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15 February 2011 at 08:33 pm
[An angled shot of fiery red hair is what meets the feed when the transmission initially begins, followed by a pair of coppery eyes that bear a calm, though briefly pensive look. The image then pans out to contain his face & torso, his attire quite formal. He pauses to glance toward something (someone) off-screen, before turning his attention to the camera again.

Eyes closed a moment, he lets out a breath before finally addressing anyone who happens to be viewing the transmission.]

The provided information has been helpful, so we appreciate the efforts. However, I - we'd - really be grateful toward anyone who can further explain to us anything about this whole situation, and especially anything in particular that we should be aware of.

Thank you in adva--

[A female voice interrupts before he can finish.]

Is that all you have to say to whoever is out there? We're in a prison that has a brochure.

[The brochure in question flies at Akatsuki's head, because anything with a tacky brochure is bad. Obviously.]

[As if he's used to this type of behavior (because, well, he is), Akatsuki just sighs again.]

Whoever is out there is more or less in the same situation as we are, Ruka. Only they've been here longer. At the very least I'm sure we'll learn something that we haven't already read or heard.

[She sighs, still off-screen, and crosses her arms.]

... It doesn't mean I have to like it. Are you done?

I am.

[He never said she did. Focuses on the communicator again.]

Anyway, thank you in advance for any information.

[A light nod, and the feed ends.]

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[Video/Open -- Action/Closed | Sector 4 Gardens]
15 February 2011 at 02:23 pm
[Action/Closed to Alucard | Gardens | A few hours before the morning announcement]

[Despite the closed environment, preventive measures are needed for critter control. A section of the park with delicate flower beds and bushes are roped off, allowing Ken to spray pesticide. Good thing it has to be done at the rarer hours of the day so the fumes will not affect too many people.

Then again, he had not been able to sleep properly, what with what transpired the night before.

A solo tree was part of the enclosure however, and little did he know he was not alone...]


[Video/Open | Park | Daytime]

[Guess who seems glad to be assigned to gardening (again) today? Lightly humming a random tune as he went along, taking out surprise weeds, and getting a feel of the soil through his fingers. He had a notepad with him though...]

Say -- you guys know how long we have 'til spring?

And while we're at it -- any flowers or plants in particular you'd like to see in the gardens?

(( OOC: Ken's second & last day of being restrained! Thread with Alucard's closed, but those who still have their restraints on and are assigned to garden duty can also make their own threads here! :D ))