25 May 2012 at 12:17 am
Flynn Scifo
[Flynn is in an even better mood than usual today. he was a little alarmed at first by Sentience's announcement, but as he wandered around the house and thought about Yuri and Judith and what they would be thinking about it, his mind drifted to the less troubled, more insightful, I bet it would be great to brush their hair.]

[which is the story of how Flynn is in a really good mood today]

[maybe he'll do some cooking. yes... so to the grocery store to pick up ingredients, and then home~~! to utterly ruin food whimsically]
25 May 2012 at 12:33 am
Allen Walker
[are you ready for this]

[are you ready]

[Allen is sitting in the dining hall with his head buried in his folded arms and an enormous pile of empty plates stacked neatly next to him]

[he's already made a fool of himself today, so he's just trying to block... the rest of the world out. his instinct is to turtle]

[so that's what he's doing. turtling]

[too bad he's doing it in public, and the moment someone greets him he's going to forget about it!]
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25 May 2012 at 05:47 am
[ when Soubi returns to his room--Ritsuka's room, really--in the evening, his sketch book is considerably less empty than it had been that morning. there are now fully colored pages of butterflies, flowers, and plants rendered in pastel; considerably more of the former than the latter two, making it fairly obvious where he'd spent his day.

he closes the door quietly behind him after he enters, and notes at once that Ritsuka hasn't returned yet from...whatever he'd been doing today. they haven't exactly been communicating very well recently. things have been strained, to put it nicely. he's still got a cigarette between his lips, and he sets his sketch book down before he leans back against the wall opposite the door to finish smoking it. he allows his knees to give so that he slides all the way down, sitting with his legs drawn up.

he's been brooding all day--stewing, really, alternating between self-depreciating and genuinely angry; at who he isn't quite sure. but the way he blows smoke from his mouth in a short, hard exhale makes his frustration fairly obvious. ]
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25 May 2012 at 02:50 pm

[After somehow managing to secure Yuta and assured he would come to no further harm, he went back to the koi pond where he had unceremoniously dumped the child's knife. He reached in, taking the knife and examining it. He could still see traces of Yuta's blood on the blade and his golden eyes narrowed, his lips setting themselves in a hard line.

The silence around him shattered when he snapped the blade like you snap a pencil, the sound of cracking metal like thick ice cracking on a river. He tossed the blade to the ground, considering it.... and then he burst into flame. The flame burned hotter and brighter, turning white near the center, the metal beginning to bubble, the handle already done for.

And considering that it's getting dark, the light of the flame is hard to miss as it burns, the shadows it cast giving Ashura a somewhat evil look about it as he watched dispassionately, the stench of burning metal rising, making him shiver some.]

[Video - Filtered Away from Yuta]

[When he appears on screen, the shadows of the flames are dancing across his face, his pupils narrow slits in his golden irises.]

For those of you that saw him today, have seen him, or will see him - the boy Yuta - do not let him near sharp objects. If he asks you something like 'help him die' do not aid him. He is not in his right mind at the moment, and I will not have him making some foolish mistake.

[His tone is dead serious, and the extra message between the words is that he will probably break anyone who disobeys. He will not tolerate anyone hurting or aiding in helping Yuta hurt himself. He lets the fire dance across his face a bit more... and then shuts off the feed.]
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25 May 2012 at 07:03 pm
[For once, Zatanna was in the mood to stay in. The novelty of watching people make fools of themselves was beginning to wear off, and the annoyance of those who had seemed to lose their inner censor was settling in. She was only too grateful the both of them had been spared this time around. Of course, that begged the question what the Asylum had in store for them in the future...but she wasn't going to worry about that tonight.]

[No, tonight was to be filled with nothing but assorted unhealthy snack items and even less healthy bad movies. She'd managed to find some generic slasher film at the rental store. The kind where the only thing worse than the special effects was the acting. So bad it was actually kind of good.]

[After changing into her pajama pants and tank top, she settled into a comfortable position on the couch.. Her hair was still wet from her recent shower, and she absently finger-combed through it as the opening credits began to play on the screen.]
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25 May 2012 at 07:28 pm
Hiling Care
[The only reason Hiling stopped drinking was because she suddenly got a great idea. That and she was lonely. But she intends to fix that. Today, she'll go pay Michael a visit. She doesn't call him ahead of time, wanting it to be a surprise. Once she gets there, she doesn't stop knocking until he answers the door.]
25 May 2012 at 07:43 pm
Cloud Strife
I know what it feels like to lose control. I think it's happening now, actually, because I don't usually do much talking. Especially not about this. There was a man where I'm from. Sephiroth. He was a hero. At least, that's what Shinra wanted us to believe. I'm not sure. My memories are mixed up too badly to tell what's hero worship, what's propaganda, what's Zack and what's me. I think, in the beginning, Sephiroth wasn't that bad. I think, if what I remember from what Zack said that night is true, that maybe Shinra set him up. The point is, he lost control, and I killed him, or I thought I did ... and Shinra tried to turn me into him. For a long time, I wasn't me anymore, in lots of ways.

The thing is ... you can fight it. Even if it's in your own cells, your own mind, you can fight it.
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25 May 2012 at 09:40 pm
[Now, GIR isn't usually the type of robot to disobey his urges on a day-to-day basis, but with this funny stuff going on that's all changed.

He's gotten worse.

You might be able to tell when his communicator goes flying into a nearby building, pressing several of the buttons and eventually revealing the little robot running about and doing just about anything his little brain can think of including but not limited to the following: throwing rocks and other small objects at people (like candy and paper clips), screaming and making animal noises, rolling about on the grass, pulling your pants down, and defying all laws of gravity by running on the walls.

And that sound you hear?]


((OOC: throwing things and pulling your pants down/other causes of harm won't be done unless you say it's all right, of course. ♥ Also, replies may be slow because I'm a bit under the weather;;))
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25 May 2012 at 09:41 pm
Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
[If Kitty had written a to do list for today it probably would not have included having shower sex with Reid this morning or crying for the first time in a long time after running into Tyki. It would have included picking up more cigarettes though, so that's what she's doing now. She wants to have several on her way over to Reid's place since she knows his place isn't exactly smoking friendly.

You burn down one bar and you get a reputation...]

(OOC: Feel free to catch her in the store or just out smoking. And since I'm addicted to picking out her outfits for some reason. She's wearing this.

WARNING: Sexual content in first Reid thread.)