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03 January 2012 at 03:49 pm

[There’s a man holding some of the cookies from the welcome basket in his hand, sniffing them suspiciously before popping one – with the largest chocolate chunks – whole into his mouth. His green eyes look tired. Very, very tired.]


Don’t think ‘ve ever been in a prison this serious. Got a ball an’ chain an’ everything, huh? Hard enough movin’ these old bones without it, now this. [He swallows and gives a bitter laugh that sounds genuine until you stand back.] Thanks to whatever lovely lady made these – ya’ll sure know how to make a fellow feel loved.


Want to come an’ greet ol’ Raven in person? [A sly smile and a wink ends it. One still can’t help but notice how his eyes flicker to and fro, seeing everything they could.]

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02 January 2012 at 04:43 pm
[ Whoever this is, they're testing out all the features of the communicator. There's a lot of silence but for the sound of moving - but there's a few flashes of bruised hands, and a pale face framed by white hair that is just as vividly bruised.

Duke studies the device, expression bland despite the fact that he looks like he should be feeling pained. And then he decides he doesn't want to use video anymore, and there goes that.

A prison. [ The voice that goes with that pale face... is most definitely a males. ]

Unaware of the level of technology to build such places under water. Agrees with the unfamiliarity of the name of the ocean above. [ Silence like that's all he's going to say. ]

[video - open]
02 January 2012 at 01:17 pm
[The message she received was all too strange. Is this a dream? Though she’s not entirely surprised she’s been caught and sent to prison. After everything she’s done… she’s technically a criminal right? She should accept her fate…

What she doesn’t notice are her restraints, or rather she underestimates them, causing her trip and her device to fall off and flip on. Her face shows an expression of slight pain, but she easily shakes it off as she stands up, picking her device up with her. Noticing it’s on, she does her best to force a smile. It looks genuine, but to anyone who knows her well enough, it’s easy to tell there’s a fake attribute to it.]

Ah, good morning everyone! I understand I have been brought here due to the crimes I’ve committed, but it seems we’re still allowed to communicate with one another, am I correct? I’m honestly so glad! [And that part is genuine. She rather doesn’t like being lonely.]

My name is Estellise, and it would be a pleasure to make all of your acquaintance. [Then a pause as she looks thoughtful…] Is there a library here or at least a place that sells books? If anyone could tell me, I would be so grateful!