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06 March 2012 at 12:07 am
[ There's a boy in Victorian-style clothing seated outside of the library. He's currently scowling down at the convenient Marina brochure received by new inmates, his brow furrowed as he reads through it a second time. Given that it isn't any more palatable this time than the first, he sets it aside momentarily, instead choosing to remove his communicator--which is fitted to wear over his left eye, thankfully, as it would be rather useless over his right--and fiddle with it, turning it to and fro in his hands and inspecting it from every angle. He knows what it's for. The brochure had done a good enough job describing that, at least. But how it actually works is another matter entirely.

Ciel has hardly moved since arriving in the prison; the restraint around his leg is rather uncomfortable and terribly cumbersome to walk with. He looks fairly miffed, but you should definitely come bother him anyway. He could probably use some help with that communicator, if nothing else.

Oh, and he's called a certain butler's name twice already, so he'd best be on his way. ]
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06 March 2012 at 08:34 am
[A video post engages showing a boy who looks more than a little irritated, but mostly tired - immensely so, with smudges under dark blue eyes and stringy hair hanging in his face. He's breathing a little heavy, and lifts a hand to rub at his mouth almost absently.]

Okay. Okay, I get it. Prison, list of crimes, under the ocean or something. I got the brochure and the welcome basket, so no one has to do the orientation thing. Please.

[He pauses, and rubs at his face again, irritation fading and exhaustion lining the space between his eyebrows.]

The ball and chain is a little much. I just want different clothes. I'm already pretty sick of wearing the suit I was gonna be buried in. And...

[A long pause, and his expression shifts to something more pained.]

...this list of crimes. Some of it makes sense, but some of it...no.
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06 March 2012 at 09:41 am
[Fenris is still a bit confounded by the communicator and often presses buttons without meaning to. He thinks it's part of the design the way they depress and beep and blink red.

And so the device shows him at the dojo. He's yet to find a way out (or even find this... kiosk- advanced technology is truly baffling), but his restlessness is kicking in and without vast adventures for Hawke to take him on, he has no other outlet for all that pent-up energy.

He tests one of the bamboo swords, swinging it as he would one of his normal gigantic broadswords. The weight and movement is clearly different, but experience has taught him to adjust accordingly. He has nowhere near the power and reach as his preferred weapons of choice, but it would have to make do.

And after a particularly hard swing (Mighty Blow!) against a practice dummy, the bamboo sword breaks. Oops.]
06 March 2012 at 11:43 am
Alright, I'm stumped, and it's pretty hard to stump me. I get that I'm in prison and there's apparently no escape. If you crack the glass, all the water pours in and even if you manage to get out, the 168.327 times normal gravity will crush you flat. Clever. But this really doesn't look like a prison. I mean, what prison hands out gift baskets? Not exactly the most intimidating first gesture.

So my big question to my fellow "inmates" is: what exactly is going on here? How did they snatch me up and hold a trial that I don't even remember? I doubt they really care about justice, but why lie about me getting a trial?

[A sigh. This is really getting him nowhere.]

The point is that I'd appreciate information besides the info in the pamphlet. Thanks.
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06 March 2012 at 11:53 am
[Remember these big brown eyes, Marina? Chun-Li is looking thoroughly confused, and perhaps not just a little queasy. Her long hair is spilling over her shoulders, one bun undone and only lending itself to her frazzled appearance.]

[She doesn't recognize that voice speaking to her, and has no idea what happened to the old Warden. Not that she had any lost love for Acumen Has she been knocked out for--nearly a week and a half? She shakes her head, trying to get rid of the disorientation. She’s in an entirely different area—out near the dojo, in fact, and she knows that was not where she was only seconds ago. Her muscles are practically humming with energy, and she’s not afraid to defend herself if something bad is going on.]

[She notices the communicator blinking cheerfully at her and, in one, vicious motion, stabs the button to turn it off.]
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06 March 2012 at 12:16 pm
[ There were a thousand voices echoing in its mind. All of them asking millions of questions. This was not an expected situation to be in. Legion's thought process jumps from conclusion to conclusion, desperately looking for some sort of resolution to this conflict. ]

[ Confusion. Discussion. Denial. Acceptance. New directive. ]
[ The geth activates its device. ]

We request more information about the nature of this environment.

(( ooc: permissions post here ))
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06 March 2012 at 02:19 pm
Rebecca Crane
[Sentience wasn't kidding about the exhaustion that lingers from the night before. Maybe a little more than she would've expected, but she's still not quite clear on what exactly happened. She put off asking her own questions to listen to others asked for the morning so far, planning on hitting the Kiosk at her own pace once she's figured out what's best to ask.

Other than that, she only stepped out of bed once this morning to shrug off her sneakers, socks and pants for a cozy pair of sweats and to survey bruising in the mirror. And then she sits on the edge of her bed, shrugging on a clean tank top and... trying to kick some order into the clutter of her bedroom floor.]

(Cross and NSFW warnings seem to go together.)
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06 March 2012 at 04:10 pm
PM ♕ Prospitian Monarch
[Despite the weight of her eyelids and the incredible exhaustion from yesterday's fighting, PM forces herself out of a dazed state. The lights are on, so it seems to be the normal dome. There is no threat of being subdued or possibly killed by robots. Or, at least, no threat that isn't generally present under normal circumstances.]

[PM starts to push herself up, but very quickly thinks better of it and lays back down. She’s very sore, and extremely hungry, and probably needs a bit of tending to.]

WV? [A little louder.] AR?
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06 March 2012 at 09:50 pm
Dean Winchester
[ Dean stumbles out of the bedroom, fully clothed and aching from more then just sleeping in a weird position. He felt like he'd taken the beating of a lifetime.

Again. ]

Sam? Cas!

Please tell me you two are awake.

[ Please say its so. Dean doesn't think he can handle that a second time. ]

[ Sometime Later ]

Hey. Cas? C'mon man. This isn't funny more. Get your ass over to the house right now.


Damn it.

[ click ]
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06 March 2012 at 10:15 pm

[Umi has been pacing and fiddling with the strange visor-phone for quite a while, fighting back the throbbing in her head, trying to keep her calm. It hasn't exactly been successful.]

Arrgh! Why you stupid-- Turn on! You and I need to have a long talk RIGHT now. I mean it!

[Shakes it and continues fiddling about until she finally sees it turn on.]

[The rest is VOICE:]

Finally! Honestly...if this thing was supposed to be helpful, it completely missed the mark.

[...ahem] All right! I don't know who's in charge around here, but I need to talk to you! Now! Seriously, what's with this crazy crime list? Disturbing the peace? Animal cruelty!? You've gotta be kidding me!! ...What I mean is, there's been a mistake!

[...] Hello??

[FRUSTRATED SIGH. She's figuring by now that she won't be getting a response. After a moment she adds, sounding both annoyed and worried:]

Hikaru, Fuu...are either of you here? Tell me you didn't get kidnapped by weirdo prison wardens too...!

[At this point she decides, SKROO DIS, and starts wandering, exploring the complex. Feel free to run into her!]