[Video || Action: Closed to Housemates || Backdated to the evening]
15 January 2011 at 02:25 pm
[As the video feed rolled, it found Kairi laying on her bed in some marginally warmer clothing consisting of a green sweater and some sweats from what could be seen of her legs shifting behind her. As if she were swimming idly. She held a pencil to her mouth, nipping the eraser lightly, while her other hand cradled her head. And a book could be seen stretched out before her. She stared at the feed thoughtfully a moment before removing the eraser from her mouth.]

So, I was wondering. What's the best thing that you've had happen to you here? I'm sure we all have homes and people we miss from back home. But is there anyone or anything you would miss if you went back?

[A pause later and her eyes widened just a bit in realization.]

Oh, and Hikaru, Kaoru. I was wondering. Would you guys like to go hunt for seashells tomorrow? Don't feel bad if you don't want to. I know it's cold. I just had an idea...

[And afterward, Kairi would be idling the evening away in her room... By idling, she might be a little caught up trying to study and get back on task with everything she missed at school. Fortunately for her, the teachers have been lenient but then considering how disappearances worked, well. Either way, her door was propped in case anyone wanted to distract her.]
03 January 2011 at 09:04 pm
[Mileina's good with technology, so one of the first things that she does after checking everything out is set up a video feed! When the video flicks on, you can see the twintailed girl out in the snow right away, shivering just the slightest bit in her miniskirt, putting on her best smile as she clenches her brochure in one hand, her basket set carefully by her shiny boots.]

Excuse me! I'm sorry to interupt you, you are surely up to something very important and exciting, but I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. And er- probably find somewhere to get inside. It's just a little bit cold, don't you think? The snow's very romantic though, it's like the perfect setting for a roman-- [Get a grip Mileina!! She is a professional young lady, and tries to look a little more serious for the moment] My name is Mileina Vashti. I am fourteen years of age, my specialties are mechanics, communications, and all matters concerning romance and pure love. [And now her face falls completely.]

Ooooh. I just know Papa's going to be so mad at me for getting sent to a prison!!! How am I supposed to work when I'm in a prison? [She shivers again. This is not very fun!!!] Oh, I should probably go find inside now.
[Action | Open]
20 December 2010 at 01:08 am
[Having recovered from her sickness a few days ago, Winry decided to pay her thanks to the two brothers for taking care of her through it by giving them a little reward. As such she's carrying along another homemade apple pie as she goes out in the cold evening. Bundled up in her winter clothes, Winry makes her way through Sector Four to visit Ed & Al at their house.]

((OOC: Completely open to everyone on her way to the alchemists' house, so long as it doesn't involve something timeline breaky like assaulting her or stealing her pie. Though you may try the latter, just expect a wrench (and no success) if you keep at it.

Action at the house open to the four alchemists and anyone who might have a good reason to be there.))
Location: Sector 4 - The Elric & Tringham Household & vacinity / ~9 PM
17 December 2010 at 11:15 am
Does anyone know where I can buy a bicycle? And if the place takes yen?
Location: Day 93 / Shelter, Sector 0 / Evening
06 December 2010 at 05:47 pm
Strange... I had thought it would yet be some time before snow came. I am usually more attentive than that.

[Fran is curiously regarding the things that have changed in her park, stepping almost silently through the snow as she drifts calmly back to the tree where she had settled her few belongings earlier.]

Winry. I have the schematics for the Strahl, should you still care to see them.
[Voice | Open]
27 October 2010 at 05:34 am
[It was mid-morning when Winry woke up to find herself at a desk in the computer lab. Last night, she stayed up rather late trying to do some additional learning on top of her classwork and ended up dozing off for the rest of the night. Having turned the volume down on her communicator to focus, she's slept through the morning announcement as well as the good bit of morning excitement. But then she, like a few others, doesn't exactly see anything different today.

It's just as well, since she figured out plans for today, to find a place to live in outside of the shelter. Her room has started to feel cramped and hardly large enough to do her business in, much less accommodate somewhat larger potential customers. A good, small house or maybe even apartment would do well, it'd just be a matter of finding a nice one in a good location. A little help wouldn't hurt at all, either.

After stopping by the convenience store for a quick breakfast, she turns the volume back up on her communicator to make her "calls". She's pretty cheerful as she starts to broadcast.]

Hey Ed? Al? Are you two up yet? I was wondering if you two could help me out a bit today.

((OOC: Open to anyone.))
Location: Sector 5 - Convenience Store / Around 10 AM
[filtered from noah/video] dated to early evening
15 October 2010 at 09:10 pm
Good evening to both old, as well as new inmates. Hopefully all those who have arrived have grown somewhat adjusted to the environment here despite the startling circumstances. [ politeness aside -- he clears his throat. ]

My name is Howard Link and I am an inspector for the Central Branch of the Vatican. Currently my assignment is to act as an escort for Allen Walker for an undetermined duration of time -- time that I am expected to keep even here. Thus, I would like to know all of those here who are acquainted with him. Just names will be sufficient.

Thank you in advance.

[[ooc: Link wants to know all about your CR with Allen 8). feel free to threadjack everywhere.]]
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15 October 2010 at 01:28 am
[Kitty was studying again. This time, she was in the shelter common area. She needed to catch up a little, in her mind, for the classes she was taking at the school.]

Hey, does anyone else need help with studying for classes? I'm doing a big study session tonight, and it'd be totally awesome if a bunch of us could get together for it!
14 October 2010 at 07:31 pm
[Al looks a little bit shaky and weary.]

I think... I'm okay now. Acumen said that there was a stabilizer adjustment so my memories were overlapping... I think it's all sorted out now though... I remember a lot of things... including what happened during the four years I traveled with my brother. So many things happened that I forgot... and so many people I didn't remember... I'm glad I do now.

[He smiles a little bit.] I even remember meeting you two in Xenotime, Russell and Fletcher.

And Alfons... I'm glad I got to meet him here, even if it was only for a short time.

[Private to Ed]

Brother... where are you? I want... I remember everything... I remember you dying... and I... I just need to see you... Please...
[ voice | action | open ]
11 October 2010 at 10:17 pm
[This. Is a disaster.]

[Saki's just going to... stand there, in the shelter's kitchen, frowning down, empty mug in hand.]

[She's off of bed rest, sober for two days now, sufficiently de-bruised, and even got dressed today! Fate should be rewarding her, not punishing her further.]

Who broke the shelter's coffee machine?

[Button press button press button press!

--why. Won't. You. Turn. On.

--it is plugged, right?]

[Quick glance toward the wall and back. Yeah, it's plugged in.]

[C'mon, guilty party, reveal yourself. Saki hasn't yelled at anybody in almost two days a month.]
06 October 2010 at 04:24 am
[Quatre sounds very puzzled and a little stressed but that's not going to stop him from being polite.]

Mister vi Britannia and Miss li Britannia, thank you for providing the brochure and thank you to the welcoming committee for the basket. They were very thoughtful and kind of all of you.

I'm... confused as to how I was brought here. I was in the middle of something very important and wounded but I'm not anymore and to my knowledge, time hasn't passed long enough for it to have healed properly, yet it's completely gone... What happened with the battle? Was White Fang stopped...?
04 October 2010 at 09:40 pm
Good morning, Marina! Also, hello new people that arrived this morning! If you need any help, I would be glad to assist you in any way possible!

[Elizabeth is rather in a good mood....or hiding some of the morning people she dealt with already. Right now, she is sitting in front of the desk in her room of the estate in Sector 5. She is lightly swinging her feet back and forth in her chair, making the finishing touches to a doll that is standing right in front of her. A doll that looks like a young girl. White curly hair that adorns a black top hat with ribbon and a blue rose on it, light pale skin, eyes closed, a black and white dress with various frills at the edges of each layer. Her legs are covered in dark blue tights and matching dress shoes. Other noticeable things is a large gold pocket-watch under her arm and a white baton in one of her hands.]

Ta da~! It's finished! All I need to do is give her a name. Anyone have ideas? [Or you can ask why Elizabeth has such a strange doll in her possession. To some people, it's actually her Angelic Layer doll she has been working on for days.]
29 September 2010 at 02:39 pm
[Al's voice sounds stressed and he doesn't look like he's feeling very well at the moment. He also looks... older. He hasn't quite realized that yet.]

What's happening...? My head hurts so much... Something's... Something's not right... Brother...? I don't understand...

[He runs a hand over his face then pauses, taking a closer look. His hands are... bigger. Al studies himself in confusion.] What's going on...? Am I... bigger...? I thought... Wasn't that weird stuff supposed to be gone by now...?
[Voice|Sender Encrypted|Open]
25 September 2010 at 01:34 pm
[The voice sounds like that of an elderly man with emphysema, deep, raspy and scratchy.]

The effects of the gas leaked by the explosion last night are not permanent. They will wear off within a few hours on their own and a cure will be spread before morning to make sure it all works.

There should be no negative side effects. Some of you might get a few extra hours of sleep tonight and wake up a little sore in the morning, but that's about it.

The explosion was an accident and a big misjudgment on my part. No one was meant to be exposed to that gas. For that...I'm sorry. May not be worth much, but I am. So I'll do what I can to fix this.

[Anyone who tries to hunt down the sender will find their roads blocked by several fail-safes, including a very loud screeching noise before communication is disconnected completely.]
23 September 2010 at 07:09 pm
What the hell is going on? Are you people serious?

Most importantly, why not me too?! How lame, not including everyone! I want to have some sort of super power too! Kaoru and I would have a lot of fun with super powers!

[Action | Closed] [Text | Open]
22 September 2010 at 12:40 am
A bright world )

[Text | Open]

[The following texts come across the communicator network with no identifier of the sender.]

W  re  m I?

D   th    ust ha  en?

  at  s th   pla e?

[After a pause, more characters appear.]

Hell ? Is an  ne he  ?

M . Hug  s? La  s? A ?


((OOC: In order to keep the action to one thread, finding her is open to Duo and anyone he calls to help (such as Ed).

More details on her power here.))
Location: Sector 2 - Near the Computer Labs / Late Morning
18 September 2010 at 12:24 pm
[There's a long line of bamboo at the beach, their stalks curving gently over the quiet trickling of waves. Further back on the beach are colored lanterns and little tables with pens and sheets of paper and string.

You're supposed to write poems or notes to your loved ones who can't be with you today, right...?]

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[Voice - Open]
07 September 2010 at 03:08 am
A prison. Under the sea. For the rest of my life. Tell me this is a joke. Parks, a beach, a library... Are you even sure this is a prison? Because it doesn't really sound like it.

Okay, fine, I admit, I screwed up in the past. Yeah, I did all those things. But does that really warrant being here until I die? Can't I get out faster on good behavior or something? And are these chains really necessary?

Damnit. Don't I at least get a phone call? It's really important. I have to give my younger brother a message so he'll know where I am and what to do while I'm here. He's just a kid and doesn't have anyone else...

What did you say your name was? Acumen? Hey! Is anyone even listening to me?


This place sucks. And what the hell is a computer anyway...
07 September 2010 at 02:21 pm
[The communicator turns on this time showing yet another confused, restrained inmate in a suit none the less. He's Looking around panicked, then he finds the note and his eyes widen. Prison?]

Um... this has got to be some sort of joke. [slightly panicked now] the children. I'm supposed to be helping save the children. Not be put in jail for.... [/he trails off]

Jack, Gwen? can someone explain this? Heck I'll even take The Doctor or John at this point...

[ooc: he's in the pet cafe]
[Video - Open] - I hope I'm doing this right. ; A;
06 September 2010 at 08:31 pm
[The video opens to show a man in a top hat with a weird haircut and purple eyes. He stares at you for a moment, with a strange expression on his face, and you can hear the squelching of a latex glove clenching in the background.]

Haha... [giggles nervously] So this is a prison? That's really...unexpected...and weird... [frowns a little]

I don't suppose there's any chance of being let out...? I have to get back to my factory quick, 'cause I left my heir alone in the inventing room, and if something goes wrong, the whole entire factory could blow up! [He says that in a rather excited tone. He doesn't want it to happen, but it sure would be interesting!]

Oh, and by the way, the candy in this basket is really gross. It tastes like Slugworth made it. [He frowns at the thought.] The chocolate isn't mixed right at all, and the flavor of the hard candy is, like, ew. [Finishes eloquently.]

[He looks at you, a slight disapproving frown on his face.]

[[OOC: He's in Sector 5 right now, kinda near the convenience store. > m< In case anyone wanted to know.]]

[[Moar OOC: Orz I screwed up my icons by renaming them...I don't think I can fix it, so just...ignore the icons on my older replies. ; A; *so sad*]]