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08 November 2011 at 08:26 pm

Stop this AT ONCE!

[Anyone in the vicinity of Sector 6 may come across a very grumpy, dishevelled Davros. If they don't, they'd probably still be able to hear his outraged voice carrying for miles... Dragging his ball and chain behind him, attached to his Travel Machine, he looks to be on the edge of exploding with anger amongst the other new inmates being shovelled along towards their daily exercise.]

You will desist! I refuse to be treated in such a HRMNurkHIC!

[The tasers soon cause Davros to quiet down. At least until they reach their destination and are taken to perform their individually specified exercise routines around the athletic complex.]

You want me to do WHAT? Do you have any idea how demeaning that...

[The buzzing of tasers starting up soon causes Davros to remember his manners, who proceeds to lift his single arm up and down in a slow manner while wiggling his fingers one by one.]

This is humiliating...

[ooc: Anybody wanting to join in as new, restricted inmates either on the journey to Sector 6 or at the athletic complex itself please mention in your post which is your preference! Also, anyone who just wants to come along and laugh at/pity the silly mass murderer, feel free!]
07 November 2011 at 09:18 pm
No. [the voice is masculine, irritated, and tinged with a British accent.]

No. No, all right? I don't care. I'm not telling you anything, you bastards. I don't care what set-up you've got here-- Eloquios Ocean, I'm certain that's not a load of shit at all. What, have you got a new Animus hack, plug us in while we're unconscious and-- and make us think you've got the power to put us in an underwater prison, through time and space and all, yeah? [a disbelieving snort.]

You lazy fucks. Wouldn't know an original idea if it came up and bit you on the arse, would you? No, you wouldn't. Just let me go, then, yeah, or get on with your uninventive torture and murder and suppressing the flow of information. All in a days work for you lot, right?

[a scoff, then, and, as there's the distinct noise of him grappling with unsteady hands to shut the feed off;] Bloody wankers.