[ action ] - CLOSED to Willow
08 March 2012 at 01:04 pm
[Oz is a little bit nervous. It will be the first time he's seen Willow face to face since her arrival without the iron bars of a cell separating them. He was sure to sleep well last night though, and has spent most of the morning in deep meditation. So the nerves he's feeling, while distinctly present, aren't overpowering. So he's done pretty much everything possible to make sure things don't get hairy and sharp teethy should the topic of conversation get uncomfortable in any way.

Nerves aside, he's also looking forward to it. It's Willow. What was there not to look forward to? He gets to the meditation waterfall first, picks out a decent sized rock to sit on top of that will fit the both of them when she arrives.

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☠ voice ☠
08 March 2012 at 01:36 pm
Sougo Okita » King of the Planet of Sadists
Who do you think would win in a fight between Acumen and Sentience? And why should we give a damn about Sentience? I bet they're the same shit. I've been here over a week and I'm already tired of bots running the show. 's not like this is some underwater G*nd*m series.

Speaking of fighting, Michael, day 165 sound good? I'm giving you a little time to train. I don't want to beat you that easily. Also bring a bucket for your blood for you to keep as a souvenir. What do you want me to do with your body when I'm done with you? I gotta make these plans right now so I can reserve a cleanup crew.
08 March 2012 at 04:17 pm
[There's a blur of pristine white when the video is first turned on, before the view shifts around, revealing a girl in a very unique costume, white make-up powder on her face, and fake eyelashes to go with the whole ensemble. She looks like a performer, and that's just what Doll is.

She doesn't seem to realize how the communicator works yet though]

Blimey. 'ow d'you use this thin'? [It's turned around in her hands, video whirling around a moment before it focuses on her face again, bright blue eyes peering at it curiously. The only reason she's addressing it is because it seems to be able to talk somehow, so she puts it back on like it'd been when she'd first woken up] 'ello? Brother Joker? Sister Beast? Where's everyone?

[A pause, because the bed she'd been on her way to after that night's performance is gone – her surroundings now of an unfamiliar street – and so is the boy who should have been sleeping there as well. There's no sign of him, but she calls out anyway] Smile, you alrigh'..?
08 March 2012 at 04:35 pm
Killua Zoldyck
Can't say that I've been in this kind of set up before, but it can't be harder than the Tower. [He lifts his cuffed ankle.] I mean come on is this really it? What happened to boiling and electrifying your victims? I'm a criminal. Aren't you supposed to make me renounce my crimes under pain of death?

[He lets his foot drop with a sigh and folds his hands behind his head.] Aaah, what a pain. This is probably one of Illumi's weird methods of torture or something.

[Looks around for a moment, his expression becoming decidedly curious.] You guys have a school around here right? ...Are there any other kids here besides me?
001 → video;
08 March 2012 at 05:39 pm
[ So, there's crying.

It's not particularly bad or hysterical, but it's clearly coming from someone young. The video isn't position particularly well, because Luca has no idea what the communicator even is or how it's supposed to be used.

Instead he's apparently been smacking it against something in frustration, causing into to cut out and then start again every few seconds. There's a young face, red hair, and tears. ]


--ther, where are you? I can't get th'--

--an' it's heavy!

[ Finally the headset is dropped, abandoned as Luca starts at the ball and chain attached to his foot once again. ]

[ ooc; herp, what is being able to read and know electronics, so the headset thing is kind of...awkward. oops! ]
[Action | Open]
08 March 2012 at 08:54 pm
Revive Revival
[Revive is standing just outside the door to the pet cafe. He had agreed to meet a certain lime-green haired friend here to look at the animals for potentially adopting at a pet. Until she gets there, he's either going to wait outside or eventually come to conclusion he can just go inside by himself and look if she takes too long. Until that point, he will just stand there and looked slightly perplexed at the door]

[ooc: someone want to help Revive pick out a fuzzy animal to take home?]
08 March 2012 at 10:31 pm
Dr. Spencer Reid
[With enough coffee, you can get through almost anything.

This is a rule that Reid has lived by for years, and one he's not about to break anytime soon. It's gotten him through the days following sleepless nights, it's kept him company at cold, wet crimescenes and damn it, it will keep him awake after that exhausting roller-coaster of a night, lingering migraines be damned.

Supressing a yawn, he waits outside the Defense Force HQ for his patrol partner to show up, take-out coffee mug safely cradled in his hands like a caffeinated life-line. ]

[ooc: OPEN ACTION for anyone who'd like to bump into the boys while on patrol! ]
08 March 2012 at 10:50 pm
[The communicator crackles to life and a voice can be heard, soft at first as the headset is adjusted into place.] I’ve never seen the Eloquois Ocean before. [He sighs and it’s a moment before he speaks again, louder this time, though it's evident he's still fiddling with the device.] Let's see if this works, then.

I suppose there’s no use denying the claims. I certainly am guilty of, what, impersonation, assault, breaking and entering? Though animal cruelty seems a bit extreme. And murder..?

Perhaps the basket should be considered encouragement. And seeing as there’s not been a threat of execution… Tell me, is there anyone I can speak to in regards to my sentence?

[A pause.] Well, I’m in a right mess this time. If anyone happens to be listening.. well. What have I stumbled into exactly?