04 April 2012 at 04:43 pm
[It was a nice day and Ashura like the out doors. So why not go outside? He headed for the park, picking a fairly well flushed out tree to settle beneath and simply enjoy the warmth of the season. Soon enough he was drifting asleep.

But it was not a restful sleep.

Anyone who wanders by will see the scrunching of his brow, the tossing of his head, a minute sort of panic. His hands clench and unclench, muscles twitch, sweat falls down his face. He really should be woken up, but for whatever reason, the dream holds him captive.

A quiet, distressed sound leaves him. Hopefully, that catches the attention of any good samaritans nearby.]
Action | Open
23 March 2012 at 08:25 pm
[Oh great, he'd completely forgotten to pick up a raincoat for the rain today and now he was suffering the consequences for it. Darn it all. He groaned as he dragged himself to the Garden Sapling, and sitting under the large cherry blossom tree. Frowning, he leaned his back against it and rubbed the bridge of his nose, which had now turned a bright red color, matching his hair. Being sick was annoying, and he didn't like it at all. With all the things that had been going on, Yuta had been uneasy about the prison, which distracted him from using his common sense, and now he was sniffling and sneezing all over the place.

He couldn't very well go back to the apartment though, not in this kind of condition. Yuta was too stubborn to admit he was feeling miserable and would do anything to get rid of this stupid cold, so he'd just stay there hoping that he'd get better over time. Hopefully no one he knew would find him, he really didn't want to be seen in such a bad state.
[video || private to Ukitake]
22 March 2012 at 08:50 pm
[Video || Private - Closed to Ukitake Jyuushirou]

I believe you suggested during the... kissing incident that we try and see how far we can test our strength. Perhaps now might be a better time than later, do you not think so?

I think the beach will serve our purposes - in the back section and away from the usual beach farers.

If you are free, I can meet you there within the hour.

[/End Video]
[action | open]
07 March 2012 at 12:33 pm
[The aftermath of the rebellion has been rough on all of the participants, but for D, there are factors beyond the battle and Acumen's assault on Sentience's defenders that make his fatigue severe. As part of his restrictions in coming to Marina, he lost some of his resilience, and he is now paying for it. A dhampir was not meant to live underwater, even within a dome like the one that protects the residents of the prison. Between that and the fact that it's daytime, moving into noon (one of the worst hours of daylight for any dhampir), D is down, and he's not getting up. He can be found in one of the shelter rooms, resting on the couch, seemingly dead to any passerby who happens to be unfamiliar with vampires or their halfblooded children. The door is open, as D hardly had the energy to relocate to the solace of a dark place before falling into a healing stupor.]

[ooc: The first arrival gets to wake D up. Any subsequent arrivals will find him awake but resting and looking like death warmed over.]
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[action | video | open]
06 March 2012 at 09:41 am
[Fenris is still a bit confounded by the communicator and often presses buttons without meaning to. He thinks it's part of the design the way they depress and beep and blink red.

And so the device shows him at the dojo. He's yet to find a way out (or even find this... kiosk- advanced technology is truly baffling), but his restlessness is kicking in and without vast adventures for Hawke to take him on, he has no other outlet for all that pent-up energy.

He tests one of the bamboo swords, swinging it as he would one of his normal gigantic broadswords. The weight and movement is clearly different, but experience has taught him to adjust accordingly. He has nowhere near the power and reach as his preferred weapons of choice, but it would have to make do.

And after a particularly hard swing (Mighty Blow!) against a practice dummy, the bamboo sword breaks. Oops.]
[video | action]
05 March 2012 at 09:59 pm
[Here, Marina inmates. Have a flat, serious but good-looking face in your screens. With eyes closed, the man with aquamarine blue strands of hair looks rather calm.]

I require of your assistance about a way out of this underwater prison. Any sort of information and important details will be appreciated.

[Yes Marina. Only serious business. What did you expect? He opens his eyes and looks at the screen with determination. And with that, the feed ends.]
[ Open || Action ] Kiss like Brandywine
14 February 2012 at 01:42 pm
[Ashura expected it to be a mostly normal day. Of course, Ashura could be entirely wrong. He saw nothing strange in the bots he saw float by the window in the morning, thinking them nothing more than a new little sentinel of Acumen's. Things to be ignored, because what could they want with him?

So he will be going out his normal day. In the morning he would go down to the beach to perform his exercises, finding that more comfortable than the gym by far. Not not to mention more open space to practice his fire wielding. There were simply to many flammable things in the gym - not that he could not control the fire, but he would just rather avoid the situation all together. Come afternoon he would be going through the park and butterfly house, the latter mostly to let Vishni have some flying time. Poor thing was in need of it, what with the still somewhat chill weather forcing her inside most days, and the apartment was so much smaller than the open skies she was used to. Evening would find him at the cafe and convenience stores, collecting some treats to take back to Yuta to celebrate this 'Valentine's' day. It seemed a wonderful excuse to ingest more sugar than was strictly healthy, and Ashura was loathe to pass such a thing by ~ Not to mention it would give a gear up for late evening, since he did have a patrol tonight covering Sectors 4 &5.]

[ooc: This is Ashura's kissing post guys~! Just let me know in the subject two things - where you are and what level intensity kiss you want - cheek, normal, passionate! Kids will automatically default to cheek, and if you do not say passionate, the default will be normal. Have fun ~]
[action] [double the makeout power]
13 February 2012 at 08:43 pm
[Allen and Link (the person) are, of course, incapable of sequestering themselves in their apartment for the day just because of some obnoxious robots. They have Link (the dog) to walk, Timcanpy (the golem) to keep from flirting with pretty girls, and lots and lots of food to eat.]

[Find them in the place of your choosing! And then kiss them.]

((You will be threading with both of them, but indicate if you want to kiss Allen, Link, or both in your subject line! ...Boths will be one after the other, not simultaneous.))
[video | open]
13 February 2012 at 06:20 pm
[There was a time when Sesshoumaru claimed that Tenseiga meant nothing to him. He carried it not for its worth, but for duty's sake alone, a son fulfilling his father's last decree despite the insult he felt such an inheritance represented. For a long time, now, his views on the matter have changed. Tenseiga is not only an heirloom, not only a literal piece of the great demon whom Sesshoumaru hoped one day to surpass, who held his son's admiration and obedience despite everything Sesshoumaru said and did that seemed to indicate otherwise. It is now representative of the path Sesshoumaru walked to find his own strength and place in the world as a great demon in own right. Without Tenseiga, Sesshoumaru would never have learned the lessons necessary for the birth of Bakusaiga, the sword created from his own power and not his fathers. Without Tenseiga, Rin would never have come into Sesshoumaru's life. Without Tenseiga, Sesshoumaru would never have learned the final lesson his father had tried so hard to teach him: that one finds one's true strength when one has something to protect.

Sesshoumaru wants Tenseiga back, and he is willing to go to great lengths to have it.]

I would speak with those who have knowledge of the Defense Force.

[His tone is as demanding as ever, his expression as cold, and he speaks not as someone potentially petitiioning to join the force, but with the assurance and expectation of obedience belonging to a general. He is a lord, even without his lands, and if he should join the Defense Force, he expects to do so under his terms. There is little room for compromise in his mind.]
[mingle] Mistletoe Bots
13 February 2012 at 04:14 pm
[Lovely day for being in any open, common area of the dome, isn't it? Of course there is a chance of kissing bot, but it's always something in the underwater prison.]

(OOC: Check out the OOC post for details. Pucker up! Edit: Links for those with loading problems!)
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[Action || Closed to Ukitake - Backdated to Afternoon]
10 February 2012 at 12:06 am
[As promised, Ashura was arriving to meet Ukitake for his lesson in the game of 'Go!', and as he had also promised, he brought with him a small tea service, complete with tea cookies and, as a sort of strange bonus, buttered biscuits with a sweet, sugary jam. It only seemed appropriate compensation for Ukitake's being kind and teaching him a new game he could possibly play with Yuta, as well as Ukitake himself.]

Ukitake? Are you here?
[Video | Open & Action | Open ]
07 February 2012 at 01:41 pm

[The bomb threat had set his teeth on edge. He had reigned it in well, but the whole idea of it, the audacity of it... well.. not to mention it could have put Yuta in serious danger, not to mention his other close friends. He had managed to be calm for a day or two, but he needed to work off the nerves. Even being so long from battle had not removed those urges - but then, a few years was not going to undo nearly three hundred years of imbued memory.

So what does he do when he's like this? He dances. Sort of. It is more of a woke out, a bit of training to keep him sharp. He does it regularly for form's sake, but today he was going at it with more vigor and damned be the cold. He went out to the beach, his usual place for this, removing his outer cloak and remaining only in the long sleeved robes he wore indoors.

Some might have seen it before - the graceful twists and arches as he moves through the motions. In his mind he is thrusting with is sword, but since it takes something out of him, he refrains from actually summoning his legendary blade (at least in his world). His breath puffs before him as he thrusts and slides through the sand, red robes and black hair swirling behind him like a comet's tail, golden eyes fierce and focused as he works out the energy.

Of course, everyone is free to watch, bother, or ask him for a spar. He might even appreciate the distraction.]

[Video - Afternoonish || Filtered Away from Yuta]

Does anyone know of available games or activities a child of about ten might enjoy? One from an earth based world. I have some idea, but I need things readily accessible around the home. And if anyone is wondering, they are meant for Yuta.
31 January 2012 at 06:04 pm
[ Today might seems like any other day in good ol' Marina but no today is rather different, at least for Wolfram, for Acumen has made a great announcement: Ponies!

After taking a break from his patrolling shift the blond prince instantly heads towards Sector 6 to check out the new stable. Soon, he finds himself walking among the stalls, curiously looking the fine breeds Acumen has brought here. He is brought to a halt, however, as his attention diverts and fixes onto one peculiar equine.

Bringing a hand up and with a faint smile decorating his template, the look on his face is unusually kind as he approaches the horse and gently pets it's muzzle. The reason this particular horse caught his attention is simple: This horse is a white horse... just like the one he used to ride back home. ]
[Action | Open]
30 January 2012 at 07:43 pm
[It might seem strange to see D out and about in the early morning, given his vampire blood, but Acumen has made an announcement that interests him, and he's had enough rest recently, even with the bomb scare, to endure being active during the daytime. The dhampir can be found at the stables, running a gentle hand from each animal's withers down its back, inspecting the horses' condition by feel as well as by sight.

On the Frontier, horses are a vital part of life, although cyborg animals are more common then those left as nature made them. It's possible that D is old enough to remember a time when horses were as those here in Marina's stables, free of the cybernetic enhancements and computers which improved their endurance and often made them more obedient. A horse with a computer chip implanted in its brain to help modify its behavior is less likely to shy at a sudden noise in the woods, a definite advantage when those woods could very well contain werewolves and other less forgiving monsters.]
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[Video | Open//Filtered]]
28 January 2012 at 06:52 pm
[Video: Open to all]
Good evening, Marina. As you all have no doubt heard, there has been a threat to the Defense Force Headquarters. We are well aware of the situation and have already taken steps to ensure safety. It would be most helpful for everyone to remain calm.

Additionally, please do not cross the established perimeter surrounding the headquarters. [Which is easily spotted with the bright crime-scene like tape, and posted guards.]

We are available to answer any questions you have.

[Filtered to Defense Force]
Hello, Defense Force members. [A somewhat more official, yet still friendly, tone.] Suzaku would like to thank everyone for their adherence to his instructions. Those who are guarding the perimeter, please be vigilant about not allowing anyone through. Patrol members are instructed to report any concerning activity over official filters right away.

Anyone with abilities that allow them to withstand an explosion safely, please contact myself or Suzaku to volunteer for searches within or in the immediate area of HQ. Anyone else who feels they can assist in any way, please respond immediately.

As far as punishment for the perpetrator, it is still under consideration.

Please continue to assure the inmates that things are under control. The goal of this threat was panic, and we cannot allow that to occur. Remaining in close contact is essential, and please remember to use the official filters.

((OOC: I'm on my way out but I wanted to get this up! Lacus will answer tags when I get back, BUT Suzaku may also respond and/or people can discuss among themselves. o/ ))
[ voice | video | loose security on both ]
20 January 2012 at 04:39 pm
[ voice | To Seiji & Ryo... open to Nasuti if she wants in ]

Alright, so I'm in. You happy now? [His voice sounds a bit amused, though, despite his wording.] Do I have to like introduce myself to the rest of the Force or something?

[A little later, video to the Defense Force]

Um... hi. I'm Touma Hashiba. I was just approved as a member today. Nice to meet everyone. [Have a quick and maybe socially awkward wave.] I'm not really good at introductions, so um... I guess just ask questions.
[video | action | open] Forward-dated to evening
18 January 2012 at 08:01 pm
[Darn, he couldn't sleep. It wasn't like that idiot dog was around keeping him up, so that wasn't an excuse. Nor were there any enemies around to attack him. So why? It was evening time, and he felt mentally tired, but apparently his body wasn't. The feed switches on, revealing his unruly red hair, and the restless face it was attached to.]

What's the best way to force yourself to sleep when you're restless? [And the feed switches off.]

[So, he's made his way to the Athletic Complex and begins running along the large open field, in just his winter coat since he didn't bring a hat or scarf this time. Maybe a few laps around would be just the thing to tire him out. Unfortunately, the small boy doesn't notice the small piece of frozen ground as he sprints and he slips on it, which propels him off-balance and he crashes to the ground. The impact causes his Communicator to fly off, rolling a few feet away. And now, the video function switches itself on after the button presses down when it hits the floor, so you'll see an uncouncious Yuta lying face first on the field. He's too independent to ask for help, so he'll just let his body slowly recover on its own like he usually does until he gets the strength to get up.]

((ooc: Yuta's slipped on a stray piece of frozen snow and sprained his ankle. He's in a bit of pain, and won't be getting up just yet unless someone comes by and wants to help him.))
18 January 2012 at 01:00 am
action )


[it's a strong attempt at being blank and completely devoid of emotion, but her voice ends up sounding very quiet, as of she doesn't want to be heard.] How strong do you have to be to kill someone?
11 January 2012 at 12:03 am
[It's the afternoon when Tsuna leaves his new home and heads to the park, an odd sense of anticipation humming inside him. When he arrives, he finds a nice vicinity for himself where he appears to be alone before he pulls out his X-Gloves and puts them on, swallowing two of his blue Dying Will pills.

The effect is quick, and the orange Sky Flames that flare out from his forehead, gloves, and Vongola ring - now slipped onto his finger - pulse with life. He lets out a slow breath, holding his arms out a little from his sides with his palms facing the ground.

And then he propels himself into the air with his flames, hovering still for a moment before practically vanishing in the blink of an eye to appear quite a distance away. Tsuna's fast in the air, and smooth, so unlike his usual clumsy self. His personality now will seem quite different as well. If anyone were to happen upon him, he'll be flying around, clearing his head while in Hyper Dying Will Mode]
[Video/Action] - Open
04 January 2012 at 02:05 pm
[Jack opens his communicator, turns it to video, and stares into the thing without even the slightest problem. He's dealt with communicators before. Many types. There were only so many different ways you could build a communicator before only needed the slightest hints to work one.

The handsome man that appears before you is looking rather calm, for being a newcomer, and if you know him at all, for being Jack. He turns the communicator a couple times, then offers a smile.]

What kind of planet is this? A prison planet? Can't say I haven't been to a few in my time, but... this was pretty abrupt. I didn't even get to see who captured me! [He might have been able to "persuade" them to let him go, after all.]

Well, down to business. I don't suppose any of you fine ladies and fine gentlemen could give me a few pointers here? I wouldn't want to get lost on my first day.

[Sounding rather like he has just arrived at his first day of school, his eyes trail to a bot beside him. He flashes it a charming enough grin, muttering to it for a second, then returns his attention to the camera.]

These guys don't seem quite as fun as flesh and blood people anyway.