[Video | Action]
06 June 2011 at 08:32 pm
[She’s appalled. She’s read the message carefully, once, twice, three times, has practically torn the welcome basket and brochure apart, and she still doesn’t understand. Oh, she knows what the words are telling her, but it just hasn’t sunk in yet.]

Hello? My name is Chun-Li. I believe there’s been some sort of mistake. [She has to take a slow, deep breath here, forcing herself to keep her composure.]

As an agent of INTERPOL, these crimes that I’m being accused of are unreasonable and frankly, ridiculous. I demand to speak to this Acumen and to be sent back immediately! [Her voice wobbles just barely with anger, but she won’t lose her temper. Not yet, anyway.]
[ video / action ]
06 June 2011 at 08:40 pm
[... sigh. there is a young woman out at the park today, looking wistfully up at the tree in front of her... ball and chain around her legs.]

I can't even climb a tree...? How cruel.

[she stops her efforts there, throwing one last glance at the tree before she completely turns away with a frown.]

[she pauses.] Mm... This place is impressive, at least. I don't think I've ever heard of a prison that takes care of things quite like this... [no, really. she rattles the chain a bit before she continues, with a small sigh.]

So, what does everyone do for fun around here? [she would ask how to get out, but somehow she feels that would be kind of a waste of time. who would stick around in a prison if they could, anyway?] Call it a curious question from one... inmate to another.
[ Video | Open ]
06 June 2011 at 08:03 pm
Prison?! You gotta be kidding me! I didn't even commit any of those crimes you got listed. Well I did kinda break the Great Stone Dragon but that ain't the point!

I gotta protect Mulan and help her save China! I can't just leave her alone with all those Huns! That girl's gonna get herself cut in two if I'm not there! And what about my position? I ain't never gonna get it back if I'm stuck in a prison.

[A beat of silence.]

Ringing the gong aint lookin' so bad now.......
[Action | Video | Open]
06 June 2011 at 04:35 pm
[After waking up in his old room to find all of his clothing gone (it was about all he'd amassed in the room), Kaworu ventures outside in the t-shirt and sweatpants he slept in. He's immediately struck by two things: a) sweatpants are very uncomfortable in this heat, and b) what the hell, it's hot out.

After finding himself a change of clothes - now just a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans - he wanders around a bit before finding himself on the roof of the Defense Force HQ trying to puzzle this all out. There are new buildings, new faces, and the weather's changed completely. But he doesn't feel like any time has passed, so he couldn't have been lost, could he? Surely he'd remember.

Finally, he slides to the edge of the roof and dangles his legs over, turning on his communicator and smiling placidly at the population. Remember this face, Marina?]

Things certainly change quickly here, don't they? Just yesterday I needed a jacket and scarf, and now it's summer again. At least it's more like home.
[dream event/open]
27 May 2011 at 12:33 am
[Anri’s standing in the middle of her childhood home. The interior is traditionally Japanese but the rooms themselves are completely devoid of anything resembling love or family. Cupboard doors hang by their hinges; broken glass and blood splatters litter the carpet.

She hasn’t lived here in over five years, but the only thing that’s changed is the inhabitants.

No crying mother. No enraged father.

Masaomi Kida is smiling at her even in death, his chin and neck bubbling with sour blood as he lies at her feet.

Mikado Ryuugamine's glance is glassy and tenuous but utterly focused on her, not quite there yet.
] Why--?

Because, [her voice is steeled, her expression utterly impassive,] this is the only way I can love you.

[She drives Saika home, pushing downward and impaling his heart.]
Dream Event - OPEN
27 May 2011 at 12:05 am
[The first thing that's noticeable upon entering Souji's dream is music -- faint, as if heard from a considerable distance, through a wall, or perhaps just via a covered speaker -- seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere at once. The music drifts through the blue-hued room that will, to those that are familiar with such, be immediately recognizable as the passenger area of a limousine, complete with long comfy seats, a fully stocked liquor cabinet, cool lighting, and curtains.]

[A variety of odd and interesting sights -- such as a foggy town, the interior of a school, and the innermost reaches of an oddly pixelized dungeon -- can be seen passing by outside, periodically obscured by grey, white, blue, and purple fog before being replaced by the sight of somewhere else entirely. The limousine itself is odd in its own right -- from moment to moment it seems to fluctuate between being standard size, to long enough to seat well more than a hundred, to the length of a stretch limo, and so on.]

[The particularly observant might note the unseen presence of other entities in the car -- sometimes as few as one or two others, sometimes as many as a dozen at once. All but one of the many seats will seem to be occupied by said hidden presences, if one tries to approach them. As far as seen presences go, the driver's odd helmet can be periodically glimpsed between the curtains dividing the driver's and passengers' sections, but the only other person in the passenger area is Souji himself.]

[He's dressed a little oddly (additional reference!). He wears a high-collared coat and slacks, both of them dark, and an ascot at his throat. A variety of metallic objects laid out alongside him -- including a helmet identical to the driver's -- most of them resembling armor in some form. Indeed, Souji doesn't seem to be wearing any metal on him whatsoever, and though an odd sword is still laid across his lap he's clearly relaxed and at ease.]

[And understandably so! The seating is comfortable, the temperature is perfect, the music is relaxing -- there's even two drinks sitting on a small, hard-topped armrest in between Souji and the only free seat. One for him, and one for any visitors.]

[So. Care to join him?]
[Audio; Filtered from Anri]
23 May 2011 at 09:38 pm
Well, my fellow residents, it seems we may have something of a dangerous situation on our hands!

Assuming I'm not making an incorrect assumption, that is.

[There's a very brief pause.] So let's sort this out, hm? When we're... incarcerated, things such a weapons are generally confiscated, correct? Some of those who've earned a position on the Defense Force, however, are permitted to carry them.

Please, do correct me if I'm wrong. [Though he's nearly positive that he isn't; based on what he's seen and his own experience. Carrying only a small switchblade which is now gone... it made sense to him.]

Does storing a weapon in one's own body make them exempt from standard practice?

[A half-hearted, unamused chuckle.] That's a dangerous way of handling things. Interesting, I suppose, though it does seem to defeat the purpose.

Well, unless I've missed some pertinent information, of course. Really, that's all I was curious about, so I think I'll be on my way for the time being.
07 May 2011 at 10:27 pm
[Ready for a late(ish)-night broadcast, Marina? The feed switches on but the sound is somewhat muffled, like it's being recorded from a few feet away.] EHHH?! I-I can't be in jail! I still have school and-- and there's a tournament soon, and--

Who's gonna look after my dad...? A-and Conan-kun! Because-- I mean... [Ran's voice begins to fade from shock into anger.] E-even if I did those things it was only to protect them! And if the person they sent to replace me won't do that, then they're gonna get hurt! [The shock is completely gone now, and all that's left in Ran's tone is anger.] If they get hurt because of this...!

[Finally, Ran seems to notice the communicator laying her feet, because her voice suddenly starts coming from a lot closer... and is a lot louder as a result.] HEY! How do I talk to whoever's in charge here?!
008: Lost and... found? [voice]
07 May 2011 at 08:13 am
I've been wondering for a bit, but did anyone actually compose a list of people that has gone missing? [she remembers hearing something about it from a somewhat familiar voice (Hermione)] I've been meaning to find out if a friend of mine has left the dome or not.

Please get back to me. Thank you.
[ voice/video || open ]
05 May 2011 at 10:36 pm
[ It’s getting to be later in the evening, and for once, he’s considering sleep. There are no nicotine patches to keep him occupied, and the world right now is dull, dull, dull. He needs something stimulating, and the communicator is right there... Normally, he’s not given to speaking to people unless they have information. This is no exception. ]

[ Those listening to the open feed will hear the dark voice pouring through their headset, smokey and slow with the weight of his dilemma. ]

Good evening, Marina Asylum.

Before you ask, yes, I am one of those new inmates assimilated into the fold by your monotonous overlord. However, I’m not interested in preaching my woes of incarceration. I am comfortable with the charges that have been weighed against me and regret nothing.

My name is Sherlock Holmes.

I’ve spent the day exploring your facilities. Anthrax Island, indeed. However, what I’ve seen of you brings questions to mind, those of which I would like to bring to your attention.

Marina's Criminal Survey )

04 May 2011 at 01:44 pm
Well. Seeing as earlier matters have been... resolved, I suppose, should a proper introduction be in order? [He quirks a brow, smiling harmlessly.] After all - if this is life sentence, it couldn't hurt to know the people around me!

I do love meeting people, after all.

[He pauses briefly before continuing.]

Rather than ask the same questions that have clearly been addressed to other new prisoners, though... why don't we make it more fun? I want to hear about you! Who you are, where you're from! Why you've been brought here! There's little point in holding back, wouldn't you say?

I could use a change of pace after such a busy morning. Anri-chan is quite feisty when the mood strikes! [He laughs. Loudly. Is he mocking Anri a bit? Possibly, but it's hard to tell.]

Oya, oya - I nearly forgot to introduce myself. [No, no he didn't.] I'm Izaya Orihara.

[And with that? Click!]
04 May 2011 at 11:00 am
Excuse me -

[There's a brief moment where she almost shuts the feed, her nerve dwindling.]

Excuse me...

My name ... My name is Anri Sonohara, and I would like to apologise to anyone who I may have frightened or upset earlier today. Please, don't get the wrong impression. I'm not a violent person and I have no intention of hurting anyone.

[Unless you hurt her or her friends first, but do let's not get caught up in details.]

Th-- thank you for listening.

[Hurriedly closing the feed before her face can go really red.

A few moments later, the feed switches back on.

Um -- could anyone tell me if they've ever met Mikado Ryuugamine or Masaomi Kida? [She isn't sure whether she wants to hear yes or no... But she has to ask.]

((OOC: Filtered from Izaya, sob.))
[ Action | Open ] Soccer Class #4
02 May 2011 at 11:55 pm
[  He doesn't even have a lesson plan for today. After his announcement, he's just running the field as a warm-up, not caring how absolutely drenched the grass is from the past two days of rain. Neil has too much on his mind, and it's keeping him from thoroughly enjoying the afternoon. Not even this morning's rainbow gave him much in the way of cheer, though he did wonder why Acumen was suddenly being more ... cheerful?

--not that he won't put on a casual smile for whoever actually shows up to the field. Oh no, he's not going turn away what few prospective players he can get, just because he's in a foul mood. ]

(ooc: First football practice of the new spring! Action tags welcome at any point before, during, or after class. Please assume he made a simple announcement before this, too! This post also serves as a good place to make any unrelated calls if you want to. He'll be at the Sector 6 field from 2-3PM, and then head on his way home to Sector 4 to shower off after.

ETA: Also, class style post, so feel free to mingle, tag each other, threadjack, etc!)
[ action ]
03 May 2011 at 12:21 am
[ Unlike some of the other newcomers, he isn't having a lot of trouble understanding his predicament. While he doesn't absolutely accept it yet, the facts and the evidence are beginning to accumulate. It isn't hard for him to stomach the thought that someone has considered him a criminal and incarcerated him for it. After all, people have been telling him for years that he's a psychopath (wrong: he is a high-functioning sociopath) and that he's one crime scene away from going on a mass-murdering spree of his own. Really, it's about time. With his brother, Mycroft, functioning more or less as the British government itself and his undeniable contribution to Scotland Yard's successful case-solving, he was nigh untouchable by normal policing. Fitting, then, that he should have to be abducted by another world to be imprisoned.

But this isn't like any prison he's ever seen or heard of before. He's woken up in a flat and there's no ball and chain. There is a bed and basic amenities. He checks everything -scanner too- to be sure before settling back to read his pamphlet again. The welcome basket is reviewed and a small, potential psychological sketch is done on those who provided it before it is cast to the wayside.

Things seem pretty solid. He doesn't believe he's mad, but he hasn't yet written it out of the realm of possibility.

The door is unlocked.

Outside, there is a rainbow.

Definitely not his construction, then. This is most probably real. And most definitely not like any prison he's ever seen.

This may be Hell. He never really bought into the conventional standard of a lake of fire.

Well, might as well go and investigate. After doing a quick inventory -phone, magnifier, and gloves are all he has left of home- and inserting the welcoming pamphlet into his trouser pocket, he's off. ]

[[ OOC: Sherlock can be in any district! He is exploring and taking samples. You might see him striding down the street or catch him picking at the soil/concrete. He may have peeked into a building where you were hanging out, but he's promptly gone again. If he passes you on the street, he isn't likely to say anything to you. He doesn't seem interested in people unless they approach him. Or are very, very obviously different. Then he might have to stare at you a little.

Let's have some fun! ]]
02 May 2011 at 10:56 pm
In the Emperor's name, what kind of strange prison IS this? Where are all the torture chambers and Commissariat storm troopers? Where are the gallows and firing squads?

[A trace of amusement trickles into his voice.]
Are you trying to actually rehabilitate us instead of just killing us outright?

[He fiddles with the communicator a bit] This vox-set is impressively complex. Is it Mechanicus make? I don't see any skulls or devotional phrases on it anywhere, how does it even work?

Location: Library

[A severe figure in a storm coat, Commissar's cap, and bearing a heavy restraint is in the library, looking through the books, muttering to himself as he goes through the various books, obviously looking for something in particular.]
[ video/action ]
02 May 2011 at 10:26 am
[ Hello, Marina! How do you like your newcomers and how they are panicking or the whatnot? Well, how about a change? You may have a man who is just standing around, looking so calm in Sector Four- the park to be exact.

He seems rather interested in his surroundings but at this moment, he is very fascinated by the little headset he's been given. ]

This is just a brilliant device. A headset with video and voice functions to communicate over? A few years late behind everyone, but, ohhh, what will they think of next? Though the design can be a bit better-- well, I've seen worse-- well, it's not that bad-- well, yeah, it's a bit bad. They can do better with the colour.

[ He taps on the screen before remembering that, oh, he needs to be asking something! ]

But anyhow, hello! Yes, if anyone is listening to this, I'm the Doctor. Nice to meet you all.

Right now, I'm in a bit of a predicament such as waking up in a new area-- "one-point-six-zero-nine kilometres beneath the surface of the Eloquois Ocean" if Acumanny here is telling the truth. This isn't the first time something like this has happened but still quite unpleasant though I do admit that this is a lovely welcome so far except that whole list of crimes bit.

[ Nope, he hasn't done some of those-- well, a bit but he's not going to say anything on the matter. ]

A basket filled with a few gifts and a brochure is a nice touch, but who have thought that pears are any good? Honestly, pears should be completely out of this welcome basket. [ He doesn't even pick up them from the basket he's holding. Ew. ] Really should have gone with something like a banana. Always remember to have a banana on you. Bananas are good. They're high in potassium.

[ He pauses for a second-- just a slight second. ]

--Oh right, where was I? Ah, yes, a predicament.

So! Has anyone seen a human named Donna? British, ginger, has a bit of a sassy attitude and can be quite loud if in the mood. Or in that matter, has anyone also seen a big blue police box? Got the words 'POLICE' on the top, made out wood? Both are pretty important and I'm in a bit of a hurry here. I'm sure both can take quite good care of themselves though one will be louder than the other in voicing herself.

[ Has he suggested that a police box is a living thing? Yes, he has. He quite likes his TARDIS, thank you. Now, he'll just look around while waiting for an answer. So much to see, so little time when it comes to without a TARDIS. ]

(( OOC: Ah, um, apologizes but tags will be gotten back to slowly at the moment! I am deeply sorry for this and I do hope that no one minds backtagging or slow tags! ))
02 May 2011 at 08:33 pm
I'm really underwater... [ you haven't missed much in Yukiko's world. She's just been repeating this over and over again to herself, in the desperate hope that this will start making sense. Never mind that she's still wandering around Sector 4 like a lost child until she finally decides to give this... communication thing an official try. Give her a minute to sit down. ]

Am I... a criminal now? I don't remember doing anything wrong... a-and I did apologize for-- [ PAUSE. Clearing her throat like a very refined young lady. ] Er, this isn't... really lifelong, is it? I think I would have heard something if Japan suddenly started sentencing people to an underwater prison.

[ another pause-- and then, slightly hopefully, because if Yukiko is a criminal, then surely the one delivering critical hits to the nads is... ]

Chie? Are you here?

[ you can find her catching her breath in one of the parks in Sector 4, just perched on a bench and still oh so very baffled. ]
02 May 2011 at 09:44 pm
[Surprise, Marina! It's a girl and her sword.]

--I'm just going to stop you.

Anri-chan, this is no way to say hello, really. I haven't done a thing, after all!

[The feed pulls back, then, to reveal Izaya Orihara and Anri Sonohara, the former being chased by the latter. Anri's expression is steeled, her eyes an alien shade of crimson as she lunges, Saika just barely missing his elbow.

Izaya, for this part, is playing the role of beleaguered, intimidated victim chillingly well -- his restraint gives him credence, at the very least.

Kyaaa, kyaaaaa! I was so rudely interrupted by a violent plea for love! I'd prefer not to die today, so if someone can help me restrain Anri-chan -- really, this is getting out of control very quickly.

((OOC: Oh no, a harmless bystander is being assaulted! (She only wants to stab him a little, okay. ;;) This is a whacky two-person post. You can request someone specific to respond (Anri, who's red or Izaya, who was blue) or not! But please, unless you're our pre-planned DF contingent, video tags only?

Individual intros for these two will go up later in the week (possibly from a jail cell for Anri!), but Aly and I couldn't resist.))
07 April 2011 at 01:51 pm
[Zinda's sitting at a table in the shelter in uniform, her boots up on the table, looking particularly displeased.]

So, what's the deal with how many kids are here? I don't mind 'em of course, some of them seem pretty dang bright and all, but i can't help but feelin' like it's wrong. Like the robot runnin' this place don't have his head screwed on right.

If he has a head, I mean. Dang technology. [She rolls her eyes, and the feed cuts off. But you can find her there for a good part of the afternoon, doing nothing in particular.]
05 April 2011 at 10:55 am
[ in the park with a book, but right now he's just lying on his back in the middle of one of the grassy areas, arms behind his head and looking up at the "sky" and enjoying the "sunshine". has flipped his eyepiece away, so it's just the audio translator that picks up his musings. ]

Sort of strange, really, t'think that back home, life's moving right along without us. [ has wondered, sometimes, if his replacement's even Bookman's apprentice anymore, what with all those fraud charges the system's got him in for. if his replacement's incapable of lying, then he has his doubts. what if he's just a straight-up Exorcist, or just... doing something completely different. being "Lavi" forever. ]

... also, the hell is with the talking ponies? [ just in case anyone gets the strange idea he has the capacity to be serious about anything. ]
Location: Day 109 / Park, Sector 4 / Mid-Morning