05 July 2011 at 09:24 am
[The video feed clicks on to reveal a slightly destroyed room. Someone woke up and was not impressed with things. Michael's worn himself out now though, and is sitting on what remains of the bed. He comes into view once he's sure the stupid communicator is working and puts it on properly]

Okay so, whose fucking idea was this? 'Cause I am really in the mood to kill someone right now. [He's growling slightly, definitely not in the best mood] I'm going to make it real clear, either I get Johann and Nena back or people are going to die. I don't fucking care what it takes.

And give me my goddamn knife back!
[ Video/Voice/Action | Open | Video Broadcast ]
04 July 2011 at 05:26 pm
I can’t take this injustice!

[ The video feed flickers on and presents all who watch with a young man. He’s in a bright, orange jumpsuit, facing the camera. Tears are streaming from his watery green eyes and staining his olive cheeks. He’s had to rub them for about five minutes to make them this red ]

I want to go home! I miss my family! It’s not fair! I was payin’ my debt to society or whatever! Look at me! I’m just gettin’ outta my community payback fer fuckssakes. I did my time!

Somebody help me! Kelly! Curtis! BARRYYYYY!

[ He’s making all sorts of noise, wheeling his arms dramatically. Until he remembers that he’s on the edge of a complex of flats. He settles a little, but he’s breathing harshly, gulping as if full of emotion. He’s desperately looking at the camera ]

Please. Send me back. Or I have nothing to live for.

I swear to God, I will jump off of this bloody roof and spray my gibblets all over your pristine walk, Acuwhotsit.

[ Despite his language, and his height, you should realize this is just a kid. A teenager. ]

(( OOC: Nathan is immortal and cannot technically die. He will still, however, jump off the building and spatter a little on the pavement IF he deems it necessary. Potential gore and trigger warnings.

If you'd rather, your character can find him 'dead' on the sidewalk on the way to the complex. He'll look like he's a proper fall victim and won't be breathing. ))
The 122nd Day
04 July 2011 at 12:17 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 122nd day of the third generation, and more inmates will be integrated into the facility. Please be aware of this disruption as you go about your day.

Today will be warm, and your continued use of the beach and pool facilities is encouraged. Remember that there are consequences for anyone attempting to remove the restraints from one of the newly-arrived inmates.

Inmates Kohran Li and Peregrine Mendicant, the books you requested are available in the library. Inmates Souji Seta, Maya Fey, and Gazelle: The items you requested are available by the entrance to Sector 0.
[action/voice | open | backdated to early evening]
03 July 2011 at 01:34 am
Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Children of all ages! Gather round, one and all! The Fight Club is finally underway! [Their double-edged voice quivers here with barely restrained anticipation, and after they dig their claws deep into their palms, they'll begin again.]

We're so sorry to have kept you waiting, but no longer! Come on down to the arena! Sit back, relax--but most importantly, do enjoy the show! It's going to be a night you'll never forget! [They laugh hard and long here, unrestrained glee crackling through their tone before the connection is cut.]

[Won't you join them?]

((OOC: Each character will be announced into the ring through Gabriel, the lovely referee! He's on hiatus right now, so just assume it happens. <3))
[ action ] OPEN
01 July 2011 at 04:20 pm
[It's the dead of night and Oz is out for a walk. He's thankful that he's human. He's thankful that he's not wolfing out. And he's considering all the apology letters he's going to have to write. But still, he's feeling a plethora of relief.]

ooc: Feel free to bump into him.
[ Event: Summer Solstice Festival ]
29 June 2011 at 12:23 pm
[ Around noon, the robots that had been swarming the beach scatter, leaving a transformed landscape in their wakes. There are volleyball nets set up in the sand, along with colorful umbrellas and blankets beneath them. Part of the water has been sectioned off for water polo, while inflatable rafts in fanciful shapes are ready for use in the open area.

Ringing the beach are food stands serving street and festival foods: chin chin, takoyaki and taiyaki, aloo tikki, sabikh, empanada, hot dogs, ice cream and shaved ice, and suchlike. There is one stand where a robot serves an alcoholic punch not completely unlike sangria. Several of the other stands also serve non-alcoholic drinks. Clean up robots zoom from place to place, picking up garbage. ]
[Video - open]
21 June 2011 at 09:27 pm
[She's...rather nervous right now. So all you see is eyes and the top of her head in the screen view.]

Uh, so...has anyone seen Minako Arisato around here?

She seemed loopy last night so I put her in bed, and when I went to check on her this morning, she was gone.

[There may be a crashing sound from the background.]

Because this is freaking me the fuck out. Her window is closed and I didn't hear the front door open...

[She'll just drop to the floor right now. Don't mind her. The lack of eating and WTF-ery of this situation has probably gotten to her.]
[ Video ]
20 June 2011 at 06:31 pm
[ Good morning people of Marina! You are greeted this fine day with one John Egbert snickering in the background and a screen full of a sleeping Vriska's face. Enjoy the veiw. It's about to go away and get infinitely funnier. This might be priceless. Maybe not. ]


[Away in the Land of Sleep and Bad Dreams Vriska was quite content in her slumber (even if it did cause her to kick out at whatever happened to be near her).

That is until John screams at her. She jumps up, hair mussed and eyes wide.]
What- What?!

[ And then he loses it, giggling. His bed is a mess because of her, though. ]

Hehehehe! Oh man, Vriska. You should see yourself right now. It's priceless!

[Rubs at her face with a hand and pushes her hair back from her eyes.] Shut up, John!

[Looks around, frowning.] Was I asleep?

[ The camera shakes a little. John is nodding. ] Yeah. You pretty much came in here about something then just I don't know. Crashed. Woke up on the floor about an hour ago.

But nevermind that. It's movie time!

[Narrows her eyes at him.] ... Is that thing on?


Oh my God turn it off!!!!!!!! [Reaches for it.]

No way! This is like Candid Camera goodness here! [ Leans away! ]

Give it to me, John! [Still trying to grab it from him!]

Hey! Careful I'm going to - [ Thud and the camera turns off. ]

[Victory >:::: )]
015: Suppression [open video + action(?)]
16 June 2011 at 10:48 pm
[Have a really messy and so-happy-it's-unnatural Minako popping up on the feed today, from waist up. Her white blouse is now stained with blue around the upper portions, and her hair, free of barrettes and let down to its full length roughly halfway down her back, now sports the same mixture of her normal reddish brown and a newly dyed bluish white series of streaks throughout her hair from within her dreams.]

Heeeey everyonee~! [she begins, oh-so-happily~] Lookie! [she spins about, swinging her hair for everyone to see] I dyed my hair! [giggling~ prettiness of her new hair color aside, something is clearly not right with her, to those that know her]

[after a while, she stops, almost abruptly, blinking instead]

Now what...? [she wonders, looking about until something off-screen apparently catches her attention, prompting her to wander off screen as well]

[moments after, you might just still be able to hear her, much softer than before] Heeey~! Come baaack! [whiny]

Semi-long explanatory ooc note under the cut! )
Location: Late afternoon, Sector 4 Butterfly Pavilion
014: Departures [voice//filtered + action // closed]
14 June 2011 at 09:57 pm
[Filtered to S.E.E.S. and Ryoji]

[Minako can't help but to be rather downcast -- This time, not one, but two friends of hers had left the dome -- and her voice shows it rather obviously.]

Yukari's gone.

[And so is Lambdadelta, but that doesn't really involve the others now, does it?..]

[Closed Action with Mokou]

[Minako's at your door, Mokou, and knocking on it. If you do open the door, you might just be able to tell that she had just been... crying.]
Location: Sector 4, Residence. Day 119 Morning
13 June 2011 at 09:37 pm
[It's a bit early, but Tamaki doesn't pay that any mind. Early to bed, early to rise as they say. Either way, he doesn't think most people will mind this no matter what the time is - he's not yelling or making any sort of commotion, and in fact, he's rather calm. Something he isn't very often.

The only sound coming from this video is the sound of a piano and on the screen is the handsome blonde boy playing it. He hasn't played in a while and with nothing else to do today, why not do something that any one can enjoy, himself included? An added bonus is that he can't insult anyone by using the word 'commoner', although that's not really something he's thinking of.

At the end of the song, he turns to face the camera and smiles.]

I hope you were all able to enjoy this.
[Video | Open]
09 June 2011 at 10:03 pm
You've all heard the news by now, haven't you? Our precious arena is finally complete! [Their mood has been brightened substantially with this knowledge, and they're leering expectantly into the video.]

This means the Fight Club will be starting so very soon... You all do have your paperwork filled out, hm? Maybe if you bribe us, we'll let you in, anyway! Really, we can't think of what else we'd need to say, so! Questions? Concerns? Anymore contenders?

((OOC: Thanks to our lovely Ava-mun, we now have a Fight Club Rules and Sign Ups! page!))
08 June 2011 at 02:33 am
[the first thing to show up on the camera is a blond young man lying on the ground. he seems slightly distressed. the foot of a high-heeled boot pokes at his side, making him twitch a little, before the camera pans upwards to show Nena smiling, as sweet as could be.]

Okay so, I was talking to this guy, and he sorta died on me. Well, not completely, but he looks pretty close! Now, before anyone gets any ideas, I didn't do anything! At all! Got that?

[glares a good few seconds, then she's cheerful again.]

Anyway, if no one comes to claim him or whatever, I'm keeping him! [v-sign! you can't say she's not being fair!]

((ooc: the poor victim is the lovely, unfortunate, Guy Cecil ♥ !))
[ video ]
07 June 2011 at 06:27 pm
[ He's silent for a moment. This new memory -- no, it couldn't be a memory, but -- well, it came out of nowhere. Except that wasn't true, either. It came from somewhere in his brain, which meant either it was a real memory or a hallucination. A bad reaction from the stimulation, maybe made worse because of the vicodin? ]

Stop the carousel, Chase. Ate too much cotton candy and now it's time for little Timmy to get off and vomit.

[ And nothing happens. He's still hallucinating. Mmkay. ]

Hey. Moron. It's not working, as in, time to stop.

[ Inspecting the weird digital S&M mask he came equipped with now, as he continues to ramble in not so much a nervous way, but in order to walk himself through this bizarre occurrence of sci-fi and crime drama. ]

Yeah, yeah, I get it. Under the ocean minus the reggae and sexy redhead mermaid. Sounds like the opposite of fun. [ another brief pause, as he grunts and fails at trying to get up ] And where the hell is my cane?
[video - open; action - closed]
02 June 2011 at 06:45 pm
You're not supposed to have blue hair. )


[Have a Mokou at a kitchen table, with a mug of coffee (or something steaming, anyways) in her hand, that appears to be untouched. She's face-planting into the Formica, and frankly sounds a little defeated.]

So. Did anyone else have a really fucking horrifying dream last night? And I don't mean exclusively bodily horrors...

Jesus Christ.

Like...some electric-powered ninja was chasing me, and there was a tiny little girl with a gun...

[She bangs her head against the table.]
[ dream dates galore ] open to any/ all seeking tsunfluff
01 June 2011 at 12:03 am

It doesn't have to make sense, but somehow it happened. You'll find yourself to be in Kanji's hometown of Inaba or the nearby Okina City, though parts of Marina may interlock all the same. (For instance, going to the butterfly pavilion from school, etc.) What shouldn't work will find a way to work, but that's not the point. The point is, you're on a date with Kanji. Maybe your first, maybe not.

Feel free to specify if you have a preference! & Take liberty with the setting as well. Some possible ideas include the school rooftop, Chinese Diner Aiya / Marina's Ramen or Pizza shop, the Pavilion, park, Junes, a festival or something once celebrated in marina (lanterns on your mind, anyone?) or anything else! ♥
012: Dreams of Immortality - Finale [semi-open]
01 June 2011 at 01:55 am
[Scene 5 | The Future | Open]  )

[Scene 6 | The End | Closed]  )

((ooc: Scene 5 is open to all, but with just one restriction - your character will be aged up by 40 years to fit into this scenariol, with the exception of immortals.

Scene 6 is closed to only Lambdadelta and Mokou))
[ dream - open ]
30 May 2011 at 11:25 pm
{OOC: Spoiler-ness for Xenosaga 1 and 2.}

Dream One - Daddy )

Dream Two - Miltia )

Dream Three - Der Wille zur Macht )

Dream Four - Jenseits von Gut und Böse )

{OOC2: Editted because lack of closing cut tags made dreams disappear. O.O}
Mood: nostalgic
31 May 2011 at 12:02 am


((late, and tags will be slow. Do you hate me yet? I also need to latelate tag other peoples dream posts, because I'm annoying like that. Yeah, you hate me ♥))
[Dream Event | Open]
30 May 2011 at 04:40 pm

[Plummeting from the sky, Kobato flails, struggling desperately to try and get a better hold of an umbrella in her hands in order to direct her fall.]


I'm tryinggggg!! KYAAA!!


[Crawling across her shoulder, a blue stuffed dog reaches up to try and help steady the failing umbrella, flames shooting from his mouth as he growls.]

You need to use both hands!

I can't!


Cut for length )