07 February 2012 at 11:57 am
Drug abuse? Drug abuse?

[There's an angry growl followed by a loud THUD as Gamzee gets up only to be stopped short by the chain attached to his ankle. Some moments of silence follow, punctured only by the occasional rattling of chain as the troll tugs on it.]


[Then he's examining the communication device, having pulled it off his head. The viewer may be witness to his still bleeding face, clown paint a complete mess. He taps at the device with a finger as he tries to figure out how to use it.]

This how this shit's gonna go? Gonna lock this brother all up after everything?
06 February 2012 at 10:19 pm
[ tired sound, followed by a "mrf" ]

Always manage t'forget how loud it is on newbie days. [ sound of rustling pages; mildly ] Someday I'll learn to turn the damn communicator off.
[ voice ]
06 February 2012 at 08:33 pm

How are any of thethe thingth even conthidered criminal? Are we going to get thome shitty neophyte down here tho we can thtart the traditional and thuperfithial trial? Or can we fucking thkip that and go thraight for the goddamned noothe becauthe I REFUTHE TO BELIEVE THAT I AM THTUCK HERE FOR THE RETHT OF MY FEW REMAINING THWEEPS LEFT! NOT WITH THITH PIETHE OF SHIT THRAPPED ONTO MY HEAD! THOMEONE BETTER GET THITH FUCKING THING OFF OF MY ANKLE TOO!

[ welp. that would be the sound of said ball and chain rattling uselessly. he can't do a thing about it and after a few moments? the sound dies down to groaning and heavy breathing. mood. plummeting. ]


Fuck, I gueth that thith really had been thort of inevitable, with thome bulgethucker like me. Way to fucking go, Captor.
[Video | Action | Open]
09 February 2011 at 03:32 pm
There... There are so many new individuals.

[She's a little awestruck, wide-eyed and enchanted. New people...! New people means people who are confused. New people means people who might need help...!

And so she's flitting excitedly around the areas she believes to be most frequented. SHE CAN FEEL IT! Her healing senses are tingling. At every corner there's a person who needs her help she's sure of it! Staring into the screen she's nothing if not enthusiastic.]


[...OH! That came out wrong. A small flush, before she shakes her head, hair swaying this way and that beneath her large hat. Lifting her hands up she makes determined fists.]

That isn't what I mean...! What I meant to say is...

Welcome to Marina~ ♥

[She gives a sparkling smile, seemingly unaware that she herself has been gone for a little while now.]

I know the baskets help a lot, but if you're confused or need any help at all, please let me help you! I can give you a tour, or... or explain things, or heal your heart, or or or do all kinds of things. Let Kobato Hanato do all the work!

[And because Ioryogi thought people might take issue with this before, she decides to clear things up right from the beginning!]

Oh. And don't you worry. I am not a suspicious person.
09 February 2011 at 04:10 pm
"Welcome Caroline Forbes" - Seriously? You can't make this up with candles and a photo frame. Luxury Soy candles maybe. I have rights. There's nothing in the Constitution that makes it okay to kidnap minors and accuse them of crimes that you have no proof of. I would know - I passed Civics with an A! Hello? Innocent until proven guilty? Keyword: proven - which someone conveniently forgot. Nice going, really. I think you've broken a few laws yourself with this dumb mistake.

[...faltering a little.]

You can't keep me here, okay!? It's totally not fair. God I could - totally go for a bunny right now. People are waiting for me back home! Very important people. So I'd really like it if you could just drop me back in front of my house and not stick me here - under this ocean!
08 February 2011 at 05:35 pm
Hmmmmmmmm~? What is this, a joke? [A sharp and high pitched laugh.] And here I was thinking small- but really this is all so much bigger!

A biiiiiiiig joke.

[Something hits the wall with a ‘thud’ in the background.]

Do you honestly~ think this will stop me? What a laugh! You can’t hold down Vriska fucking Serket down for long, no way! [A snide ‘hmpf’, a sneer evident in her tone.]

But… I’ll humor you for now. Why not make this enjoyable, yessssssss~? Where would the fun be if I didn’t make you regret ever thinking you could change me?

[Another ‘thud’ against the wall.]

So let’s get this started. Who else has the misfortune of being stuck here with me?
08 February 2011 at 06:00 pm
[A young and drawn face flickers onto the view screen. He looks haggard and moderately sick, accentuated by the ashen gray of his skin, and there is a steady tic under his left eye.

When he speaks, it is with a pronounced lisp, and all of his sibilants come out as soft "thh".]

Yes. Yes. Exactly fucking this, because when I said, "We have to get out here," I of fucking course meant to an interdimensional fucking prison.


[Two thin hands come up, and he buries his face in them and gives a watery little moan.]

If I. Didn't feel like ralphing over my new fucking fashion accessory.

[A pause as he straightens and deals a "savage" battery of kicks to what can be assumed to be the iron ball, as you can hear it roll ponderously offscreen.]

I would look every one of you ridiculous fuckpod slurpers up and flood your brain with malware, because I know one of you nookfucks did us in with this.

[He levels an skinny, accusatory finger at the screen, and then pauses, finger curling back in as he considers something. His eyes go distant as he thinks.]

I don't think this is part of the game... I'm pretty positive I didn't program any kind of prison level.

And I'm positive this place isn't fucking Alternia.

[He snorts, and his lips quirk derisively.]

I would have been dead by now, otherwise.