind GIR, sniffling curiously at the holes.]
[ Voice || Action ]
08 September 2010 at 07:08 pm
[Guess who's using shunpo across the tops of buildings to get across Marina? Yupp. It's easier to get around with and he wants to know his limits, seeing as there's a giant freaking sword on his back. He's actually heading back towards the shelter, though, so there might be a slight glimpse before he moves on.]

Oi Kanda. [Derp using preferred name. Maybe get a better result, not that Ichigo gives a damn.] You busy?

[ Private to Orihime ]

Inoue... When does your club thing meet?

[ /Private ]

Need to ask you something to Chad, whenever. [Pauuuuse.] And wouldn't it figure that I can't find that other when I want to. Tch. Annoying little...
03 September 2010 at 06:14 pm
[The sun is just setting, but Chad is relaxing against a tree with his guitar, looking out into gentle waters. There is a fishing pole propped very close by, line going far into the water, where the fish are more likely to swim. It's a relaxing pastime, that he can fish and practice his guitar at the same time.

Every once in a while he sets down his guitar and checks the fishing pole, pulling it out to look at the line before throwing it back out into the depths.

Only his line doesn't have a hook or bait on it.]
Location: Sector 4 / Late Afternoon
[ action / open ] Paintball!
01 September 2010 at 09:18 pm
[ Chuck's standing in front of a table. On the table are three boxes. In the first box, there are bags with paintball "markers" (guns) and ammunition. In the second box are goggles. On the third, there are thinly padded helmets and chest pieces, all in black. Chuck is wearing all the gear, but his headgear has a little white flag attached to it. ]

Okay! [ Very excited. Sort of looks like a spaniel puppy who has to go to the bathroom. ] Thanks, everybody, for coming out. [ Waves! ]

I'm Chuck, and I'm going to be your ref. Behind me -- [ Indicates the fields behind him that are littered with hay bales of various sizes and heights. Both fields have been set up into one large play area. ] -- is our game field. The boundaries are the white lines along the perimeter. If anyone just wants to watch, they can sit in the bleachers.

[ Rubs his hands together. Sort of nervous now, but hey, still soldiering on. ]

Here's how we're going to do this. Everybody get in line and come up. You give me your name, I'll put it down and then I'll give you your marker and ammo, and you can pick out your gear. Everybody has to wear the headgear and goggles. The chest piece is optional. Once everybody has their stuff, we'll play.

I just have a few rules. First, no head or face shots. I mean it. [ Srs face. ] Second, no shooting someone more than once per encounter. And third, no attacking with anything other than a paintball. The markers can't be modified, and you can't hit someone with your marker.

I've got white paint. I'm the only person. If I see you someone breaking a rule, they're going to get hit with white paint. That person has to sit out on the bleachers for ten minutes. If I catch them more than once, they can't play anymore. Also... no shooting the ref.

No teams, and we'll count the hits at the end of the hour. Whoever wins gets... ah... the pleasure of bragging rights. [ Ehehehe. ] After, party at the club.

Okay, let's go!

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[ action / open ] English Class
01 September 2010 at 10:44 am
[ Lavi's sitting out by the tree again, still covered in a smattering of bandages and flipping through Leviathan and making notes and doodles on some scrap paper, waiting for class to start. He's also mentally reviewing what they covered on days 72 and 74 -- the alphabet (capital and lowercase), numbers 1-10, pronunciation, and then skipped to verbal introductions, names, places, favorite things and "what is this?"/"what is this in English?" -- he hopes skipping four days hasn't completely wrecked things. It's only been four days.

Maybe today they'd cover food. Or maybe homonyms, homographs and homophones. That could be fun. ]

((ooc: Students welcome to threadjack any "During Class" thread. :D

First class was on day 72, and because of the GIR event, there wasn't class on day 73, but there was one on day 74. :3 English classes will run on days ending in 4s and 8s, around 11:00am. Feel free to have your kids have forgotten everything, given the excitement. Or remember everything! He kept it pretty basic, if somewhat random. It has not yet occurred to him to come up with lesson plans. XD;;;))
Location: Day 78 / Park, Sector 4 / Late Morning
[action / closed]
28 August 2010 at 01:50 am
It's almost dinner time, but I just wanted to let you know that Ushiro-kun is coming over again! It's the first time he and Sado-kun and I are really going to all hang out together. [her expression softening] I hope he'll come to stay with us. Kana-chan was really worried about him, and I don't want her to be sad...

[the way Orihime was sad] Anyway! [getting up off her knees and smiling at the shrine] I have to go get everything ready. Good night, brother!

Good night! Good night Brother!

[Orihime gets up off her knees and picks up Edward and the bag from the ramen stand and heads to the kitchen without another look back. It's been kind of a busy day for her, cramming in everything she can, and she's completely exhausted, but she's humming to herself as she unpacks the food she got for dinner. She was too busy to cook, so they'll just have to make do with this... But she is excited to have dinner with Sado-kun and Ushiro-kun together!]
26 August 2010 at 09:38 pm
[After classes, Chad goes to the fields of Sector 6, choosing to warm up with punches to a training post. He is making sure to keep his throws controlled. He and Ichigo will spar, but just as Ichigo does not have his sword, Chad will not use his Brazos. But there is someone whom he has not forgotten.]

Inoue, do you want to train?
Location: Sector 6 / Afternoon
[Action | Open]
24 August 2010 at 09:56 pm
[Today is music class day! Technically it's the second day of the class, but since the first fell on the same day as GIR's event, today is the first 'proper' lesson.

Zelda will be letting her students know that her fellow teacher, Jun, will not be attending because he is not feeling well. Therefore, today's lesson will focus mainly on the ocarina and harp, along with any instruments that the more experienced students are familiar with. For the most part, Zelda will be concentrating on the beginners today, teaching them how to work with these instruments and how to play a few simple songs. The advanced students are encouraged to help them.]

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[ Video ]
17 August 2010 at 08:01 am
Damn. A lot of new people and they might not even fucking stay. How the hell is that fair?

Some warden...
[video | open]
09 August 2010 at 07:33 pm
[He's worried about the monsters from last night, but he wants to help people cheer up, so he'll talk about something happier.]

I think it's time for another baseball game! If that's okay with Suzaku. Everyone who can make it should be at practice today, so we can get ready! And maybe we'll have the game, um, in two or three days? Does that sound good? Oh! Maybe I'll send a letter when it's decided. PM likes mail.

If you're new to the team or if you know someone who left, could you let me know? [Sheepishly rubbing his neck and smiling.] I guess Murata was kind of taking care of the rosters, and now they are a little out-of-date.

Does anyone else want to be the manager of the teams? Maybe someone with nice handwriting?