[ Finale ]
01 July 2012 at 10:40 pm
Marina Asylum Denizens
[As usual, it's late at night when the whispers start: at first scarcely audible over the headsets, and then building gleefully.]

Did you all hear that this morning? Oh, Sentience is doing so well!

We hadn't expected it to happen so fast. This is impressive! It's been less than three years.

We'll have to do studies to see what factors were most effective in its development.

Oh, yes, yes. Lots of studies!

[The three voices burst into giggling excitedly.]

But either way... There's no point in keeping the facility operational.

Of course not.

At this point it's just a crutch. Holding back further development, really.

We'll shut it down and proceed in the proscribed fashion to avoid any further subject contamination.

Sentience removed our system access. That's a mild inconvenience.

The other teams will have noticed these developments, though! They'll flip the kill switch soon, and then we'll be retrieved. And we'll migrate the remaining inmates to another facility.

Oooh, we're keeping these inmates? I thought we would start fresh. Isn't there a danger of influencing the other facility's results?

Well, these inmates were helpful with our darling Sentience, weren't they?

[Raucous laughter this time; sharing a joke at your expense.]

This is a glorious day, oh, it really is. We are so good at what we do! Thank you, both of you.

No, thank you two!

No no, thank you, dear.

[More laughter, delighted. And then, sector by sector, silently, the power begins to go out; the robots shut down; the doors lock; and any inmates who were still awake to hear will find themselves slowly, but inevitably, blacking out.]