08 August 2011 at 08:52 pm
Ah, um, hello! My name’s Yako Katsuragi and I’m a detective from Japan. I’m new around here but I’ve got the basic idea of this place, even if I still can’t help thinking this is somehow Neuro’s fault even if he's supposed to be back in Hell thanks to the brochure. But I’ve got a small question.

[ here Yako’s eyes intensify, clearly whatever this question is has to be of the utmost importance. ]

Can someone direct me to where I can get some more food? That welcome basket only lasted me five minutes, I’m so hungry. And do we have to pay for food around here? Because I don’t have that much money on me after my favorite takoyaki stand raised their prices... Why do I get the feeling they only raise their prices when I'm there.