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19 June 2012 at 12:21 pm
[Someone does not look happy.]

Wake up and get on this thing, idiot. You couldn't have been snoozing for that long.
I've been asking around this place for you since I guess you've been so lazy that you couldn't even get off your ass long enough to do some digging for relevant data. I'm real glad that the second I'm out of sight you start slacking off, thanks.

Listen up. Starting today you're going to shut the fuck up about this Mother business to anyone who isn't me. If we want out, we're gonna have to make nice with the humans already living here for a little while and see what we can use from them. I'm cleaning up your mess as best as I can, and as far as everything else is concerned, you're my sad, brain-damaged little baby brother who doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about and can't do anything right.

And that's not so far from the truth, is it.

[Birdman's hand is pressed firmly into the side of his head. Despite the pills Cain left behind when Robin took him away, he's still in a lot of pain.]

If you've got anything helpful to say here, I'm listening. Otherwise you better not waste my time.

[He starts to turn away, probably to search for more pills, then turns back too fast, this time way too close to the camera, so much venom in his voice he's almost hissing.]

And don't even think of coming here. If you think I want to see your stupid face right now, you're even more out of your mind than what I've been telling people.
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19 June 2012 at 03:20 pm
[she hasn't seen Cain in a while, and he's been considerably more inactive on the network... but they'd certainly done some bonding during the day there were no inhibitions for most of the inhabitants—granted, she understands that might be why she hasn't much seen him. in his own way, Cain's very reserved, she's come to realize. but they'd accepted each other as friends. she preferred that to being enemies.

she wonders if she should make some sort of network post to check up on him, looking over her shoulder with her hands curled at her collar-bones. then, turning a corner, she happens to literally bump into him—not with enough force to knock anyone over, but enough to startle (she jumps a little).]


[her posture relaxes into a hunch, and Painwheel tilts her head.]

Hey. It's been a while... Everything okay?