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02 September 2011 at 03:58 pm
So, does anyone here have money? [Allen is very relaxed this evening, reclining on his couch with his dog and playing idly with a woman's wallet between his fingers]

Of course there isn't any money in this place. It's all just worthless pieces of paper and lumps of metal, since everything is free. But I'm curious if anyone still has their wallets from when they first arrived, and what might be in them. We probably have a lot of different currency here, when you actually think about it.

I want to -- compare.

[and possibly con you into giving it to him! ♥ ]
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28 August 2011 at 05:13 pm
[ when the camera switches on, it peers out to the view of a table and several pieces of wood. they're varying colors and sizes, and to add to the variety, there's a few different kinds of blades, tools for carving wood. two hands are in front of the feed, carving something into what seems to be cork. by the position of the camera, which seems to be looking out in view of knees and arms, the communicator is probably dangling from a lanyard on his neck.

he has a little bit of trouble carving out one part of the rounded star design he's making--the design is on the table. he sighs finally, giving it a look over. when he finally does round off one of the tips, it goes soaring and ricohets off of the table and into the trash can. ]

... point. [ he smirks, though unseen. he takes the communicator from its position, probably to check the time or entries, and eyes the blinking red light.


Riku doesn't look to be well, either--he looks a little green, a little sick, under the weather. maybe that's why he's inside? ]

Anyone know if there's someone who can fix these? Mine keeps switching on whenever it wants since yesterday. [ when he, uh, dropped it. ]
05 July 2011 at 07:15 pm
[ after throwing a tantrum over the fact that his powerz are not workign!!11!! sylar's now sulking all by himself on a park bench ]

I guess this is the part where I defend myself and scream obscenities at whoever will listen. [ oozing sarcasm ] Luckily enough for all of you, I don't feel like engaging in a pointless speech about how I'm innocent and how all of this is ridiculous. Blah. Blah. Blah.

[ flipping the pamphlet open and reading ] I'm here, aren't I? Might as well endure the long haul. [ he doesn't want to, no one can make him, if only his powers worked then he could wreck this entire dome apart -- ]

[ his eyes coast across the faq section, focusing suddenly. and then his mind blanks out and he completely forgets, if only for a moment, that he is in an underwater asylum with no chance to get at Peter and the other genetically gifted individuals ]

[ ...to restrain the powers of the convicted... ]

...Supernatural abilities? Do people even have those here?