[voice / open]
25 October 2010 at 09:10 pm
For those of you who aren't aware, don't understand, or are worried about what's happening right now -- we're experiencing another incident like the monster attacks. But this is the first time it's ever happened during the day.

Whoever is responsible has a twisted sense of humor [honestly, the day before Halloween?] and we shouldn't reward them by panicking.

I'd like to encourage everyone who can to please gather in the shelter. There don't seem to be monsters about right now, but I don't think that will last for long, and this time seems to be different than the other times, so take every precaution.

If you need help, please don't hesitate to ask for it -- I'm sure the defense force is standing by. But we should all get to safety as soon as possible.
[Video|Action|Open] Art Class!
21 October 2010 at 12:05 pm
All students attending the art class should attempt to bring a mirror with them. Nothing too small, but large enough that you can see your entire face. If you can't, you'll have to share the ones I will provide.

[When you enter the art room you'll see that the paint still hasn't been removed from the walls. Soubi's not concerned about it, because at least it came off the chalkboards. The walls can be a lesson for another day.

Today is a day for self-portraits. Students will be asked to draw themselves as they believe they look and then pull out the mirrors they have brought or will borrow and draw a more accurate portrait based on what they see in the mirror. This project will continue for the next two class periods as the two images will be cut in half and combined to make a symmetrical portrait of each student. Students who would like to be more creative can use any artistic medium they want for the portraits (oil paints, watercolors, clay, colored pencils, etc).]

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Location: Education Facility / Afternoon
15 October 2010 at 04:54 pm
  • Alphonse: a letter from Yuuri.
  • Allen: a letter from Ryu.
  • Sasha: a letter from Tsukasa.
  • Terezi: a letter from Alucard.
  • Fai: a letter from Roxas.
  • Red: a letter from Alma.
  • Yu Kanda: a letter from Alma.
  • Ciel: a letter from Jennifer.
  • Ribbons: a letter from the Peregrine Mendicant.
  • Euphemia: a letter from Touma.

  • Wolfram: a package from Saki.
  • Saki: a rose with a letter from Tamaki.
  • Xion: a package from Orihime.

  • Nunnally & Toothless
  • Ianto & Yuuki
  • Rinoa & Kaien

[Today's load of mail is extremely satisfying for PM, who is humming tunelessly under her breath as she goes about her route. She really has no reason to feel bad today, even if a few problems continue to go unsolved. After all, the post office and the pen pal systems are moving along splendidly! If this keeps up, she could even start training an apprentice. She decides to cap off a perfect route with a delicious dinner at the pizza parlor.]

[Penpal sign-up and master list is right here! Mail submissions for Day 85 go here!]
[voice | action]
13 October 2010 at 07:08 pm
[Tamaki is at the butterfly pavillion right now, just watching the scenery and thinking about his plans for the Host Club. First and formost, he'd have to get more members. With so many girls in the prison just three hosts just wouldn't do.]

Hello, denizens of Marina Asylum. My name is Tamaki Suoh, and I am the soon to be king of Marina's first Host Club, a club dedicated to entertaining women in our free time. If you recall I sent out invitations to join me for a meeting pertaining to this, however I fell ill and was unable to hold it. I am sorry to those of you who were interested in attending.

I hope that there will be many of you interested in joining this club and helping me in my mission to make the lovely maidens here happy. If you wish to join please tell me or come join me under the butterfly pavillion where we may talk.
[ action / open ][ English Class! ]
13 October 2010 at 03:25 pm
[ by the tree again, paging idly through a book of teaching techniques -- it's not especially interesting, but it'll probably be useful. he still doesn't have a lesson plan. knows he's going to be missing at least three students: Rei, Sakura and Road. no after-class pep talks from Faith, either. too bad. would be nice if they could get through a week with nothing changing. makes him think he took the two years of routine at the Order for granted. hard not to get used to some things when you have that much time in one place.

turns the page, then checks his watch. one p.m. ]
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Location: Day 84 / Park, Sector 4 / Early Afternoon
[voice / action]
10 October 2010 at 07:40 pm
[Kamui can be found meandering around the streets of Sector 5 fairly late at night, perhaps looking a bit lost. He also looks more than a little on edge, especially since Silent Hill was in full swing last night. He approaches a street corner and stops, looking around for a long moment before frowning.]

I guess they're not here tonight...


Are there any grocery stores aside from the one in Sector 5?
[ Video || Action ]
08 October 2010 at 11:00 pm
[Sad to say guys. Zack is occupying the common room in the shelter. Up on the table is his very big sword. What's he doing? Glad you asked! It's nothing special. He's just polishing it. Funny how he doesn't really use it yet keeps it all nice, shiny, and healthy. Perhaps he's just in the habit because of the significance. If anything, he looks pretty task oriented at the moment, concentrating really hard on getting it all just right.

Zack pauses for a moment to smile and give a little wave.]

Yo! Hope some of you new guys are settling in okay.  It's pretty rough getting used to things around here the first few days.

[Rubs the back of his neck.]

Trying to start my letter for that pen pal thing. [Laughs] It's harder than I thought it would be. Dunno how she managed to do it for so long and not get a reply...
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[Mail Post | Day 83]
08 October 2010 at 11:45 am
  • Tamaki Suoh: a pen pal letter from Saki.
  • Touma: a pen pal letter from Euphemia.
  • Tsukasa: a pen pal letter from Sasha.
  • Alucard: a pen pal letter from Terezi.
  • Alma: a pen pal letter from Red.

  • Hiling: a gift and letter from Ribbons.

  • Yuuri & Alphonse

[ It was a quieter day, overall. The monster attack last night caused a stir, including one in PM's temper. It's all well and good to be told to leave things up to the Defense Force, but she resents the forced passivity. Given she's reached another dead end in her quest for a new sword, she pushes her frustration to the back and sets out on her early evening route, focusing on her hopes for the pen pal system and the burning, holy light of mail. ]

[Pen pal sign-ups are still ongoing. Mail submissions for Day 84 go here!]
[Action | Open]
08 October 2010 at 02:06 pm
[In the evening, after his classes, Tsukasa heads to the library. He looks pretty nervous, and heads towards the anatomy section.]

[It takes him a little bit of browsing, but finally he finds a book on teenage puberty... for girls. Glancing around, he heads to a table in the far back part of the library, and opens up the book, starting to read.]

[This, of course, is a perfect time for anyone to bother him.]
[video || open]
05 October 2010 at 03:22 pm
Goodbye, my darling! Ahh--!! [Jessica's scream can be heard near and far, but when she opens her eyes the screaming stops abruptly. This...isn't--? She pushes back some hair over her shoulder which turns on the video function. And what's the first thing you'll see?

Well. Does a huge cleavage say anything to you?]

Roger? Oh, Roger, my dearest, where are you? [Bounce bounce bounce while she scurries here and there, looking]

...Oh. [More sullen now that she's taking the time to process the message in front of her, but then her voice becomes sultrier and almost pleading]

Oh, no, no, no. Any time other than now~! At least before I leave Roger you have to let me save my darling honey bunny.

I've been so~ worried about him.
01 October 2010 at 10:27 pm
[A voice calls out on the communicator, sounding shaky.]

The monsters are... back!

[Tsukasa sounds out of breath, like he's run a long way.]

I... they're in sector five, at least...

[He hisses in pain as he tries to dodge another raptor.]


[He's running out of magic for healing, let alone attack spells...]
28 September 2010 at 12:04 am
[Look who's normal again! Well, as close to normal as she usually is, given her unnatural enthusiasm for the mail, and the pastel-striped outfit she calls a mail uniform.] Greetings and good morning, Marina Asylum. I am the Peregrine Mendicant, post master and mail carrier for the Marina Asylum Postal Service!

I have two announcements. The first: I have revised the rules so anonymous packages will still be allowed, but only if registered with me in person. This is to better guarantee everyone's safety while protecting our privacy!

[Clearing her throat dramatically before giving the camera a toothy but friendly little smile.] Secondly, I am proud to announce the beginning of our pen pal match-up service! It is an excellent way to get to know someone new, to practice your letter-writing skills, and to experience the joys of the post. Please send me your name and address through a private filter if you wish to participate, and you will receive the contact information of your pen pal at the end of the day.

Are there any questions?
13 September 2010 at 09:58 pm
[Tsukasa looks a little nervous as he turns on his communicator.]

Um... so I made some cookies last night... and I made too many. They're chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia nut. Does anyone want some?
11 September 2010 at 10:09 pm
private )
Once upon a time there used to be two girls. One was a puppet and a doll and thought nothing for herself except when it came to one person. Naturally that kind of attitude is disgusting, so -- it's no wonder that the second girl, the smarter and better one, hated her guts. The second girl lived out her life every day thinking that the other was just a dumb, pointless waste of space that should've stopped breathing the day she was born.

Then one day they both end up stuck in one place. Together. The second girl doesn't want anything to do with the puppet, but some dumb and random things happen and they're forced to get along. The puppet girl isn't a puppet girl anymore. She's a normal girl that the other could've -- maybe learned to get along with.

But then she disappears and the second girl realizes that everything was just a total waste of her time.

Moral of the story is -- don't spend time on worthless things or you'll feel like an idiot.

The end.
06 September 2010 at 07:43 pm
[Rei hadn't come home last night.]

[She hadn't responded to any filtered calls, either.]

[She wasn't in the hospital, or her LCL tank.]

[He didn't want to admit that it was possible, but... he checks the list posted outside sector 0, anyway.]

[Upon reading her name listed, Tsukasa slides down against the wall, burying his head in his knees, starting to cry. He doesn't care who hears him, or how stupidly early it is.]
[Action|Open|Backdated to early evening]
05 September 2010 at 02:26 pm
[Jun does not like hospitals. He also does not like being ill when there are things to do. People to help. So Jun managed to evade the hospital robots and escape the place, and for a while, he felt fine.

But now, Jun is currently wobbling through a part, flushed and a bit sweaty from a massive fever, and...talking to a tree. He appears to be asking 'Captain Wingnut' for directions to his house, before thanking the tree and wandering off...in the completely wrong direction.

Seems it was a bit too early to leave the hospital, after all.]

[ooc; Jun has a very high fever and is currently hallucinating. He's wandering all over Marina--feel free to either help him or make things worse. :D]
[ action / open ] English Class
01 September 2010 at 10:44 am
[ Lavi's sitting out by the tree again, still covered in a smattering of bandages and flipping through Leviathan and making notes and doodles on some scrap paper, waiting for class to start. He's also mentally reviewing what they covered on days 72 and 74 -- the alphabet (capital and lowercase), numbers 1-10, pronunciation, and then skipped to verbal introductions, names, places, favorite things and "what is this?"/"what is this in English?" -- he hopes skipping four days hasn't completely wrecked things. It's only been four days.

Maybe today they'd cover food. Or maybe homonyms, homographs and homophones. That could be fun. ]

((ooc: Students welcome to threadjack any "During Class" thread. :D

First class was on day 72, and because of the GIR event, there wasn't class on day 73, but there was one on day 74. :3 English classes will run on days ending in 4s and 8s, around 11:00am. Feel free to have your kids have forgotten everything, given the excitement. Or remember everything! He kept it pretty basic, if somewhat random. It has not yet occurred to him to come up with lesson plans. XD;;;))
Location: Day 78 / Park, Sector 4 / Late Morning
[Action | Open]
23 August 2010 at 06:56 pm
[Cloth shopping bag in hand, Rei is on her way to the convenience store before she visits the Butterfly Pavillion to think for awhile. First thing's first - she's planning on making Dotenabe tonight, so she'll need to restock her vegetable supply. If all goes well, she might even invite Kid for dinner. She's no great hand at cooking yet, but she's determined, which has served her well in the past.

There's a lot on her mind - Kid, Shinji, all the adventures of yesterday - so she seems a little distracted as she picks up packages of tofu looking for the right firmness. In fact, she may have been staring at the same package of tofu for several minutes now. Anyone wanna snap her out of it?]

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video / backdated to late afternoon
21 August 2010 at 10:48 pm
[Shinji's just going to fiddle with the device a couple of times before he gains the courage to talk.]

Um. Hello? Can anyone hear me? Am I still at NERV headquarters?

...Is this some kind of joke?

Did I get kidnapped?
[Action | Open | Backdated to mid-afternoon]
20 August 2010 at 10:38 am
[There's nothing strange about this scene at all. It's just Rei and Death the Kid walking together through the park, talking in low voices and occasionally smiling at one another.

Okay, some people might find the smiling strange. But really, there's nothing at all unusual about this.

Until you look slightly lower, and you notice that not only are their bodies quite close together, but their hands are intertwined. Now you might be wondering exactly what's going on here. And you'd be right to wonder. Approach them? Question Rei about this odd new development?]

((ooc: posting order = you, rei, kid. also, they're about the same height, so beware of moe overload if you try to picture this.))