31 March 2011 at 11:54 pm
If anyone here knew Karen Kasumi, I don't think she's here anymore. [So many disappearances today...]

I'd appreciate it if anyone in the Defense force could confirm that.
[Action | Open] [Library]
25 March 2011 at 12:14 am
[She's taking a break from other research and reading, so for once, she's not back in the stacks of the heavier sciences; instead, there's an unusually quiet and calm eight-year-old girl browsing the fiction section.]

[She's currently browsing around the fantasy section, with a couple romance novels tucked under on arm.]

[Feel free to disturb!]

[Yes, they are awfully thick books for a second-grader.]
23 March 2011 at 04:36 pm
[Keiichi is derping around the pet cafe. He's decided that this is probably one of his favorite places in the asylum so far, just because of all the cute animals. He's having a good time fluffing and fussing over all of them pretty equally, but he seems particularly attached to an adorably fluffy Eevee. He's sitting there with her in his lap, absently rubbing behind one of her ears.]

I wonder where you're from, little one. You're not like much of anything back home, except maybe a fox, but I don't think foxes would exactly make good pets...
22 March 2011 at 08:37 pm

[When the video feed clicks on, the camera is bouncing and spinning for several seconds before finally sliding to a stop, giving a fortunately right-side-up image of the railing around the dolphin observation deck. A few seconds later a pair of hands reach up, grasp onto the lowest bar of the railing, and haul the attached person up.]

[Seishirou is sopping wet, shirtless, and barefoot, and doesn't seem to mind any of this at all. He swings over the railing and starts forward, stopping only long enough to pick up the communicator -- accidentally switching it off in the process.]
[ Voice / Action ]
15 March 2011 at 08:37 am
[Because someone foolishly released this child back into the wild, he is literally going wild. That is to say, he's running around the entire facility doing what John's do best: BEING COMPLETELY STUPID AND WASTING TIME. No joke, that's what he does. He'll be at this all day too, oddly enough. Actually, he'll be playing with the windy thing until he's more or less reduced to tired laughing and what not. Feel that random little windy breeze?

Yeah, there might possibly be the work of the giggling doofus over to the side.

Are random objects hovering for a short time?

Yeah, that's probably him too. At least for a little while.]

Man, this is kind of tiring. I don't remember getting this exhausted before. Maybe that's because I haven't had this thing for very long, but I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to get this tired.

[Breathing heavy? Yupp.]

But who cares!? I'm free at least, free at last!

Guess I don't do well in chains. Hehehehe!

((ooc: Yeah... He'll be doing this all day. Feel free to run into him anywhere and at any point in the day.))
08 March 2011 at 09:02 pm
[video on to a familiar/unfamiliar face! he is smiling pretty cheerfully. if you know Fuuma, you know this guy. if you're one of the first inmates, you might know this guy! and if you're from TRC-- well]

Has anyone seen a sentient flying carpet around here? I think I got distracted for a minute, and it must've wandered off.

We were just getting to be friends!
07 March 2011 at 11:54 pm
I'm in prison, then... [Souji sounds annoyed and frustrated, and just a little anxious.] This is-- I guess I can see why someone thinks I belong here, but--

[An abrupt silence ensues. Souji takes in a slow breath and lets it out in a controlled sigh. When he speaks, he sound considerably calmer.] Other people can hear this message, right? I'm Souji Seta, and I just got here. I'm trying to find out if any of my friends are here -- their names are Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Naoto, Rise, Teddie...

[Souji trails off and maintains silence for another moment before speaking.] Well, I can describe them if anyone recognizes those names. It'd take a while to list all their features.

[There's another brief silence from Souji before he speaks again.] Is there anyone from Inaba here? I hope not but... if you're from the town I want to get in touch with you.
[Action | Open] Impromptu Beach Bonfire!
18 February 2011 at 08:39 pm
[Before she heads to the beach to meet Axel, Lacus stops by the store to pick up several bags of marshmallows, chocolate, and sweet crackers. She also gets some hot dogs and assorted buns and condiments, just in case.]

[She makes it to the beach just as the dome goes dark, her star projector lighting the roof with the familiar stellar map of Earth. Perhaps it's time to ask again for other worlds' skylines that people would like to see.]

[While waiting for Axel to join her, Lacus busies herself digging a pit and gathering wood for a fire, as well as a few sticks for roasting. Axel will take care of the fire, of course~!]

((OOC: feel free to notice the light and come check it out!))
[Action | Video | Open]
15 February 2011 at 04:05 pm
[After all the excitement of yesterday, the dome seemed pretty mellow today. Not that he'd done much yesterday, apart from talking to some people. Hearing the uproar about the girl wanting to kill all the Japanese inmates had been interesting though. Despite being in prison, people were still so committed to their ideals, huh?]

[No matter. For today, he was content with just taking it easy. He had enough fun playing with the two Kamuis the other day. Plus, there was a very important matter that needed to be addressed with the dome.]

Does this place have anywhere good to get ice cream? The food choices here seem very limited.

[At least compared to what Tokyo was in its prime. Of course, that was before everything flooded. He pauses for a moment, looking thoughtful.]

If anyone does know of a place, would you like to go together?

((OOC: Your dreams come true, the chance to go on an ice cream date with Fuuma! Action is for if your character decides to meet up with him, but just talking is cool too. Feel free to throw anyone and everyone at him.))
[video feed]
12 February 2011 at 10:28 pm
[HELLO MARINA, it is night time and we hope you're sleeping well. It's been such a quiet night, hasn't it? Well, maybe not quiet, but it could certainly be louder than it is right now!

No? Well that's too bad.

Vriska has the video feed on this time, even if it's just black at first. That's because her headset is in her hair as she tries to turn it around to where it's supposed to be on her face. This takes about five minutes, interrupted every minute or so with a small fit of giggles.

There we go! The feed is now situated properly on her now. There is a light coming from the side (looks like someone replaced her lamp) that illuminates half of her.

Does she look a bit... uncharacteristically giddy to you?]

Okay... Okay, so. Thissssssss is really, really important. Okay? Okay.

[Pauses for a good 15 seconds, trying so hard... not to laugh.]

My arms... My arms are noodles!

[And then she breaks out giggling again. Oh dear.]

[As of this thread Vriska is now unable to respond to any more responses. ♥]

[ooc; TL;DR vriska dislocated her ankle and the hospital bots gave her medication to deal with the pain. she's just a little loopy and frighteningly excited about nothing in particular.]
[Open Video/Open Action]
11 February 2011 at 08:44 am
[Keiichi looks sort of nervous and thoughtful- he's not really sure if he has the video thing working right, but he guesses he gets to find out!] I hope I have this working right... [Keiichi's tone switches a little, now that he's not just muttering to himself.]

Hello! I think I've been put in the wrong place! I was going to school, and- well, I woke up here! I'm pretty sure I haven't committed any crimes, so I think I'm in the wrong place and there's been a mistake! [Keiichi flashes the video a very awkward derp smile. He's sure it's just a mistake.] If someone could tell me who to talk to, to get this cleared up, I'd be very happy. Thank you!

...Do I hear dogs...? [And now Keiichi remembers that he might need to turn it off! Derp.]