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23 January 2012 at 10:26 pm
[As soon as the "daylight" comes on, Conrad's slipping out Zelda's door, having eaten and cleaned up the platter she brought and folded her blanket neatly, leaving a quick note that he will be back to wash it later. Hopefully she won't be worried, but he has things to do.]

[Namely, finding Wolfram and avoiding Diva. Which is why he tries to be careful as he moves through the alleys and streets, but there's no avoiding everyone. He only hopes that people won't take much notice of the small bandage on his temple.]

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12 January 2012 at 09:33 pm
Good afternoon, Marina! It's been a few days since I've spoken to you all like this, hasn't it? I think the last time was on Halloween when the candy turned me into a diamond! [Which he still kind of thinks was a tiny bit awesome.]

It seems that Haruhi and Ranka both went home already. It's very lucky that they got to go home together so that they don't have to be alone. I'm sure that they're a lot happier being at home than they would have been here so I'm not really upset, but I wish they would have stayed for a little longer. Haruhi taught me how to make sugar cookies and I've been practicing a lot since then so that I could impress her with my skills! It would have also been nice to talk to Ranka since we got off on the wrong foot when he first got here. [Smiling through all of this, as usual, despite the fact that he is upset by their disappearance. There's no reason to make that known to everyone.]

Since they aren't here I have a lot of extra cookies so if anyone wants to try them you can come over! I don't think I have enough for everyone, but I wouldn't mind making more if I have to! It's no wonder commoners like cooking so much, it's a lot of fun! Maybe after this I can find even more recipes and try to make even more things!

Everyone who arrived yesterday are especially invited! I know that suddenly finding yourself here can be very stressful and cookies are always good for cheering people up so this might be very nice! [And suddenly his smile goes away and is replaced with a thoughtful look.] Ah, but there are cookies in the welcome basket aren't there? I guess this would be a lot of cookies to add to those... [But his smile is back right after that.]

[And one last thing before he ends the feed.] Everyone who comes over can meet my parrot, too! He's very loud and likes to sing, but he's also very friendly and I think a lot of people will like him!
07 January 2012 at 05:49 pm
[Silent since first arriving, Cheshire's simply observed, safely away from others. So far he's learned that some of the invaders into his own space have been brought here too, much like how he brought them originally (even if most were accidental). Regardless, he wants to avoid them if possible. Particularly with this annoying metal around his paw.

After attempting to chew it off for hours, he grew tired. All he knows, now, is that instead of his regular collar, there's something around his neck that allows him to communicate or watch the humans if he wants. And - his bell has been hidden.

Hungry, however, the Koi Pond has driven him from outside of his hiding place with the constant movement of the fish. Sitting on the edge of the little fountain, his tail lashes from side to side. One paw wet, he dips it into the clear water, attempting to scoop one of the larger koi out.]
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16 August 2011 at 01:12 pm
Annoying human toys.

[Even if he's always wanted to be one. A pair of dark ears flick within the screen of the camera as the device is tossed to the ground. It's useless and irritating to wear on his ears.]


[He leaps up into a tree and out of view, a small bell chiming to accompany the movement. He remembers this place. He'll simply wait for one of those over-sized human made creatures to get answers from. And possibly take his frustrations out upon. Unless something more interesting catches his eye...]

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29 May 2010 at 01:00 pm
[There is a kitty that has his chain off now. He's been hiding, for the most part, and avoiding people. Defenseless is not something Cheshire really enjoys. He's prowling around like the cat he is, and could be just about anywhere. He's a little hungry right now, and there are many delicious smells in the dome. He's keeping pretty well hidden but the occasional flash of a red eye might be seen. And he's not above a bit of curiosity. He has currently ditched his communicator. Annoying human toy that bothers his ears. Plus he didn't know how to turn the obnoxious thing off. So he probably won't understand you unless you speak English (????) or cat. =|

Run across him? Try to pet him? Feed him? Be food for him? Provoke him? Etc Etc]
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17 May 2010 at 11:23 pm
[EVE is out flying anywhere and everywhere. She's spent the last few days inside protecting Wall-E, but now that all that dangerous stuff is over with, she's free to go out and explore. Indoors, outdoors, morning, or evening - it really doesn't matter where or when you happen to see her.]
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06 May 2010 at 07:45 pm
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[Sitting in the branch of a tree, Cheshire's tail flicks back and forth, his ears twitching in mild curiosity and annoyance as he surveys his new surroundings. It isn't anything he recognizes or believes he has seen before.]

Annoying. Human trickery. [Dark hair covering one eye completely, while framing the deep red of his other, he's obviously alert, despite the relaxed manner in which he holds himself. The message doesn't make much sense to him. There is only one individual who he believes could be responsible for this.]

Cheshire doesn't have time to waste in a foolish human place.

[This is the red-eyed man's fault, isn't it? Giving a single lick to his paw, he crouches before jumping down from the tree. The ball and chain is held in his arms as he jumps, which makes the decent awkward but...he won't be...losing his feline grace in front of everyone just yet. Perhaps he ought to explore his new surroundings. Uncomfortable he steps, only for the ball and chain to trail after him. The way it rolls across the ground would be interesting if it wasn't attached to his leg. Struggling to remove it again, he isn't amused. One of the perks to being a cat is that you are not supposed to be chained and tethered like a dog.

Ears twitching, he removes the irritating human toy off of his head that spoke to him, before batting at the chain with his claws.]